The President, Being Criticized For Diplomacy ?????

President Obama, is being criticized for being diplomatic ?  Come on, the diplomatic approach was the route to recieved the amount of leverage we needed Internationally. Regardless, of who disagrees ! Also, the statement of ,public humilitation to whom ? Surely, not the President.

We, the American People are on the outside, looking in. Yes, we may not argee, with any war efforts and want peace. But, we cannot really, know all of the specifics and the facts and if it was, made readily available to us . It would also, be readily available to "our" enemies as well.

As far as Congress goes, the undecisiveness, started back in 2009 and continues up to today. So, the President, gave consideration to Congress, as a method of diplomacy to be utilized.

Now, its on the table and it is up to those in Leadership to make the right decision.

Also, I wrote yesterday the word "uni", it was meant in terms of combining one group Internationally and reaching an agreement. Not, a meaning of a  one-sided decision.

I believe, that we as Americans and those of the International community can come together and unify the right agreement and solution that benefits all of us for the common good globally.


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