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Elle: This Year's SXSW Is Better for Women Than Ever Before
by Rachel Sklar, March 11, 2016

The Tech Cat: Podcast with Elisa Camahort Page, Chief Community Officer, SheKnows Media
by Lori H. Schwartz, February 11, 2016

Chicago Tribune: Sarah Michelle Gellar tries to stir things up with new food venture
by Cheryl V. Jackson, November 10, 2015

Chicago Tribune: Women make pitch for healthier food at BlogHer conference
by Cheryl V. Jackson, November 9, 2015

Windy City Live: Sarah Michelle Gellar Launches Foodstirs
November 6, 2015

Business Insider: The 30 Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising
by Lara O'Reilly, October 20, 2015

Business Insider: SheKnows Media hopes to grow female-led businesses with ‘The Pitch’
by I-Chun Chen, October 6, 2015

World News: SheKnows Media Announces Sarah Michelle Gellar to Keynote #BlogHerFood15 November 7 in Chicago
September 9, 2015

Forbes: 8 Ways To Beat Work Distractions And Be More Productive
by Nancy Collamer, August 24, 2015

Next Avenue: 8 Ways To Beat Work Distractions And Be More Productive
by Nancy Collamer, August 24, 2015

The Broad Side: BlogHer Nails What Netroots Nation Fails: #BlackLivesMatter
by Aliza Worthington, July 25, 2015

Sun Sentinel: Sandra Bland shows necessity of Black Lives Matter movement
July 24, 2015

Huffington Post: 5 Awesome Femvertising Ads That Inspire Women And Girls
by Nina Bahadur, July 23, 2015

Yahoo Parenting: Gwyneth Paltrow Is the Poster Mom for Successful Co-Parenting
by Esther Crain, July 22, 2015

Daily Record: New advertising awards launched to celebrate ads that speak TO women, not AT them
by Amanda Keenan, July 22, 2015

Glamour: Ava DuVernay Has Some Surprising Advice for Aspiring Filmmakers
by Jennifer Memmolo, July 21, 2015

The Telegraph: Gwyneth Paltrow: I still go to brunch with Chris Martin 'for the kids'
byOlivia Rudgard, July 21, 2015

Hello Magazine: Gwyneth Paltrow admits co-parenting with Chris Martin 'has been hard'
July 21, 2015

Just Jared: Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About How Her Chris Martin Divorce Has Affected Her Kids
July 21, 2015

WGNO: Femvertising: Ads targeting women do plenty for brands
July 21, 2015

Digital Journal: SheKnows Media Announces Winners of the #Femvertising Awards and The Pitch at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us
July 21, 2015

Huffington Post: Internet Safety 'Completely Freaks Out' Gwyneth Paltrow As A Parent
by Caroline Bologna, July 21, 2015

Huffington Post: Gwyneth Paltrow Offers Up Some Real Talk On Conscious Uncoupling
by Brittany Wong, July 21, 2015

Ebony: Majora Carter Rocks BlogHer with StartUp Box
July 21, 2015

Elle UK: The Most Inspiring Takeaways From BlogHer 2015
July 21, 2015

Refinery 29: Brianna Wu: Reddit Is Screwed. Can Another Site Step Up?
by Jessica Chou, July 21, 2015

Vulture: Ava DuVernay Declined Black Panther Because It ‘Wasn’t Going to Be an Ava DuVernay Film’
by Alice Zhang, July 21, 2015

CNN: Femvertising: Ads targeting women do plenty for brands
by Kelly Wallace, July 21, 2015

Collider: Ava DuVernay Explains Why She Passed on BLACK PANTHER
by Matt Goldberg, July 20, 2015

Madame Noir: “You gotta follow the white guys”: Ava DuVernay shares her business wisdom
by Chelcee Johns, July 20, 2015

AdWeek: 24 Hours in Advertising: Monday, July 20, 2015 Oreo Thins debuts new spot, #Femvertising winners, more
July 20, 2015

Latino Review: Ava DuVernay on Punting the Idea of Directing 'Black Panther
by Nicholas Williams, July 20, 2015

The Root: Ava DuVernay Advice on Hollywood: ‘Follow the White Guys, They’ve Got This Thing Wired’
by Yesha Callahan, July 20, 2015

Wetpaint: DJ Nick Cannon Makes the Ladies Swoon at BlogHer Closing Party
by Amber Garrett, July 20, 2015

USA Today: Ava DuVernay: 'Follow the white guys'
by Kelly Lawler, July 20, 2015

Cele|bitchy: Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop: ‘It’s my whole day… it’s an actual real job’
by Kaiser, July 20, 2015

Marie Claire: Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Friendship With Chris Martin
by Rosie Gizauskas, July 20, 2015

ET Canada: Gwyneth Paltrow Says That She, Chris Martin & The Kids Still Brunch Together
by Dan Macrae, July 20, 2015

Salon: “Selma” director Ava DuVernay: “Follow the white guys, they’ve got this thing wired”
by Anna Silman, July 20, 2015

Newsarama: AVA DUVERNAY On Why She Turned Down Marvel's BLACK PANTHER
by Chris Arrant, July 20, 2015

Perez Hilton: Gwyneth Paltrow & Ex Chris Martin Make Co-Parenting Seem Easy, But She Admits That Isn't The Case!
by Perez Hilton, July 20, 2015

Parent Herald: 'Iron Man 4' Trailer & Release Date: Film Scheduled After Phase 3? Cast Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Childcare Tips, Says Co-Parenting Has 'Been Hard'
July 20, 2015

Tech Republic: 10 web platforms that empower and connect women entrepreneurs
by Lyndsey Gilpin, July 2, 2015

Bustle: Christy Turlington Burns Talks “Every Mother Counts,” 'Giving Birth In America,' And Maternal Healthcare In The U.S. At #BlogHer15
by Erin Mackelle Fisher, June 30, 2015

Fast Company: New Platform Helps Women Entrepreneurs Master the Art of the Pitch
by Lydia Dishman, June 24, 2015

BizWomen: BlogHer ‘femvertising’ awards salute the non-airbrushed female
by Teresa Novellino, June 15, 2015

NY Business Journal: BlogHer ‘femvertising’ awards salute the non-airbrushed female
by Teresa Novellino, June 15, 2015

Forbes: Why Women Need To Put Their Money Where Their Ideologies Are
by Elisa Doucette, June 14, 2015

Brit + Co: 12 Awesome Ads That Prove Girls Run the World
by Clarissa Wei, June 11, 2015

Folio: 2015 Top Women in Media
by Jameson Doris, June 8, 2015

AdWeek: 24 Hours in Advertising: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 Instagram goes shopping, and SheKnows debuts Femvertising Awards
by Katie Richards, June 3, 2015

AdWeek: Which Ads Best Inspire and Empower Women? Vote in the First #Femvertising Awards
by AdWeek Staff, June 2, 2015

Folio: Top Women in Media – Entrepreneurs
by Folio: Magazine Staff, May 26, 2015

Your Working Life with Caroline Dowd-Higgins: Your Working Life with Lisa Stone
by Caroline Dowd-Higgins, May 25, 2015

CMO: Quick Chat: Samantha Skey, CRO/CMO, SheKnowsMedia
by Staff, May 21, 2015

NAWBO: #BlogHer15: Learn, Connect, Be Inspired and More When You Become an “Expert Among Us”
by NAWBO Staff, May 20, 2015

Ad Exchanger: SheKnows Hires First CTO As It Builds Out Data-Focused Platform
by Sarah Sluis, May 20, 2015

Hollywood Reporter: Ava DuVernay Will Be Keynote Speaker at BlogHer Conference
by THR Staff, May 6, 2015

Pblcty: Gwyneth Paltrow to Keynote #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us
April 30, 2015

Davie County Enterprise Record: Blogger at meeting with president
by Beth Cassidy, April 30, 2015 Watch - President Obama Holds a Town Hall with BlogHer and SheKnows
by David Hudson, April 17, 2015

Kela's Closet: Watch - About Last Night: On The Road To BlogerHer15
by Kela Walker, April 17, 2015

Payscale: #ObamaTownHall: What Will It Take to Close the Gender Wage Gap?
by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, April 16, 2015

Triad Business Journal: In N.C. speech, Obama calls for equal pay
by Erik Spanberg, April 16, 2015

Fox 46 Charlotte: Lisa Stone talks presidential town hall
April 16, 2015

CNN: Obama: Equal pay for first ladies too
by Kristen Holmes, April 16, 2015

The Root: Obama Brings a Dollars-and-Sense Message to Women in NC
by Mary C. Curtis, April 16, 2015

WCNC NBC Charlotte: President Obama focuses on women in Charlotte town hall
by Erika Hayes, April 15, 2015

The Herald: Obama in N.C. urges women to press for fairness
by David T. Foster III, April 15, 2015

The White House Blog: Watch: President Obama Holds a Town Hall with BlogHer and SheKnows
by David Hudson, April 15, 2015

The News & Observer: Obama touts economy, blames GOP for blocking equal-pay bill
by David T. Foster III, April 15, 2015

USA Today: Obama's day: Ebola, working families
by David Jackson, April 15, 2015

The Washington Post: Obama connects with female bloggers at town hall
by Juliet Eilperin, April 15, 2015

The Chicago Tribune: Obama makes new push on middle-class tax breaks
by Tribune Reporter, April 15, 2015

Charlotte Business Journal: Blame it on the rain — and Obama
April 15, 2015

UpStart Business Journal: SheKnows, BlogHer talk women’s salaries with President Obama
by Teresa Novellino, April 15, 2015

Jezebel: President Obama to Talk to BlogHer Bloggers About Equal Pay and More
by Kate Dries, April 15, 2015

The Washington Post: Obama journeys to the land of mommy bloggers
by Juliet Eilperin, April 15, 2015

The White House Blog: Join the Conversation: President Obama’s Town Hall with BlogHer and SheKnows
by Kori Schulman, April 15, 2015

News & Observer: Obama to discuss women’s economic issues in Charlotte
by Katherine Peralta, April 14, 2015

NPR Charlotte: Obama Pushing Tax Credits In Charlotte
by Ben Bradford, April 14, 2015

Charlotte Observer: Obama to discuss women’s economic issues in Charlotte
by Katherine Peralta, April 14, 2015

WSCOTV: 5 Things to Know: BlogHer hosts Obama in town hall meeting
April 14, 2015

CBS News: Obama's week ahead: Back to business at home
by Arden Farhi, April 13, 2015

WCNC: President Obama will visit Charlotte for working families town hall
April 13, 2015

Time Warner: Obama to Address Working Family Issues in Charlotte Town Hall
by Kate Gaier, April 13, 2015

Advertising Week Social Club: The 2015 #Femvertising Awards: Honoring Brands That Empower Women & Girls
April 13, 2015

