Presidential Debates

I have watched both Presidential debates, the Vice Presidential debates and although I have already decided whom I shall vote for I am always amazed at how these things play out.  We have two grown men, fighting about who is the richest….it’s a bad thing in this case.  I can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of it all.  Two very wealthy men trying to convince the nation that one is wealthier than the other and that the wealthiest is a bad person…..seriously????  In my small world of poverty, if someone makes over a hundred thousand dollars a year they are filthy rotten rich!!  These men make into the millions.  Personally, I don’t care if one has 20 million and the other has 19 million, they are both too damn rich!!

Then we go on from there to their accusations and interrupting each other during their two minutes.  I felt like I was watching two roosters fighting.  Why can’t they each be polite, honest, and run on what they have accomplished or hope to accomplish.  Why must they lie, accuse, and strut around like feather weight boxers?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see two women sitting at a table, debating over a cup of tea or coffee?  One could pass the sugar as the other discussed her policies.  Perhaps they could even agree to work together to improve people’s lives!

I am a democrat by birth and by heritage.  I come from a long line of democrats.  I imagine that my great grand daddy would roll over in his grave if I ever voted republican.  I believe in helping people, those less fortunate.  I believe in providing programs to feed the hungry to educate the uneducated, to assist families in need.  I do not believe in abortion, tax cuts for the wealthy, Congressmen receiving pay for a lifetime!!!! 

In my opinion, both men fall short in their promises and actions for the country as a whole.  I am disappointed in President Obama, and I don ‘think that Romney has a clue as to how the other 47% live.  For that matter, I seriously doubt that Obama and his lovely wife have ever gone dumpster diving, give me a break!!  They both went to prestigious schools, were raised by working parents/grandparents.  They have led a charmed life too.  I would like to see someone that has really lived through these shitty times, worried about feeding their kids, paying an electricity bill, watched as their child was shipped off to war run for office, now that would be someone I could vote for!!


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