Presidential Campaign Mistakes Made at BlogHer '12 Conference

 I just returned from the BlogHer ’12 national conference for women bloggers. I took so much excellent information, energy and camaraderie away from that event, that I’ll be forever grateful that I got over my nerves and attended. I don’t think either Presidential candidate can say the same, though.

Considering this is the height of campaign season and knowing how tricky, sneaky, and usually adept the PR teams on both sides are, they all missed the mark with this event.

Here was their chance to address close to 5,000 voters, almost all women writers, to inspire us and spark that finger twitch that makes us race to our laptops to spill out the emotion and excitement we feel into blog posts, status updates, and tweets. An opportunity to not only reach the 5,000 of us in attendance, but the thousands more watching the videos from home, and the huge pool of each blogger’s readers, as well.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, we got a no-show and a canned campaign speech.

Romney’s Mistakes

Romney didn’t bother to show up. Granted, the BlogHer conference was overwhelmingly liberal, but there were many conservative bloggers like me in attendance who would have tried to clap and cheer louder than the boo’s had Romney accepted BlogHer’s invitation. And yes, the invitation was extended.

Obama’s Mistakes

President Obama had two things in his favor before he even opened his Skype session with BlogHer ’12. His audience was already mostly Democrat, and he showed up.

When you start with those two things on your side, it’s pretty hard to lose ground. Yet, that’s exactly what he did.

Ron Paul, BlogHer, and the Rest of Us

BlogHer has mentioned time and again that they will welcome speakers and posts from both sides of the political spectrum. But no mention was made of whether or not they extended the invitation to Ron Paul to speak to the conference. Granted, his numbers are low and it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll gain enough of a following to be a real contender, but the offer should be made.

Read the full post about Romney's, Obama's, Ron Paul's, and BlogHer's Mistakes here.


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