The President Uses TAMPAX

In commemoration of President’s day, 2011, I posted a blog titled, “No Periods for US Presidents”.  I am doing a repost with revisions inspired by Anita Finlay’s book, Dirty Words On Clean Skin:  Sexism and Sabotage, A Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening.  Anita Finlay is also a BlogHer blogger.

While Ms. Finlay’s book is focused on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run, its central theme is about sexism in the media and how male candidates are portrayed far differently and more respectfully than women.  Should you not be a Hillary supporter, stay with me, as there is a chapter in the book on how the media denigrated Sarah Palin too, using stereotypes and mockery.  Other than being timely, because of the 2012 election season, my concern is more about the negativity in coverage when a woman is running versus a man.  Being a women’s health advocate, I want all girls to know that there are no limits to their possibilities.  However, as long as broadcast and print journalists mock and write mostly about what female candidates are wearing, what they paid for a dress, her weight, her hair style or her laugh girls may feel their worth, in the political realm, is based on superficial criteria.  My wish would be that girls feel that, with the right effort, the world is open to any possibility and they will be taken seriously for their intellectual capability, experience and understanding of the issues.

Below is my original post with updating:


Another way of saying this is that men don’t menstruate.   While in the car yesterday driving home, I told my somewhat conservative husband that I was going to post a blog that starts out by saying that presidents don’t have periods and he got me to thinking further, that maybe they never will.  One day when a woman is finally elected President of the United States, she will probably be more mature and most likely would have gone through menopause.  Then, this loving husband turned the tide and called me a sexist/ageist (in fun) and said that maybe a younger woman would be elected President and she could, in essence, have a period.  I just shook my head.


Actually, the reason I brought up the topic in the first place, other than the obvious fact that we are into the 2012 election season, is to share an article of interest that was previously on called:  “The Weaker Sex?  Yeah Right” (and, believe me, that was a very sarcastic title).   When reading it, it made me frustrated again that we have never had a woman be President of the United States of America (or Vice President), even though other countries have had female Presidents, Prime Ministers, and royalty successfully run a country.   After all, I have a daughter and now 2 granddaughters and I would like to think that they too could be President if they had the right qualifications and if that is what they would want to attain.  (Actually, I also have two grandsons and would like to think that one day one of them could be presidential material too.)


The article, The Weaker Sex, addressed some myths that have kids believing that girls are not as strong emotionally, psychologically or intellectually as boys.  Of course they are and the article provided facts that supported that.  (Unfortunately, the article was removed, as new articles were uploaded so I will summarize it.)  One point in the article that supports my belief about how crazy it is that the U.S. Presidency has been an all boys club thus far is that:  “Girls outnumber boys in student government, honor societies, school newspapers and debating clubs. They feel closer to their families, have higher aspirations and for the first time are documented as having better assertiveness skills.”  In other words, girls can be leaders too and have the capability and desire to do just that.

Currently, on beinggirl, is a quiz that asks girls about how far we have come, like in “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby”.  Of note in the results, is that girls are still way to too fixated on appearances (wonder why MEDIA).  However, and this is an IMPORTANT however, 87% of girls think it is important they become leaders compared to 80% of boys.   Glad they feel empowered to think that way.,-baby/?utm_so...

When it all comes down to it, I want to see the most qualified PERSON elected President and that should never be a gender issues.  However, it would be nice to truly not have it be about gender and we end up with the best candidate being a woman.   Now, that would be a celebration!!  

Would you vote for a woman for president??  Bet most of you say YES!


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