Citi Blog: My "Courage" Led to My Progress
by Lisa Stone, March 17, 2015

Elle: 8 Women Reveal How To Land A Life-Changing Mentor
February 19, 2015

Entrepreneur: 3 Lessons to Learn From BlogHer's Trio of Pioneers
by Jeffrey Hayzlett, February 16, 2015

C-Suite TV: Executive Perspectives Launches Today on C-Suite TV
January 26, 2015

C-Suite TV: Executive Perspectives: BlogHer
by Jeffrey Hayzlett, January 26, 2015

Reynolds Center: Reynolds Week: Reflections on purpose with BlogHer’s Elisa Camahort Page
by Rian Bosse, January 6, 2015

Huffington Post: 2014 Was A Bad Year For Women, But A Good Year For Feminism
by Emily Tess Katz, December 24, 2014

Elle: 15 Powerful Women on How to Be Confident
by Ruthie Friedlander, December 17, 2014

PR Newswire Media: Are Blogger Conferences Worth the Cost? Conference Attendees and Organizers Weigh In
by Christine Cube, December 10, 2014

Boston Ad Tech: Ad Tech Startup Yieldbot Says It's Obliterating Paid Search
by Rebecca Strong, November 28, 2014

Huffington Post: ABC's of Building Your Blog, and Making Money Doing It
by Andre Bourque, November 28, 2014

Sundays With Rolonda: BlogHer CCO/Co-Founder Lisa Stone, Psychic Tim Braun, Holiday Fashions & Food (audio)
November 23, 2014

C-Suite Radio: Business Matters: Bootstrapping Your Way to Success | Lisa Stone (audio)
November 18, 2014

No Panels: Interview with Elisa Camahort Page, CoFounder Blogher (video)
November 10, 2014

Ad Exchanger: How SheKnows Plans To Scale Up Native Through BlogHer
by Sarah Sluis, November 7, 2014

Marina Maher Communications Blog: The Inside Scoop: SheKnows Acquisition of BlogHer: An Unprecedented Opportunity for Marketing to Women
by Samara Finn, November 5, 2014

Fashion Monitor: SheKnows acquires BlogHer
November 5, 2014

Wall Street Journal: First POST: Big Bad Data
by Micah Sifry, November 4, 2014

Tech President: CMO Today: Turner Nears Hire of Former Fox and NBC Executive
by Steven Perlberg, November 4, 2014

San Francisco Business Times: SheKnows Media and BlogHer executives talk post-merger plans
by Hilary Burns, November 4, 2014

Phoenix Business Journal: Female-focused Scottsdale digital media company acquires BlogHer
by Hilary Burns, November 4, 2014

Folio: SheKnows Buys Competitor BlogHer
by Caysey Welton, November 4, 2014

BizBash: Macy's Announces Thanksgiving Day Parade Lineup, Why Tech Events Must Change Now, What Coke Has Planned for World AIDS Day
by Beth Kormanik, November 4, 2014

Reuters PE Hub: SheKnows acquires BlogHer to extend its reach to women online
by Alastair Goldfisher, November 4, 2014

Lighthouse Insights: SheKnows Buys BlogHer, Pinterest For iPhone Gets Design Refresh, And More
by Prasant Naidu, November 4, 2014

PRNewser: Just Became the Queen of Women’s Lifestyle Media
by Shawn Paul Wood, November 3, 2014

AdWeek: SheKnows Buys BlogHer to Bolster Native Content
by Michelle Castillo, November 3, 2014

Advertising Age: SheKnows Buys BlogHer, Expanding Its Reach Among Women
by Michael Sebastian, November 3, 2014

BizWomen: SheKnows and BlogHer together: Aiming for 'most diverse, socially driven women's community on the Internet'
by Hilary Burns, November 3, 2014

Ad Operations Online: SheKnows Media Acquires BlogHer Inc.
by Otillia Otlacan, November 3, 2014

Media Bistro: Monday Morning Stir - SheKnows Purchases BlogHer
by Eric Oster, November 3, 2014

The Wrap: SheKnows Bolsters Content Offering With BlogHer Acquisition
by Jordan Chariton, November 3, 2014

NBC Bay Area News: BlogHer Is Bought
November 3, 2014

PAN Communications PR Speak: Marketers Reaching Women: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!
by Mark Malinowski, November 3, 2014 Engaging the Digital Natives
November, 2014

Entrepreneur: 10 Single Mom Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice
by Kate Taylor, October 30, 2014

Inc.: Top 5 Wed-Apps Pivoting the Huge Wedding Industry
by Murray Newlands, October 30, 2014 Three things BlogHer’s latest study tells us about how to build an audience of women online
by Mary Johnson, October 20, 2014

Small Business Trends: Announcing The Small Business Influencer Awards Champions and Honorees for 2014
by Susan Payton, September 26, 2014

Essence: ESSENCE Network: Kathryn Finney On How to Turn Your Dream Into Dollars
by Charreah K. Jackson, September 26, 2014 BlogHer's bold new project: Giving guarantees in the unpredictable world of online advertising
by Mary Johnson, September 24, 2014

Business 2 Community: 20 Compelling Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Blog
by Kim George, September 16, 2014 Martha Stewart is still making bloggers mad
by Chrystal Mahan, September 10, 2014

Nimble Media: How to Build Digital Relationships: An Interview with Elisa Camahort Page
by Jake Rigdon, September 2, 2014

Fox 40: Make Life Work for Women Campaign
by Bethany Crouch, August 25, 2014

LinkedIn: How the Hair Club for Men Can Teach a Lesson to Silicon Valley
by Jory Des Jardins, August 21, 2014

Branding Strategy Insider: Why Women Will Redefine Brands
by Mark Di Somma, August 15, 2014

NPR: 'You're Not Alone': Dads Who Blog Redefine Modern Fatherhood
by Jennifer Ludden, August 15, 2014

Huffington Post: All-Female Rock Band Reminds Moms They Are 'Enough'
by Caroline Bologna, August 14, 2014

ABC 15 Arizona: Moment of Silence Planned for Victims of Police Brutality
by Lynn Walsh, August 14, 2014

Media Post: BlogHer: 10 Years Later
by Stephanie Azzarone, August 12, 2014

Search Engine Journal: BlogHer, Huffington Post, and The Center for American Progress Join Forces to “Make Life Work”
by Debbie Miller, August 8, 2014

Huffington Post: Why You're Probably Not Famous Enough to Land a Book Deal
by Brooke Warner, August 7, 2014

KGO Radio: Finch Files: An Interview with Lisa Stone (Audio)
by Peter Finch, August 4, 2014

Huffington Post: The Way to San Jose - Things to Do
by Tara Settembre, August 1, 2014

Al Jazeera America: Big Food Uses Mommy Bloggers to Shape Public Opinion
by Anna Lappe, August 1, 2014

genConnect: Jory Des Jardins and The Mrs.: Women ARE Enough
by Jory Des Jardins, July 31, 2014

The Daily Caller: Maybe The Less You Know About Kerry Washington The Better
by Betsy Rothstein, July 31, 2014

WGN 720: How to Talk to Your Children About Tragic News (Audio)
by Pete McMurray, July 31, 2014

Forbes: The Real Ticket To Work-Life Balance
by Elaine Pofeldt, July 30, 2014

Bizwomen: For BlogHer Founder Elisa Camahort Page, Risking It All Was Easily the Best Option
by Mary Johnson, July 29, 2014

Huffington Post: Times Have Changed For American Families. It's Time For Policies To Change, Too.
by Judith Warner, July 28, 2014

Chicago Now: Privacy tips from Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess
by Kim Z. Dale, July 28, 2014

Bizwomen: Arianna Huffington wants to “Make Life Work” for parents across the country
by Hilary Burns, July 28, 2014

The Daily Caller: Arianna Huffington Makes An Enemy Of Jimmy Choo
by Betsy Rothstein, July 27, 2014

Huffington Post: The SHEvolution Is Coming
by Faith Popcorn, July 25, 2014

San Jose Mercury News: Pizarro: BlogHer Conference makes a big return to Silicon Valley
by Sal Pizarro, July 25, 2014

ABC 7 News (KGO): Women Bloggers Gather in San Jose to Network, Share and Inspire (Video)
by Scott Budman, July 25, 2014

NBC Bay Area: BlogHer Conference Stops in Silicon Valley (Video)
by Lilian Kim, July 25, 2014

Healthy Women: Free to Be Me at BlogHer '14 Conference
by Judy Freedman, July 24, 2014

San Jose Mercury News: Blogging as art: How the San Jose Rep, Social Networking and are Connected
by Elisa Camahort Page, July 24, 2014

Social Media Today: Pioneering Women in Blogging: A Talk With Elisa Camahort Page
by Shane Paul Neil, July 23, 2014

South Bay Accent Magazine: Lisa Stone and Colleagues Create a Vibrant World Where Women Bloggers Have Their Say
by Julie Vallone, June/July 2014

East Bay Express: Why You Should Attend the 2014 BlogHer Conference
by Anna Pulley, 7/23/14

Bay Area Parent: Q&A with Elisa Camahort Page
by Amy Ettinger, 7/23/14

iBlog Magazine: Elisa Camahort Page, Co-founder and COO of BlogHer
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/22/14

iBlog Magazine: Jory Des Jardins Co-founder of BlogHer, President of Strategic Alliances
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/22/14

TWiT: Netflix Thinks I'm a Bronie
by Leo Laporte, Dan Gillmor, Ben Thompson, 7/20/14

Parade: So You Want to Be a Food Writer
by Amy Kierce, 7/18/14

NBC Bay Area Press:Here: Lisa Stone (Video)
by Scott McGrew, 7/18/14

Technorati: Building a Femme-pire: 10 Years of BlogHer [Interview]
by Carolyn Gerin, 7/17/14

Fox 40: Women Bloggers Making Multi-Million Dollar Impact
by Sabrina Rodriguez, 7/15/14

NAWBO One: This Internet Gal Is a Big Believer in In-Person Connection
by Elisa Camahort Page, 7/15/14

Forbes: What To Wear: BlogHer '14
by Kristina Moore, 7/15/14

The Tampa Tribune: Dunedin Blogger Serves Up Monetizing Hints at Conference
by Jeff Houck, 7/15/14

Prevue: A Taste of South Walton Cuisine
by Kate McClare, 7/10/14

Search Engine Journal: Everything You Need to Know About @BlogHer ’14: An Interview with BlogHer Founder Elisa Camahort Page
by Debbie Miller, 7/10/14

All Parenting: Facebook Addiction: The Real Deal is Revealed
by Galit Breen, 7/7/14

iBlog Magazine: Lisa Stone, Co-founder and CEO of BlogHer
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/2/14

iBlog Magazine: Stacy Morrison, Editor-in-Chief and VP Content Programming, BlogHer
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/2/14

