When I was little I was a performance addict.  I was enrolled in multiple dance classes and was obsessed with being "introduced" which is why I insisted, INSISTED on my mother saying in her best big top style voice, "Presenting....." and I would take a flying leap from the hallway into the living room yelling "CARRIE!!!!!!!!" I would then proceed to do some little dance, or be absolutely content to keep doing that for hours and hours.  Presenting Carrie, Presenting Carrie.  I was easily entertained, obviously.

 This is sort of a test post for me, as I am new to BlogHer and trying to figure out the RSS feed thing and whether my posts on my blog are to be sent automatically to BlogHer and posted here, or if I am meant to post here and have it appear on my blog site. 

I am a follower of Christ, a daughter, a friend, a laugher and crier (sometimes at the same time) and forever a student.  I like to blog about things that come up during every day life, my friends, my bible studies, church, family, school...nothing is off limits.  I'm new to the blogging thing and really like writing.

Hopefully I will figure this RSS thing out, I think it would be exciting for people to read my blog, as there is only one so far, as far as I know. 



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