Preserving your Stockpile in Cold Weather

I’m certain we’ve all heard and in most areas of the country experiencing very cold weather. So, what do we do to make sure all our hard work acquiring our stockpile stays in tack? Well here are a few tips to make sure your stockpile survives the cold weather.

 Cans: Should be placed in a cool dry place with minimum risk of rusting if your cans rust they will spoil. If possible, avoid storing foods where the temperatures will reach below freezing. The majority of a stock pilers can pile is made of fluids like sugar or water, which lowers their freezing point. When liquid freeze such as cooking oil, detergent or liquid soaps a simple shake after defrosting just being brought to room temperature sitting out on a countertop in a cookie sheet usually does it.

 If you are unable to store your food in an indoor room or basement and you have to store in a garage do your best to insulate your stockpile as much as possible use plywood beneath and above try to make a mini storage box for them if they are already on shelves this is the best scenario. If building around the pile is not an option try using newspaper or old blankets to cover them to prevent spoilage.

 How do you know if your stock pile is spoiled? If any of these signs are present then your stock item is spoiled.

Checklist for Food Safety

1. Bulging can or lid.

2. A milky appearance to the liquid.

3. Corrosion on the inside of the can, especially along the seam.

4. Rust, especially along the seam or seal of a can.

5. Slimy appearance or texture.

6. Rancid odor, especially in foods which contain any amount of fat.

7. Mold growth on the food or inside of the container.

8. Off-smell.

 If the food was safe when you bought and doesn't show any of the signs of spoilage, then the food should be safe to eat. If any of these signs are present, throw the food out without tasting it. For more tips and savings visit


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