Before It's News: Summer Demos, Classes, and More!
by J L Fields, 7/1/14

The Green Divas: GD Biz Profile: Elisa Camahort Page
by Green Divas, 6/30/14

Metro Silicon Valley: BlogHer Female Global Network
by Jennifer Wadsworth, 6/25/14

The Buzz, Cincinnati: Learn How To Build A $100K Blogging Business At Blogging While Brown 2014
by Donya Blaze, 6/20/14

BuzzFeed: 15 Problems Only Mom-Bloggers Understand
6/19/14 Can LEGO men be considered diverse? (Book Giveaway!)
by Alina Adams, 6/19/14

The YBF: Red Carpet Return: New Mom Kerry Washington Gets Fab For Women In Film Awards
by Natasha, 6/12/14

The Tampa Tribune: Women Closing Grilling Gender Gap
by Jeff Houck, 6/8/14

CNET: What Do You Get When You Cross Google With Wikipedia?
by Joseph Kaminski, 6/2/14

All Voices: Review: Cascade Ice Sparkling Water
by Rachael Moshman, 5/29/14

Media Post: Putting It All In Perspective
by Stephanie Azzarone, 5/28/14

Business 2 Community: How to Build Trust with the Modern Female Belonger
by BJ Kito, 5/27/14

Miami Herald: Miami BlogHer Conference Focuses on Food
by Linda Gassenheimer, 5/20/14 Miami Moms Take Note: BlogHer Food Conference is Coming To You
by Katherine Doble, 5/13/14

Entrepreneur: Mastering the Juggling Act: 4 Successful Moms in Tech
by Kim Lachance Shandrow, 5/9/14

WLRN Miami: BlogHer Food Conference Miami
by Bonnie Berman, Joseph Cooper, Linda Gassenheimer & Paul Leary, 5/8/14

San Francisco Business Times: The Most Influential Women in the Bay Area in 2014
by Emily Fancher, 5/2/14 Marshall Kirkpatrick on How to Connect with Social Influencers
by JD Lasica, 5/1/14

Toy Directory Monthly: Connect With Your Customers on Pinterest
by Sarah Hanley, 5/1/14

Marin Independent Journal: Listen to Your Mother Gives 'Motherhood a Microphone' in San Francisco
by Vicki Larson, 5/1/14 Summer Events and Festivals in San Jose, California

Business 2 Community: Mother's Day Gift to Brands: Mom Bloggers
by Critical Mention, 4/30/14

Beyond Madison Avenue: Are We Heeding the Call About Moms?
by Dwayne W. Waite Jr., 4/30/14

Fast Company: How To Kill 3 Common Excuses That Keep You From Exercising
by Evie Nagy, 4/29/14

Credit Card Insider: 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before College Graduation
by Kimberly Rotter, 4/29/14

Casper Star-Tribune: From Wyoming To The World
by Carol Seavey, 4/26/14

Fast Company: This Obscene Card Game Can Help You Be More Creative
by Evie Nagy, 4/25/14

Today's Leading Women: Elisa Camahort Page of BlogHer
by Marie Grace Berg, 4/25/14

Al Jazeera America | America Tonight: Survey Says: Kids Should Be Welcome In Offices, With Limits
by Dave Gustafson, 4/23/14

Los Altos Town Crier: Local organizer receives 'Must Follow' accolades from BlogHer

Epicurious: BlogHer Food '14 Heats Up
by Tanya Steel, 4/9/14

Women Online Magazine: Truth and Dare: If You Weren't Afraid What Would You Do ?
by Lisa Stone, 4/14

Business Insider: The VCs Who Invest In Startups With Female Founders
by Alyson Shontell and Rebecca Borison, 4/8/14

Visible Measures: Innovators in Video featuring BlogHer (Video Featuring Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins)
by Paul Krasinski, 4/7/14 Post Your Own Blog and Website
by Nan Mynatt, 4/7/14

BlogTalkRadio: Step Into My World: Elisa Camahort Page Co-Founder of BlogHer Talks Social Media Branding
by Kisha Mays, 4/4/14

Integrated Solutions for Retailers: For Integrated Retailers, Pinterest Effectively Converts Social Content Into Sales Channel
by Hannah Ash, 4/4/14

Sprinklr: eBook: Without Infrastructure, You Can't Be Social (Featuring Elisa Camahort Page)

Marketing Land: The Fatal Mistake Content Marketers Are Making With Nofollow
by Danielle Wiley, 4/1/14

Mashable: 'A Bigger Impact On the Bottom Line': 10 Startup Employees Recount Early Growth
by Dani Fankhauser, 3/31/14

Aspiring Mama: #ChingonaFest Fridays: Lori Luna
by Pauline M. Campos, 3/28/14

Social Media to Social Business: Blogging: the gateway drug to technology! Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins from BlogHer at SXSW (Video)
by Sandy Carter, 3/26/14

IT Business Edge: A Female Author’s Advice for Women: Stop Whining and Do Your Job
by Don Tennant, 3/24/14 Listen To Your Mother at Symphony Space celebrates Mother’s Day
by Maria Adcock, 3/23/14

Oakland Local: Oaktech: Digital Undivided meetup in SF brings out Oakland tech leaders
by Susan Mernit, 3/22/14

Benzinga: BlogHer CEO Elisa Camahort Page Helps Writers Earn Money
by Jason Cunningham, 3/21/14

CNBC: Blog me big money (Video Featuring Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder, COO)

Edge Los Angeles: BlogHer: Online Publisher CEO on Monetizing the Blogosphere (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

Edge Boston: BlogHer: Online Publisher CEO on Monetizing the Blogosphere (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

CBS News: BlogHer CEO on upcoming blogger conference (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

CBS News: BlogHer co-founder and CEO on how to be a successful blogger (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

Tech Cocktail: What Do Techies Eat? Find Out in ‘The Official SXSW 2014 Interactive Cookbook’
by Ronald Barba, 3/19/14

Los Angeles Times: Sheryl Sandberg's #BanBossy campaign: Watching a master at work
by Lisa Stone, 3/18/14

CBS This Morning: BlogHer: Online Publisher CEO On Monetizing the Blogosphere (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

CBS New York: Thousands Of Women Making Money With Mommy Blogs (Video)

CNBC: Jobless Seek 'An Edge' (Video)

Life Hacker: A Guide To Buying Your First Vibrator (NSFW)
by Tessa Miller, 3/11/14

Brand Channel: Lean In, Girl Scouts Recuit Heavy Hitters for Female Empowerment Campaign
by Sheila Shayon, 3/11/14

Hotel Online: Why Pinterest is a Must Have For Hoteliers
by Lodging Interactive, 3/11/14

Media Post: You're The Boss: Girl Scouts, LeanIn Vow To Ban 'Bossy'
by Larissa Fa, 3/11/14

Fast Company: A Message From Sheryl Sandberg, DVF, and Beyonce: Stop Calling Girls "Bossy"
by Jeff Beer, 3/10/14

Media Bistro: BBDO NY, Want to ‘Ban Bossy’ for Young Girls
by Eric Oster, 3/10/14

Marketing Land: Why Brands Should Turn To Bloggers Instead Of Celebrity Spokespeople
by Danielle Wiley, 3/7/14

The National Provisioner: Bringing out the beef industry's stories
by Darren Williams, 3/5/14

FishbowlDC: Kerry Washington to Headline BlogHer ’14 Conference
by Patrick Tutwiler, 3/4/14

FishbowlLA: Like The Book | Kerry Conference | Celebrate it All
by Chris O'Shea, 3/4/14

Candid Candace: Women's Day at Chicago Auto Show Honors Eight Dynamos
by Candace Collins, 2/26/14

Mashable: Two Entrepreneurs Give Their Take On the Google Buses
by Chris Taylor, 2/24/14

Austin SXSW Eats: Official SXSW Interactive Cookbook Comes Out Next Week
by Addie Broyles, 2/24/14

The Local Tourist: A Full Day of Fun with Women Driving Excellence
by Theresa Carter, 2/14/14

IAB: Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence: An Open Letter From Publishers to Advertisers

Business Record: Meredith Digital Tops comScore Lifestyle Category

The Local Tourist: Women Driving Excellence Returns to Chicago Auto Show

Mashable: Super Bowl XLVIII: Join Industry Experts to Talk About the Ads
by Todd Wasserman, 2/2/14

Entrepreneur: Jerk-Study Program
by Ross McCammon, February 2014

Fast Company: The Most Creative People in Business 1000: Lisa Stone
February 2014

Pacific Standard: Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet
by Amanda Hess, 1/6/2014

VentureBeat: A Study: Parents’ Knowledge of Their Children’s Games
by Ryan Perez, 1/6/2014

Social Media Today: Social Startups: Updates from the Startups We Covered in 2013
by Shay Moser, 1/1/2014

The Advocate: Business Honors for December 22

Jezebel: Quit Paying Attention to That Vile Troll Website
by Callie Beusman, 11/26/13

Digital Undivided: 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Study: Shoe Fetish
by Ashley G. Scott, 11/25/13

Connect Professional Women's Network: Lisa Stone on Keeping Your Sanity as an Entrepreneur (Video)

Web Marketing and Com: First "Influenceuses" Network BlogHer (Translated from French)
by Marie-George Clouet, 11/14/13 The M3 Interview: Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder, BlogHer
by Liz O'Donnell, 11/7/13

CNET: We get it. Twitter has arrived. Let's move on, please.
by Daniel Terdiman, 11/6/13

EContent: BlogHer: A Case of Precision Targeting
by Nancy Davis Kho, 11/6/13 SheBrand Superstar Lisa Stone
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August 2012

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by Mousumi Kumar Saha, 08/16/12

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Female Founders Video Series Presented by American Express OPEN, 07/31/12

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The Street: Chuck E. Cheese's Makes Second Appearance at BlogHer Conference For Women
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The Millionaire Girls' Movement: COO and Co-Founder of BlogHer, Elisa Camahort Page speaks with The Millionaire Girls' Movement
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The Huffington Post: The Place Where Female Bloggers Flock [VIDEO]
by Krizia De Verdier, 07/04/12 Jory Des Jardins: BlogHer Co-Founder with Strategic Vision
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Drovers CattleNetwork: Helping consumers understand beef

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03/30/12 Connect the Dots to Pinterest
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Bulldog Reporter: Women Who Read Blogs Trust Blogger Advice - And a Strong Majority Have Purchased Based on It, New BlogHer Study Finds: Concentration of Blog Users Driven to Purchase Nearly Double That of Facebook or Twitter Users

