Preserving a Peach, and a Tradition

This last weekend, my 14 year old daughter and I participated in a time honored tradition. My mother did it, my grandmother and her mother before her. My husband's mom did it, and her mom too. This wonderful heritage is the art of canning. When I was a little girl, I remember helping my mom can every kind of fruit and tomatoes. When I left home to make my own, I kept the practice, sometime buying the fruit and sometimes growing my own. On Saturday, my girl and I worked, side by side to preserve the harvest of peaches from our tree. We laughed and watched The Sound of Music, and I passed on my knowledge. We talked about why we were doing this. Certainly it's easier to buy it at the store, but we are using less sugar and the jars that I've collected and inherited over the years. We are learning a skill that is often forgotten in our world of instant gratification and pre-packaged food. My daughter saw how peaches go from the tree to the jar. She learned to stick to a job until you are done. She saw the results of her hard work....46 quarts of home-canned peaches and 7 pints of jelly. We took a picture and later I heard her bragging to her friends that she had canned fruit.  We may or may not have saved some money, and we used our home grown food. It was a bonding moment and a valuble lesson taught to my daughter and reinforced in my own heart.  


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