The Present is a Present

The present is a present!

Have you ever been driving and drifted into a day dream?  Yes, I said driving but hang with me… sort of coming into the present moment in your driveway or half way home.  Hmmm.  I don’t remember the last two stop lights!!  It happens because day dreaming is your minds way of saying YOUR TOO STRESSED so I’m putting you on autopilot.

I think it’s time you choose when your brain goes on autopilot.  When I was about 16 I found a cassette at a garage sale.  It was by Edgar Cacye.  It said “Presleep” on it and since I was having lots of trouble sleeping on a normal schedule I bought it.  I listened to this cassette almost every night for two years.  Most of the time I would drift off around the middle of side one.  Occasionally, I would make it to side two and that was a whole different world.  Side two was how to meditate.  I loved it instantly and began starting with side two most nights.   

I started meditating without the cassette a few years later.  I wish I could find that cassette sometimes I dream I am listening to it….wistful sigh…. 

I have since taught my son and daughter to meditate and sometime use to help me when I’m at my desk at my office.  Meditation is by far one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.  There are many YouTube meditation teachers.  My favorite is Stephan Pende

Take a minute to plant your feet on the ground and feel the energy of the earth touch your feet.  Breathe and concentrate on your feet.  Keep shoes on or off.  Sit comfortably in your chair and think of absolutely nothing.  When you have a thought (and you will).  Let it drift in and out; don’t wonder off thinking about it.  Spend a couple of minutes with this.

Give yourself the gift of the present moment today!


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