Forbes: When Marketing to Women Facebook Interactions Have a Hit Ratio Similar to Roadside Billboards
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by ITBusiness Staff, 03/14/12

Adweek: Survey: Women Trust Pinterest More Than Facebook, Twitter; BlogHer annual study shows social media trends among women
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Business Insider: BOOK EXCERPT: What The Story Behind BlogHer Says About Women And Tech
01/31/12 LIVE: Marketing to women: what drives electronic purchases? (Video)

Forbes: Only a Few Female CEOs? Doesn't Mean Women Aren't Successful
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Babble MomCrunch: Women And Consumer Electronics: BlogHer's Newest Study
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Brafton News: Study: Content marketing targeted at influential female shoppers often misses the mark

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by Felicia Pride, 01/19/12

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by Maggie Fox, 01/19/12

BlackWeb 2.0: Kathryn Finney Named Editor-at-Large of
by Kiera A. Manison, 01/19/12

Brafton News: Blog content marketing impacts 69 percent of women’s tech purchases

Sys-Con: Blog content Marketing
by Newt Barrett, 01/18/12

Marketing Land: Study: Blogs More Influential Than Social Networks When Women Buy Consumer Electronics
by Pamela Parker, 01/12/12

Forbes: How Do You Grow a Social Movement? (New Rules for Radicals--the Metatribe)
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Graceful Aging: Female Start-Ups: Don't Fear Failing

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Working Mother: Most Powerful Moms of 2011 - Most Powerful Moms in Social Media: Lisa Stone & Jory Des Jardins

San Francisco Business Times: Stacy Morrison | Bay Area People

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VatorNews: whips up $13.5M for kitchen ecommerce site
by Krystal Peak, 12/06/11

Huffington Post: How Do You Define American?
by Jose Antonia Vargas, 11/18/11

Forbes Woman: Ask for Wage Parity: It's Not a Raise, It's Justice
by Victoria Pynchon, 11/10/11 LIVE (video): Business Opportunities for Women: - Is blogging a new form of small business?

eMarketer: Mobile Gaming Rises Rapidly Among Kids and Teens

Los Angeles Times: Starbucks CEO calls on Americans to put America back to work
by Rene Lynch, 11/1/11

First Business Network: Fortune 500 Female CEOs (video)
10/27/11 Full Episode

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Publishers Weekly: Penguin and BlogHer Partner for BlogHer Writers 2011 Conference
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Auto Remarketing: Survey Explores Women Buyers' Research Habits, Emotional Impact of Purchase Process

BrandChannel: Big Brands Lining Up for Mom's Approval
by Mark J. Miller, 10/14/11

Toronto Star: Women bloggers influence millions and want to be paid for it
by Dana Flavelle, 09/30/11

New York Times: Pitching to Real Moms, the Ones Who Aren't Perfect
by Stuart Elliot, 09/28/11

New York Times: May the Best Recipe Win (but Don’t Forget the Chicken and Mayo)
by Elisabeth Olson, 09/22/11

San Diego Union Tribune: Brit chef Marco Pierre White on cooking, crying
by Keli Dailey, 09/20/11

Los Angeles Times: Parentology: Will the Vinci Computer Help Babies?
by Deborah Netburn, 09/18/11

Los Angeles Times: Vinci, the tablet for computer babies

Redbook: My Mom is an Alcoholic
by Nancy Ramsey, October 2011

O'Dwyer's Magazine: Philanthropy beats freebies at blogger conference
by Abby Rose Dalto, September 2011

Panorama: San Diego Convention Center Corporation: The Future Face of Conventions
Fall 2011, Issue 20

ComputerWorld: Google+ causes stir with Suggested User list
by Sharon Gaudin, 09/06/11

Mashable: Google+ Power Users Reject Suggested Users List
by Meghan Peters, 09/06/11

MediaBistro: Former Redbook Editor-in-Chief Will Nurture
by Richard Horgan, 08/31/11

Sound*Bytes on the CBS News Radio Network: BlogHer: Women Bloggers
by Jan Ziff, 08/26/11

Sound*Bytes on the CBS News Radio Network: BlogHer '11
by Jan Ziff, 08/26/11

VentureBeat: Google Plus struggles to add women after mostly-male launch
by M. M. Faulkner, 08/25/11

Ta Kung Pao (Hong Kong): The Use of Social Media in Hong Kong Bypass U.S.

ZDNet Asia: Hong Kong turn on social media to stay connected
by Kevin Kwang, 08/24/11

CNN GO: Hong Kong Social Media Use Higher than United States

Intellasia: HK Turn on Social Media to Stay Connected

Network Asia: Hong Kong Shoppers Most Influenced by Social Media

Social Times: Smartphones Place Hong Kong on Top of the Cyber Record

Computer News Middle East: Hong Kong Marketers Slow to Tap Social Media Potential

The Standard (Hong Kong): Cyber Record for Hong Kong

ComputerWorld: Survey: Hong Kong shoppers influenced by social media

Enterprise Innovation: Majority of Hongkongers ‘Addicted’ to Social Media, Study Shows

Tampa Bay Tribune: "Pioneer Woman" brings her cowboy cooking to TV
by Jeff Houck, 08/23/11

CIO Asia: More People Use Social Media in Hong Kong than in the U.S.

Quamnet: Survey Shows that Hong Kongers Spend More Time on Social Media than Americans, Germans and Brazilians
08/22/11 The New Mommy Track: Write a Blog and Make Money
by Susan Johnston, 08/18/11

Fox News Latino: Rise of the Blogueras: Latina Bloggers Are in the Game
by Tania Luviano, 08/18/11

SheKnows: How to turn your blog into a business: Lessons from BlogHer '11
by Katarina Kovacevic, 08/17/11

Digital Politics Radio: Women Bloggers: Building Strong Communities - BlogHer / Women Social Media and Blogs: Maintaining Web Presence & Selling Ads - BlogHer

The Parent Experiment (Podcast): Our BlogHer 2011 Special

Bloomberg Businessweek: PepsiCo Joins Honda Bracing for Weakened Consumer Demand
by Ari Levy, 08/10/11

MediaPost: Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Expand Social Media Outreach
by Karlene Lukovitz, 08/09/11

New York Daily News: Kids using smartphones as young as 2 years old, study finds
by Kathryn Kattalia, 08/09/11

CNN iReport: BlogHer 2011
by Chris Morrow, 08/09/11

PRNewser: Go Easy on the Swag and Other BlogHer Learnings
by Tonya Garcia, 08/09/11

eContent: BlogHer 2011: Where My Ladies At?

Working Mother: Top 10 Learnings from BlogHer '11
by "BadAssMama", 08/08/11

Marketing Vox: Mommy Bloggers Part of Procter and Gamble's Ad Push

Los Angeles Times: Worried About your kids safety online? You should be
by Rene Lynch, 08/07/11

San Diego Union Tribune: BlogHer confab puts women in cyberspace
by Karla Peterson, 08/07/11

engadget: Samsung brings WNBA-sized Galaxy Tab 8.9 to BlogHer 2011
by Richard Lawler, 08/07/11

Los Angeles Times: Is it dumb to let a 2-year-old wield a smartphone?
by Rene Lynch, 08/06/11

San Diego Magazine: 5 Things You Should Know About BlogHer Attendees

MediaPost: P&G Ties Up One-Year Deal With BlogHer
by Karl Greenberg, 08/05/11

Crain's New York Business: How to get the most out of BlogHer
by Cara Trager, 08/05/11

MediaPost: Smartphones Are 'A Tool For Modern Families'
by Aaron Barr, 08/05/11

NBC San Diego (video): Blogosphere Expands to San Diego
Reporter: Bob Hansen, 08/05/11

Fox 5 San Diego (video): BlogHer 2011 Conference
Reporter: Erica Fox, 08/05/11

Fox 5 San Diego (video): BlogHer Blogging Conference
Reporter: Erica Fox, 08/05/11

The Wall Street Journal "All Things D": Taking a Second Look at GLMPS
by Ina Fried, 08/05/11

PR Newser: What's Going On at BlogHer
by Tonya Garcia, 08/05/11

AdWeek: BlogHer CEO Lisa Stone Talks About A 'Post-Oprah, Post-Martha' World
by Anthony Ha, 08/05/11

VentureBeat: Yo' mamma loves the GLMPS video-photo hybrid app
by Regina Sinsky, 08/05/11

Forbes: Women Rule the World (of Blogging That Is)
by B. Bonin Bough, 08/05/11

Fox Business Small Business Center: BlogHer: Turning Bloggers into Entrepreneurs

PRWeek: Influencing the influencers at BlogHer 2011
by Chris Daniels, 08/05/11

BizReport: New study reveals toddlers toying with technology
by Helen Leggatt, 08/05/11

MSNBC: Digital Life on Today: One in 5 Toddlers Have Used Smartphones: Survey
by Suzanne Choney, 08/04/11

MediaPost: Procter & Gamble Inks Year-Long Deal With BlogHer
by Karl Greenberg, 08/04/11

AdAge: 25% of Toddlers Have Used a Smartphone
by Matt Carmichael, 08/04/11

Investors Business Daily: BlogHer Network Gives Voice To Women On The Web
by Brian Deagon, 08/03/11

The Alternative Press: How to Stand Out at BlogHer '11
by Lisa Tognola, 08/01/11

AlwaysOn: Announcing the 2011 AlwaysOn Global 250
by Tony Perkins, 07/30/2011

MediaPost: PepsiCo Ramps Up BlogHer Event Partnership
by Karlene Lukovitz, 07/28/11

CNN's "Eatocracy": McDonald's Offers Mom Bloggers a Seat at the Table
by Kat Kinsman, 07/27/11

NPR's "Shots": McDonald's Courts Mom Bloggers When Changing The Menu
by Allison Aubrey, 07/27/11

The San Diego Union Tribune: Top female bloggers hit San Diego
by Penni Crabtree, 07/27/11

ZD Net: Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers
by Violet Blue, 07/23/11

Ottawa Citizen: Twitter buffs talk tweets at Social Capital, an Ottawa social media conference
by Joanne Laucius, 07/23/11

The San Diego Union Tribune: Chefs moonlight as bartenders resist 'molecular' tag

The Christian Science Monitor: The Future of the Cookbook
by Rebekan Denn, 07/18/11

The Independent UK: North America agenda: Comic-Con in San Diego

KALW, City Visions Radio, San Francisco: What’s Next for the Marriage Equality Movement in California?

