Preschool for our children

I've been listening to the debate about kids going to preschool and if the government should provide it.  I have heard that children who go to preschool have a higher likelihood of success in adult life.

I'm concerned about putting kids in school too early.  Not against it but have concerns.

My daughter has difficulty writing since she started school.  We finally took her to a eye doctor specialist who said that he believed that we try to get the kids to start reading and writing at such an early age that the eyes when the eyes are not developed yet and in some kids he believes may cause the eyes not to develope properly.  He mentioned that kids sometimes have trouble moving their eyes from left to right that they end up moving their whole body.  I said that's interesting, it sounds like it's related to ADD.  Although he did indicate that many of the kids have ADD he did not know if there was a connection.

So my concerns:  Although sending the kids to pre-school will help because the brain absorbs so much more quickly then, are we pushing the kids into learning things that their bodies are not ready for.


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