The Christian Science Monitor: America's new culinary renaissance
by Kendra Nordin, 07/09/11

KQED: Bay Area Bites: Eating in Atlanta + Quality Time With a Top Chef Master
by Elaine Wu, 07/09/11

Mashable: 7 Twitter Marketing Campaigns to Learn From
by Erica Swallow, 07/06/11

MediaPost News: Hillshire Farm Spoofs Women's Secret Motivations
by Karlene Lukovitz, 07/05/11

BizReport: Cause marketing impacts brand affinity, sales not so much
by Helen Leggatt, 07/05/11 Top 100 Websites for Women 2011
06/23/11 Up From Slavery at Aquia
by Clint Schemmer, 06/23/11

MediaPost News: Marketing Daily: Sheraton Spends $20 Million On 'Meet You There'
by Tanya Irwin, 06/21/11 BlogHer Blood Drive For Erin Kotecki Vest, August 6, 2011
by "Zennie62", 06/19/11

The Montreal Gazette: Identity Crisis
by Asmaa Malik, 06/17/11

Business Insider: The Smart People Are on Twitter and Other Online Strategies

The Guardian UK: Second Lesbian Blogger Exposed as a Man
by Esther Addley and Ben Quinn, 06/14/11

The Washington Post Lifestyle: ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ displays ease of fudging authenticity online
by Monica Hesse, 06/13/11

The Washington Post Lifestyle: Paula Brooks, editor of lesbian site Lez Get Real, is really a man named Bill Graber
by Elisabeth Flock and Melissa Bell, 06/13/11

The New York Times: ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ Blogger Admits to Writing Fiction Disguised as Fact
by Robert Mackey, 06/13/11

Associated Press: 5 Tips on Beating the Heat at Home With Kids
by Anne D'Innocenzio, 06/09/11

PerishableNews: Food Bloggers Compete in Mango Mentor Online Video Contest

Edelman Digital: Friday Five: A Full Serving of Foodie Insights Fresh From BlogHer Food

iMedia Connection: Marketing Insights Behind Women's Social Media Patterns
by Elisa Camahort Page, 05/25/11

GourmetLive: Highlights from BlogHer Food 2011
by Kelly Senyei, 05/22/11

Inside Flipboard: Celebrate Mom on Flipboard

MediaPost: Women Bloggers Studied As Sponsored Conversations Start
by Les Luchter, 05/05/11

GigaOM: DECA Launches A Video Syndication Network For Women (Partnering with BlogHer)
by Ryan Lawler, 05/04/11

Adweek: Mommy Bloggers, Meet Ad-Supported Video: DECA syndicating content targeted at female audiences
by Erin Griffith, 05/3/11

MediaPost: Cross-Media Case Study: Same Points, Different Game
by Joan Voight, 05/01/11

genConnect Lifestyle: Elisa Camahort Page Shares BlogHer Findings on Social Media

BusinessNewsDaily: Need a Product Endorsement? Look to Bloggers, Not Celebrities

KQED: Bay Area Bites: Foodies Have Their Pick of Online Coupon Sites
by Elaine Wu, 04/14/11

San Francisco Chronicle: Blog Usage and Influence Growing Among Women
by Ellen Lee, 04/13/11

MediaBistro (PR Newser) : BlogHer Study Finds More People Are Early Adopters
by Tonya Garcia, 04/13/11 Bloggers Have More Influence on Purchases Than Celebrities, Study Says
by Holly McKay, 04/13/11

Brandchannel: BlogHer: Why Social Media Matters
by Sheila Shayon, 04/13/11

The 15th Annual Webby Awards: BlogHer is a Webby Honoree in the "Community" category

Bulldog Reporter's Daily Dog: Jimmy Dean-Hillshire Farm-MWW Group PR Campaign Serves up Social Media Success Story at Blogger Event
by Jim Bucci, 04/12/11

Fast Company: 30 Second MBA: BlogHer: How do you build a team?

Social Mediasphere Radio: Elisa Camahort of BlogHer comes to the Social Mediasphere
Interviewed by Jim Turner, 04/07/11

2011 TIME Magazine 100 Poll: BlogHer CEO, Lisa Stone is nominated for the Annual TIME 100 List (voting has closed)

CRM Magazine: The Feminine Marketing Mystique: How to Demystify Women's Purchasing Behavior
by Koa Beck, April 2011

Fortune/CNN Raising Venture Money: 10 tips for success
by Patricia Sellers, 3/31/11

US News & World Report: Why Blogs Beat Facebook and Twitter
by Scott Galupo, 3/23/11

Clout and About: BlogHer Visionaries: The Heart, Mind and Soul Empowering 21 Million Bloggers (and Counting)

genConnect: 2.5 Minutes With Elisa Camahort Page

Fast Company: 30 Second MBA: BlogHer: How do you say no and still maintain relationships?

BlogHer is a recipient of the PepsiCo Women's Inspiration Award at SXSW

FastCompany: BlogHer: How a Network Became a Curated Community
by Steven Rosenbaum, 03/07/11

EZebis: Lisa Stone, CEO BlogHer, Practice Makes Perfect Raising Venture
by Pemo Theodore, 03/06/11

Forbes: MarketShare: For The Media World, It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again
by Aaron Perlut, 02/25/11

New York Times: Queen of the Mommy Bloggers
by Lisa Belkin, 02/23/11

New York Times: Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter
by Verne Kopytoff, 02/21/11

Social Media Today: BlogHer '11 Announces Agenda
by Robin Carey, 02/16/11

New York Times: Walgreens Launches Campaign to Push Store-Brand Products
by Tanzina Vega, 02/10/11

Everything PR: Network Solutions’ Web Marketing 2.0 Success Story
by Alina Popescu, 02/10/11

Breathe: BlogHer Challenges You To Own Your Beauty.
by Lindsey Grossman, 02/10/11

AdAge: Network Solutions' Go Daddy Parody Surprisingly Close to Real Thing
by Ken Wheaton, 02/07/11

ClickZ: Super Bowl Ads 2011: Winners and Losers
by Anna Maria Virzi, 02/07/11

L.A. Times: Ripped Go Daddy girl Joan Rivers rips into Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera [video]
by Nardine Saad, 02/07/11

FireDogLake: Super Bowl Anti-Marketing or Bimbo Pushback: Getting the ‘Old Girls’ in the Game
by Rayne, 02/06/11

Richmond Times-Dispatch: CRT/tanaka tries to create buzz with Cloris Leachman video
by Louis Llovio, 02/05/11

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by Staff, 01/26/11

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AlwaysOn: Announcing the 2011 OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies
Announced by Tony Perkins, 01/18/11

Premium Beauty News: Blogs more efficient than magazines to drive beauty purchases
by Vincent Gallon, 01/18/11

MediaPost: Blogs Drive Beauty Product Purchases
by Gavin O'Malley, 01/17/11

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by Holly Pavilka, 01/17/11

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by WARC Staff, 01/17/11

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by David Cohen, 01/11/11

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The Rachael Ray Show: Stump the Blog Gourmet
Aired 12/27/10 Mind Your Holiday Manners
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Digital Sisterhood Radio: Feminism Online
by Ananda Leeke, 12/16/10

BrandWeek: What Women Like in Online Shopping [Subscription]
by Mark Dolliver, 12/06/10

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by Rene Lynch, 12/01/10 A Time to Give
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by Colleen Fisher Tully, November, 2010

Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act: Corporate BlogHer
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Interviewed by Vanessa Druckman, 11/04/10

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by Jenny Berg, 11/01/10

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CBS San Farncisco: Online resources for Voters

Brand Channel: BlogHer: Women Have the Power
by Sheila Shayon, 10/28/10

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by Rene Lynch, 10/25/10

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by Rob Walker, 10/22/10

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by Canvas Staff, 10/20/10

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Interviewed by Ray Hoffman, 10/18/10

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by Carina Ost, 10/11/10

KQED: Bay Area Bites: ,a href="">BlogHer Food Conference, Day 2
by Tamara Palmer, 10/11/10

Gourmet Live: BlogHer Food 2010: Day 2 Highlights
by Kelly Senyei, 10/10/10

KQED: Bay Area Bites: BlogHer Food Conference, Day 1
by 10/10/10

SF Weekly: BlogHer Food is So Gay
by Sean Timberlake, 10/07/10

SF Weekly: No Ticket to BlogHer Food 2010? You Can Still Take Part
by Carina Ost, 10/07/10

Los Angeles Times: BlogHer co-founder forecasts the future
by Rene Lynch, 10/05/10

AOL Daily Finance:
The Job Creators: 10 Companies That Are Hiring Now

by Peter Cohan, 10/01/10

Pet Business: Mommy Blogger Marketing
by Eric Cohen and Joyce Shulman, 09/30/10

MediaPost: Honda Launches Campaign For Odyssey Minivan
by Karl Greenberg, 09/29/10

What's Up Wit' That: What's Up with Women and Blogging
Interviewed by Andrew Willyoung, 09/19/10

Investor's Business Daily: PepsiCo Puts Out A Call For Game-Changing Ideas In Digital Marketing
by Brian Deagon, 09/17/10

AlwaysOn: BlogHer named one of the 2010 AlwaysOn OnHollywood 100 Top Private Companies
September 15, 2010

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by Abby Rose Dalto, September issue

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by Debra Aho Williamson, 09/01/10

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by Alyss Dixson, 08/27/10

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WWD: The Rise of the Blogger
by Neil Weilheimer, 08/16/10

Los Angeles Times: Blogs move from monitors to TV and movie screens
by Randee Dawn, 08/15/10

Sydney Morning Herald: Conquer the world, one blog at a time
by Julie Power, 08/14/10

BizBash: Rapidly Growing BlogHer Conference Draws More Attendees, Big-Brand Sponsors
Erika Rasmusson Janes, 08/12/10

SF Weekly: iHelp for Autism
by Ashley Harrell, 08/11/10

Politico: More bloggers throwing hats in ring
by Zachary Abrahamson, 08/11/10

AdAge: Marketers Convene at BlogHer Annual Convention
by Thomas Pardee, 08/10/10

PRWeek BlogHer sponsors want feedback (videos with Walmart and PepsiCo)
by Alexandra Bruell, 08/09/10

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by Lisa Belkin, 08/09/10

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by Eric Kuhn, 8/07/10

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by Carol Mangis, 08/07/10

Variety: Fox bets on BlogHer
by Tatiana Siegel, 08/06/10

Fast Company: BlogHer Blogs for Water, Opportunity to Help Pakistan Floods
by Jenara Nerenberg, 08/06/10 BlogHer bloggers invade the Plaza, featuring BlogHer community members Ree Drummon and Liz Gumbinner

The Today Show: Pioneer Woman's Cowgirl Cooking
featuring Ree Drummond, 08/05/10

The Today Show: Cool Mom's Picks for Back-to-School Shopping
featuring Liz Gumbinner, 08/05/10 Blogging on the Go
by Romy Ribitzky, 08/05/10

Toronto Star: After breaking dying boy’s wheelchair, Air Canada to send him to Disney
by Amy Dempsey and Brandie Weikle, 08/05/10

TodayMoms: Behind the Scenes with #BlogHer10 at TODAY
by Ryan Osborn, 08/05/10

TodayMoms: Want to be a blogger? Read tips from a BlogHer expert
Live chat transcript with BlogHer Community Manager Denise tanton, 08/04/10

Viva La Value, BlogTalkRadio: Viva La Value, August 2010
Interview by Lisa Reynolds, 08/05/10

New York Family Magazine: Best in Blog
by Eric Messinger, 07/28/10

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by Caroline Marcus, 07/25/10

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by Lisa Stone, 07/01/10

AlwaysOn: BlogHer named one of the 2010 AlwaysOn Global 250
June 15, 2010

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by Alex Konrad, 07/9/10

USA Espanol: Los hispanos entran de lleno en internet
by Cristina Pereda, 06/30/10

Red Herring: 2010 Red Herring 100 North America Selected Full list here.
June, 2010

Forbes Woman: Legislating Work-Life Policy
by Stephanie Wilchfort, 06/25/10

AdWeek: Social Gaming Rakes In Revenue
by eMarketer staff, 06/24/10

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by Meghan Casserly and Jenna Goudreau, 06/23/10

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by Kari Greenberg, 06/17/10

Red Herring: BlogHer is a Red Herring 100 finalist
June, 2010

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by Jenna Wortham, 06/11/10

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Contribution by Erin Kotecki Vest, 05/07/10

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by Jenna Goudreau, 04/26/10

eMarketer: Millennials Big on Blogs

Fast Company: The Most Influential Women in Technology 2010
by Stephanie Schomer, 04/26/10

eMarketer: Majority of Top Media Destinations Are Social

AdWeek: Social Media Use Becomes Pervasive
by Brian Morrissey, 04/15/10

PR Week: Study compares bloggers' social media usage to public [Log-in required]
by Chris Daniels, 04/15/10

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by Mike Sachoff, 04/15/10

Psychology What Do Infants Teach Parents About Favoritism?
by Dr. Ellen Webber Levy, 04/12/10

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by Curtis Silver, 04/06/10

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by Georgea Kovanis, 04/05/10

TravelTalkRadio: The Best of TravelTalkRadio
interviewed by Sandy Dhuyvetter, 04/04/10

CNN: John King USA Blog: The Pulse: This week in politics at BlogHer
by Erin Kotecki Vest, 04/02/10

CNN/John King USA: What Women Politics
Interviewed by John King, 04/01/10

San Jose Mercury: Mommy bloggers gather to sharpen Web, business and marketing skills
by Jennifer Mendelsohn, 3/27/10

Working Mother Magazine: Most Powerful Moms in Media
by Leah Bourne, March, 2010

Montreal Gazette: Pampers feels wrath of mommy bloggers
by Hollie Shaw, 03/19/10

The Globe and Mail: Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente
Live chat hosted by Margaret Wente, 03/19/10 Budding Venture
by Romy Ribitzsky, 03/18/10

c|net: A waterfall of Pepsi at SXSWi
by Caroline McCarthy, 03/15/10

Huffington Post: An Open Letter to the New York Times About Mom Bloggers, Women Writers & the Universe
by Joanne Bamberger, 03/15/10

London Times: It's here: CyberMummy 2010!
by Jennifer Howze, 03/15/10

KQED: Forum with Michael Krasny: My Baby Rides the Short Bus, featuring BlogHer editor Shannon Rosa
Interviewed by Dave Iverson, 03/12/10

New York Times: ;Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand
by Jennifer Mendelsohn, 03/12/10

ABC News: Ahead of the Curve: Blogs for Good
Interviewed by Viviana Hurtado, 03/05/10

PaidContent: What Will Yahoo Buy Itself For Its Birthday?
by Joseph Tartakoff, 03/05/10

Wall Street Journal: Web Sites Target Oscars Fans; Ads Will Reflect Show Events [Acct. required]
by Emily Steel, 03/04/10

SocialMediopolis: Elisa Camahort Page - COO and Co-Founder of
Interviewed by Chicke Fitzgerald and Michael Crosson, 03/01/10

Forbes: Turning Blogging Into Business
Interviewed by Moira Forbes, 02/26/10

Business Travel Radio: Should you jump in the social media arena or not?
Interviewed by Sandy Dhuyvetter, 02/26/10

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by Danielle Wiley, 02/22/10

Forbes: Is BlogHer Still Relevant?
by Hannah Seligson, 02/19/10

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by Dana Oshiro, 02/19/10

Technorati: UK Politicans Remember Mom Knows Best
by Leslie Grandy, 02/19/10

Julie Menin's Give and Take: Jory Des Jardins, Parts I and II
Interviewed by Julie Menin, 02/17/10 and 02/21/10

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by Susan Donaldson James, 02/17/10

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by Jessica Faye Carter, 02/15/10

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by Susan Payton, 02/09/10

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by Sarah Bronson, Winter, 2010 Issue

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by Amybeth Hale, 02/03/10

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by Elaine Wong, 02/01/10

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by Jory Des Jardins, 02/01/10

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by Meghan Casserly, 01/28/10

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by Martin Moylan, 01/27/10

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by Dana Oshiro, 01/27/10

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by Gavin O'Malley, 01/25/10

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by Jay Rath, 01/22/10

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by Ellen Galinsky, 01/21/10

Online Marketing Blog: 25 Women That Rock Social Media
by Lee Odden, 01/20/10

PR Newser: Mommy Bloggers "Particularly Hot Segment" For Sponsored Tweets
by Joe Ciarallo, 01/14/10

The Huffington Post: The Facts on Abortion and Health Reform
by D. Brad Wright, 01/13/10

Parents Magazine: The Virtual Power of Moms
by Lynn Harris, January, 2010 14 Power Women To Follow On Twitter
by Samantha Ettus, 01/07/10

Slate double X: The Most Memorable Feminist Moments of the Decade
by the double X Staff, 12/23/09

The Rush Limbaugh Show: Sebelius: You'll Pay for Abortions
12/22/09 show

WREX, Channel 13: How to promote your personal blog
by Levi Sumagaysay, 12/22/09

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by Suzanne Phan, 12/22/09

Kansas Free Press: HHS Secretary Sebelius Answers Health Reform Questions
by Pamela Jean, 12/22/09

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by Tania Khadder and Hamsa Ramesha, 12/21/09

PR Week: Interview: Elisa Camahort, cofounder and COO of BlogHer, and Gina Garrubbo, EVP of BlogHer
Interviewed by Jaimy Lee, 12/18/09

BusinessWeek: America's Most Promising Start-ups: A Better Business Model for Women Bloggers
by Nick Leiber, 12/15/09

MediaPost: Glam Hires Former Publisher
by Gavin O'Malley, 12/14/09

BizBash New York: Support Network

San Jose Mercury: The Influencers of Silicon Valley
by Chris O'Brien, 12/13/09

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Parents balance freedom, safety on Facebook
by Helena Oliviero, 12/11/09

Fox Business Online: Fox Business Live
Interviewed by Tracy Byrnes and Chris Cotter, 12/09/09

AlwaysOn: Lisa Stone names one of Top 25 Women in Tech
Announced at the AlwaysOn Venture Summit 2009

Powder Room Graffiti: An Interview with Elisa Camahort Page
Interviewed by UK Staff, 12/04/09 Cautious Connections
by Kelley Scarsbrook, 12/04/09

ABC News: Injured Giving Birth, Skater Blogs Way to Olympics
by Susan Donaldson James, 12/03/09

Real Moms Guide: Twitter is better than therapy
by Melissa Chapman, 12/03/09

MediaPost: Memorex Holiday Campaign Encourages 'WeTime'
by Aaron Barr, 12/02/09

AdAge: New FTC Rules Won't Deter Celebrity Social-Media Endorsements
by Michael Bush, 11/30/09

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by Sean Timberlake, 11/27/09-11/29/09

MediaPost, Engage: Boomers: Women And Healthcare
by Robin Raff, 11/25/09

Boston Business Journal: Adclub Event Ponders Advertising's Future
by Lisa van der Pool, 11/18/09

KKNW Radio: : Chat With Women
Interviewed by Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff, 11/17/09

AdvertisingAge white paper: The Rise of the Real mom [PDF]
by Marissa Miley and Ann Mack, 11/16/09

Inc.: The Internet Strategist: Blogging for Coin
by Maisha Walker, 11/16/09

The Gourmet Retailer: Lempert Report: Tops in 2010
by Phil Lempert, 11/16/09

Vator News: Azure Capital targets late-stage orphans
by Matt Bowman, 11/16/09

Los Angeles Times: Blogging moms wooed by food firms
by P.J. Huffstutter and Jerry Hirsch, 11/15/09

NBC Bay Area: Who Runs the Media? Silicon Valley, Says TV News Announcer
by Jackson West, 11/12/09

Bay Newser: Couric's 'Most Powerful' People in Media: All Except Two from the Bay Area
by E.B. Boyd, 11/12/09

Valleywag: Katie Couric Reveals Who Really Controls the Media
by Ryan Tate, 11/12/09 Katie Couric Picks The Seven Most Powerful People In Media
by Katie Couric, 11/12/09

Women's Initiative: BlogHer was honored as a Best Women-Owned Business of 2009

BizBash: Best of 2009: Support Network
November/December issue

The Guardian: Jan Moir, Trafigura and the power of online social networks
by Emily Bell, 10/19/09

Bioneers: BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page interviewed by Michael Leifer of influenceXchange at Bioneers
Interviewed by Michael Leifer, 10/17/09

Women's Wear Daily: FTC Seeks More Transparency From Beauty Blogs, Celebs
by Liza Casabona and Rachel Brown, 10/13/09

London Times: Perfect for multitasking: why women love social networking
by Jennifer Howze, 10/10/09

ZDNET UK: Bloggers Must Now Disclose Payments & Freebies
by Sally Walker, 10/08/09

Huffington Post: The New Power Girls: Best Business Investments Shared!
by Patricia Handschiegel, 10/07/09

BBC News: Blogger marks 10 year milestone
by Maggie Shiels, 10/06/09

BBC News: New rules to end 'blogger payola'
by Maggie Shiels, 10/06/09

Daily Vista: BlogHer & announce e-Commerce partnership [PDF]

KQED: California Money: Stanford's Fire Sale / New FTC Rules for 'Sponsored' Bloggers
Interviewed by Stephanie Martin, 10/05/09

Los Angeles Times: Daily Dish: Chef Rocco DiSpirito pitches frozen food to a tough room at BlogHer food conference
by Rene Lynch, 10/03/09

New York Daily News: Uma Thurman movie 'Motherhood' shines a spotlight on 'mommy blogging'
by Leah Chernikoff, 10/01/09

7x7 Magazine: BlogHer founder on what makes a good food blog
by Jennifer Pollack, 10/01/09

RealSavvy Moms: Mom Bloggers
Hosted by Emma Buckley, October, 2009

KQED: Bay Area Bites: BlogHer Food '09
by Stephanie Im, 09/28/09

Women's Initiative: BlogHer is a 2009 Woman-Owned Business of the Year for Silicon Valley

Talk Radio News Service: Female Blogger Explains How Current Administration Has Embraced New Media and Female Blogger Describes Healthcare Conversation With Valerie Jarrett
Interviewed by Ellen ratner, 09/21/09

Aggie Town Square: A Utah woman blogs her way to the White House
by Celia Child, 09/18/09

eMarketer: Are Women Really Ignoring Social Network Marketing?

Huffington Post: New Power Girls: 20 Women Founders To Watch, Part I
by Patricia Handschiegel, 09/17/09

ClickZ: Social Business: The New Black
by Dave Evans, 09/16/09

New York Times: Ad Shift Throws Blogs a Business Lifeline
by Claire Cain Miller, 09/13/09

KQED: News 2.0: Predicting the Future of Media [Video also available]

US News and World Report: On Parenting: Great Blogs on Children, Health and Parenting
by Nancy Shute, 09/02/09

Forbes Woman: Is Twitter Taking Over Your Home Life?
by Heidi Brown, 08/25/09

PBS Frontline: Digital Nation: FRONTLINE Digital Nation | BlogHer | Elisa Camahort Page Interview

Marketplace: Sony markets to fathers with 'DigiDads'
by Mitchell Hartman, 08/24/09

BusinessWeek: Thanks to Blogs, a Bigger Menu for Food Criticism
by Aaron Ricadela, 08/24/09

Columbus Dispatch: Screen door: Through their blogs, mothers garner sponsorships along with ads and freebies
by Amy Saunders, 08/24/09 Thanks to Blogs, a Bigger Menu for Food Criticism
by Aaron Ricadela, 08/23/09

Just Out: The Power of the Gay Dollar
by Kathryn Martini, 08/22/09

BBC World Service: World, Have Your Say: Should we all lead transparent lives? [MP3]

NPR: Tell Me More: Are Marketers Ruining The 'Mommy Blogosphere'?
hosted by Michel Martin, 08/18/09

WebMaster Radio: WebmasterRadio.FM BlogHer ‘09 Coverage
by Debbie Bookstaber, 08/15/09

SF Gate: BlogHer and Sunlight Foundation get facts on health care reform
by Craig Newmark, 08/14/09

eMarketer: Marketers Court Female Bloggers

ZDNet: Tech Republic: BlogHer 2009 Tech Committee Out Loud
Interviewed by Sonja Thompson, -8/11/09

CNN: 'Mommy bloggers' vow to avoid ethical conflicts
by Eric Kuhn, 08/10/09

Forbes: Why PepsiCo Must Sit Out The Super Bowl
by Melanie Wells, 08/10/10

Fast Company: Women Outperform Men as Social Customers
by Francine Hardway, 08/10/10

BrandWeek: Jimmy Dean Cooks Up Breakfast Line for Kids
by Elaine Wong, 08/09/10

CNBC: Consumer Nation: Cookie Monster? Is Wal-Mart taking on the Girls Scouts?
by Christina Cheddar Berk, 08/07/09 Post-BlogHer '09: A Reminder of the Power of Listening to Influentials
by Jory Des Jardins, 08/06/09

BNET: Tech Republic: BlogHer Out Loud interview with co-founder and COO Elisa Camahort Page
Interview by Sonja Thompson, 08/07/09

New York Times: Motherlode: Dads and the Work/Family Balance
by Lisa Belkin, 08/06/09

PR Week: Women bloggers are not a target demographic
by Chris Ditner, 08/06/09

ClickZ: Building a Community, Not a Theater
by Dave Evans, 08/05/09

AdAge: Mom Accuses Walmart of Going After Girl Scouts
by Jack Neff, 08/03/09

WoWoWoW: How to Become a Successful Blogger, From the COO of BlogHer
by Rani Bernfeld, 08/03/09

Don't Hate Mommy Bloggers for Their Swag

by Lauren Barack, 07/31/09 Marketing's Wild West Gets Civilized
by Elizabeth Eaves, 07/31/09

PaidContent: When Did Mommy Bloggers Become The Devil?
INterviewed by Rafat Ali, 07/30/09

ABC News: BlogHer Holds Annual Conference
interview by Tory Johnson, 07/30/09

ABC News: Blogging for Dollars
interview by Tory Johnson, 07/30/09

London Times: BlogHer: Sisters are doing it for themselves
by Jennifer Howze, 07/30/09

MediaPost: Facebook and MySpace: Beware Of The Mommy Bloggers
by Catherine P. Taylor, 07/29/09

WWD: Memo Pad: Martha's Man... Tina Brown at BlogHer... Appointments...
by WWD Staff, 07/28/09

Fast Company: I Am Mommy, Hear Me Roar
by Cheryl Contee, 07/28/09

PBS Frontline: Field report from BlogHer '09 in Chicago
by Ramona Pringle, 07/27/09

NPR: Mom Bloggers Debate Ethics Of 'Blog-Ola' by David Schaper and Mom Bloggers Are Spreading Influence, But Facing New Problems by Omar L. Gallaga

New York Times: Deal Book: Another View: A Golden Age for Venture Capital
by Cameron Lester, 07/27/09

min online: Her Blog, Her Press Release
by Steve Smith, 07/27/09

AdAge: At BlogHer Confab, Marketers Show Moms Some Love
by jack Neff, 07/27/09 BlogHer 2009 Highlights
by Rachel Fishman, 07/27/09

New York Times: Getting Bloggers to Pay Heed to a Floor Mop
by Pradnya Joshi, 07/26/09

Chicago Tribune: I CSS'ed a Girl, and I Liked It
by Kevin Pang, 07/27/09

Fox-TV Chicago:
BlogHer Conference Comes
to Town


Silicon Beat: BlogHer Conference Celebrates Rise Of Blogosphere
by Chris O'Brien, 07/24/09

PR Week: Companies attend BlogHer to mix with bloggers
by Kimberly Maul, 07/24/09

New York times: Media Decoder: Harnessing Bloggers, Any Way They Can
by Pradnya Joshi, 07/23/09

ABC News Chicago: BlogHer Conference in Chicago

The London Times: The female bloggers are coming
by Jennifer Howze, 07/23/09

Chicago Tribune: Tina Brown: Media will flourish in digital forest
by Phil Rosenthal, 07/22/09

AdAge: About Digital: How Marketers Get it Wrong with MommyBloggers

KFSM-TV: Bentonville Blogger Takes Internet by Storm

AdAge: 3-Minute AdAge: Not Enough to Solve Blogola Problem

Newsweek: Trusted Mom or Sellout?
by Jessica Ramirez, 07/15/09

The Viral Garden: Social Media Mavens - An Interview with PepsiCo's Bonin Bough
by Mack Collier, 07/15/09

BNET's Tech Republic: Video: BlogHer 2008 Out Loud
by Sonja Thompson, 07/14/09

Econsultancy: Are brands ignoring moms?
by Sally Falow, 07/02/09

Knight Digital Media Center: BlogHer: Keeping the conversation civil
by Michele McLellan, 07/02/09

Paid Content: Why Women’s Sites Are Attracting Advertisers Even In A Downturn
by Tameka Kee, 07/01/09

Silicon Valley Business Journal: BlogHer blogging network has big plans for $7M venture infusion
by Mary Duan, 06/19/09

Income diary: Lisa Stone Interview, Founder Of BlogHer Talks To Us About Her Success
by Michael Dunlop, 06/18/09

San Jose Mercury: O'Brien: Gap between boys and girls persists in tech
by Chris O'Brien, 06/17/09

The Christian Post: Blogger Apologizes for Pregnancy Hoax
by Eric Young, 06/16/09

AdAge: At Unilever, Digital's Not Just for Mature Markets
by jack Neff, 06/15/09

ABC News: Anti-Abortion Blogger Admits Hoax
by Russell Goldman, 06/13/09

Comfortable in Your Own Skin Podcast: Comfortable in Your Own Skin Podcast with Elisa Camahort Page Co-Founder and COO BlogHer
Interview by Paula Gregorowicz, 06/12/09

AdAge: About Digital: Inside the Mommy Blogger Business
hosted by Natalie Zmuda, 06/08/09 2009 Social Media Survey Shows How Women Bloggers Will Change the World
by Linda Lowen, 06/06/09

Mommy Track'd: Spotlight Interview: Lisa Stone
by Vicki Larson, 06/05/09

eMarketer: Making Blogs Your Business and Women Who Blog
by Paul Verna, 06/05/09

Moms Who Blog: Hello and Welcome to the Community
by Jessica Braun, 06/05/09

Search Engine Journal: Online Retail’s Early Holiday Prep: 3 Engaging Steps
by Virginia Nussey, 06/04/09 Kyra Sedgwick on Chace Crawford: 'He Has Big Shoes to Fill'
by Liza Hamm, 06/03/09

92.3 NOW FM: Work/Life Balance w/ Kyra Sedgwick
by Hitha Prabhakar, 06/03/09

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny: The State of the Pro-life and Pro-choice Movements
moderated by Michael Krasny, 06/03/09

PopEater: Kyra Sedgwick Learning to Balance Work, Family Life
by Amber James, 06/03/09

Star Magazine: Star Shots: Orange Appeal

DM News: Orange Juice Online
06/01/09 issue

USA Today: Signing on to social media; an alluring reader query
by Theresa Howard, 06/01/09

SNL Interactive: The slow, steady return of venture capital funding for media, communications sectors
by Sarah Barry, 05/29/09

San Jose Mercury: Google adds new features for bloggers
by Elise Ackerman, 05/28/09

PROMO Interactive: Tropicana Turns on “The Juice’ for Women’s Networks
by Brian Quinton, 05/28/09

MediaBistro Bay Newser: BlogHer's Tips on Marketing to Bloggers: Don't Make Them Spam for You
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by Jennifer Howze, 05/27/09 Keeping Your Brand Squeaky Clean in the Evolving World of Influencer Marketin
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by David Weir, 05/21/09

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by Mary Ellen Slayter, 05/19/09

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by Beth Krietsch, 05/15/09

eMarketer: New Trends in Blogs

PRWeek: BlogHer Not Going Anywhere
by Rose Gordon, 05/14/09

MediaBistro: BlogHer Raises $7 Million In Financing
by Rachel Kaufman, 05/14/09

New York Times: DealBook: BlogHer Takes $7 Million from V.C.’s, Report Says
by Andrew Ross Sorkin, 05/14/09

Jezebel: Women's Blogs Take $7 Million In New Funding
by Margaret Hartmann, 05/14/09

MediaPost: Tropicana Juices Women's Communities
by Laurie Sullivan, 05/14/09

adotas: BlogHer Raises $7 Million
by Edward Barrera, 05/13/09

San Jose Business Journal: BlogHer gets $7M in third round funding
by Mary Duan, 05/13/09

San Francisco Business Times: BlogHer raises $7M Series C round
by Vasanth Sridharan, 05/13/09

MediaPost: BlogHer Secures $7 Million
by Gavin O'Malley, 05/13/09

PaidContent: BlogHer Raises $7 Million In Third Round
by Rory Maher, 05/13/09

VentureBeat: BlogHer, the “community for women who blog,” raises $7M more
by Matt Marshall, 05/13/09

All Things D: Boomtown: Exclusive: BlogHer Nabs $7 million in New Funding
by Kara Swisher, 05/13/09

Marketing Vox: Women Use Blogs for Info, SocNets to Connect

Income Diary: Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs
by Michael Dunlop, 05/12/09

Marketing Charts: Women Use Blogs for Info, SocNets to Connect

Small Business Trends: 42 Million U.S. Women Use Social Media: Blogs Most Influential
by Anita Campbell, 05/10/09

BrandWeek: Pepsi Sees a Chance to Fill Newspapers' Void
by Elaine Wong, 05/09/09

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by Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, 05/08/09

BizReport: Study: Women use blogs, not socnets, to source information/opinion
by Helen Leggatt, 05/07/09

KVMR Radio: BlogHer co-founders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins appeared on the regular feature, See Jane Do
Interviewed by Elisa Parker, 05/06/09

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by Jason Lee Miller, 05/06/09 Blogger Bunch
05/06/09 Sorting Through the Identity Crisis Between Blogs and Social Networks: Which is Right for Your Brand?
by Jory Des Jardins, 05/06/09

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by Kim Moldofsky, 05/06/09

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by Allyson Kapin, 05/04/09

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by Toni Fitzgerald, 05/04/09

Sports Features Communications: Best Kentucky Derby Rating in 17 Years
Press Release contact: Adam Friefeld, 05/04/09

100 Interviews: Erin Kotecki Vest – @queenofspain host of Backtalk on BlogHer
Interviewed by Derek Overbey, 05/04/09

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by Samantha Gianulis and Kathy Schlaeger respectively, Spring/Summer issue

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by Tanya Irwin, 04/30/09

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by Fiona Morgan, 04/29/09

ClickZ: OfficeMax Launches Social and Rich Media Campaign
by Enid Burns, 04/29/09

NCWIT Heroes Series: Reaching more than 14 million women each month with blogs and more, interview with Elisa Camahort Page [MP3]
Interviewed by Lucy Sanders and Larry Nelson, 04/26/09

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by Paul Verna, 04/22/09 If I Were Twitter’s Agent: Assessing the Social Media Tool’s Rise and What Would Make it Flop
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by Christopher Carfi, 04/08/09 Women's Issues: Oprah and Mommy Bloggers - Why We All Need to Blog
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Interviewed by Karl Erikson, 04/02/09 Web Site of the Day
from the Gatehouse News Service, 04/02/09

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by Lolita Carrico, 04/01/09

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by Ida Jeng, 03/26/09

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Interviewed by Candy + Potter, 03/20/09

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Interviewed by Dan Patterson, 03/15/09 Context and Disclosure: Keys to Success in Compensating Bloggers
by Jory Des Jardins, 03/12/09

The Best of What Tami Said: How to Gain Readers and Attention for Your Blog, and How to Leverage it to Gain Other Opportunities Offline
Interview by Tami, 03/08/09

The Business Makers: Lisa Stone of
Interviewed by Erica O'Grady 03/07/09

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by Mike Kanin, 03/06/09

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by Marji McClure, January/February issue

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Interview by Samantha Ettus, 03/03/09

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by Lolita Carrico, 02/25/09

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by Jennifer Osborn, 02/19/09

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by Andrea Pyenson, 02/18/09

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by Noa Gafni, 02/13/09

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by Peggy Simpson, 02/11/09

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By Brittney Gilbert, 02/09/09

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by Susan Mernit, 02/06/09 (Norwegian): Ofrer sex for romantik
by Linda Stølen, 02/06/09

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by Rita Delfiner, 02/05/09

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by Steve Bogart, 02/05/09 Women's Issues In The Post-Ledbetter Era
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by Siel, 01/27/09

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by Lynne d Johnson, Ellen McGirt, and Sherri Smith, February issue

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by Jessica Heasley, 12/18/08 Women's Rights: Top Ten Moments of Feminism in 2008
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by Don Jones, 12/14/08

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by Ad Age Staff, 12/14/08

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by Sue Kelly, 12/10/08

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Purse Strings on WebmasterRadio FM: BlogHer Discussion with Elisa Camahort Page
interviewed by Maria Reitan, 12/09/08

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by Bambi Franciscom 12/08/08

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by Jory Des Jardins, 12/08/08

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by Kate Kaye, 12/01/08

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by Camille Ricketts, 11/20/08 What the Motrin Moms Campaign (and resulting MomBlogger reaction) Can Teach Us About Redemption in the Blogosphere
by Jory Des Jardins, 11/20/08

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by Kristen Hare, 11/17/08

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by Saabira Chaudhuri, November issue

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by Hollis Thomases, 11/04/08

WeMedia: BlogHer is a finalist for the WeMedia Game Changers Awards

Sramana Mitra's Deal Radar: Deal Radar 2008: BlogHer
by Sramana Mitra, 10/28/08 When your kid attacks - by blog
by Linda Matchan, 10/27/08

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by Allyson Kapin, 10/23/08

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by Gloria Pan, Fall/Winter 2008 issue

Marketing Vox: Yahoo Goes on Offensive with 8-Wk Campaign Blitz

The Daily Beast: Moms, Including Michelle, Spin the Debate Online
by Erika Schickel, 10/16/08

ClickZ: Yahoo Lures Google Users with New Campaign
by Fred Aun, 10/15/08

Smartbrief: Yahoo! pitches local search features to users of Google, rival sites

Boston Magazine: Twittering Toward Blogher
by Catherine Basham, 10/13/08

PROMO Interactive: Pringles Wants Consumers to Customize Cans for Holidays

Small Biz Resource: Wednesday's Woman: BlogHer Cofounder Jory Des Jardins
by Gayle Kesten, 10/08/08

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Access' opens iVillage module
by Andrew Wallenstein, 10/06/08

The Seattle Times: Moms find support, information, "better perspective" in blogosphere
by Joy Jernigan, 10/04/08

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by Andria Borba, 10/02/08

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by Kim T. Gordon ,October, 2008

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by Ellen Gamerman, 09/26/08

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by Mark Morford, 09/26/08

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by Lori Hawkins, 09/25/08

The American Prospect: Are Motherhood Politics a Good Idea?
by Kara Jesella, 09/16/08

San Francisco Chronicle: BlogHer offers forum for women
by Lois Kazakoff, 09/14/08

Washington Post: NBCU's Strategy On Women's Sites Appears To Work; Collective Traffic Up 28 Percent
by David Kaplan, 09/12/08

Paid Content: NBCU’s Strategy On Women’s Sites Appears To Work; Collective Traffic Up 28 Percent
by David Kaplan, 09/12/08

ClickZ: Traffic Up for NBCU Female Sites Despite Crowded Field
by Douglas Quenqua, 09/12/08

PRWeek: BlogHer hits the road to boost its membership and awareness
by Frank Washkuch, 09/12/08

Washington Post: Who Do We Think She Is?
by DeNeen L. Brown, 09/12/08

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by Rose Gordon, 09/08/08 Blogger Roundtable at the RNC
Interviewed by Melissa Long, 09/03/08

CNN Newsroom: Mom Bloggers on Sarah Palin
Interviewed by Soledad O'Brien, 09/03/08

Marketing Sherpa: Special Report: Marketing to Moms, Part I: Use Blogs, Events to Conquer the Mommy Market
08/28/08 The Art of (Brand Messaging) Storytelling in the Blogosphere
by Jory Des Jardins, 08/28/08 Erin Kotecki Vest from BlogHer on two very different Hillary Clinton events
interviewed by Reggie Aqui, 08/26/08

Redbook Magazine: The Best of the MommyBlogs, featuring the release of the first BlogHer Book: Sleep is For the Weak
by Marisa Cohen, September issue

The Guardian's deadlineUSA: Democratic convention: Hillary Clinton rallies the party for Barack Obama
by Kevin Anderson, 08/26/08

DM News: Average women an untapped group
by Lauren Bell, 08/25/08

Women's eNews: 'Bad Mommy' Bloggers Make Good Money At It
by Malena Amusa, 08/22/08

Silicon Alley Insider: Gannett Orders Its TV Stations To Promote Its Mommy Sites, Now
by Michael Learmonth, 08/18/08

Washington Post: Savvy Auntie - It's Not Your Mother's Web Site
by Sharon McLoone, 08/18/08

bdnews24: Mahathir urges women to blog on social, political issues

San Francisco Chronicle: It's a woman's World Wide Web
by Carolyne Zinko, 08/15/08

CMS Wire: Women Get Online and Advertisers Follow
by Marisa Peacock, 08/15/08

Wired: Female-Oriented Sites Become Hot Properties
by Chris Snyder, 08/14/08

MediaPost: Women's Sites Drawing Advertisers, Investors
by Ross Fadner, 08/14/08

Utne Reader: Sexuality and Spirituality Strain Father-Daughter Relationship
by Jake Mohan, 08/14/08

New York Times: Woman to Woman, Online
by Claire Cain Miller, 08/13/08

San Jose Mercury: Locative Media Project Aims to Collect Stories of Atlanta
by Mark Glaser, 08/13/08

MediaWeek: PBS Sprout Net Hoping That Mommy Knows Best
by Mike Shields, 08/11/08

Austin American-Statesman: At San Francisco conference, it's cool to admit you're a mom and a blogger
by Stefani Zellmer, 08/09/08

DM News: New media is only as good as its message: Ad:tech
by Cara Wood, 08/06/08

iMedia Connection: It's a blogger's world; learn to fit in
by Nanette Marcus, 08/06/08

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by Margo Schneider, 04/08/08

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by Alisyn Camerota, 08/03/08

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by Maggie Shiels, 08/01/08

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by Diane Clehane, 07/30/08 A blogosphere of their own
by Rebecca Traister, 07/30/08

The Kamla Bhatt Show: Interviews with Lisa Stone and Elisa Camahort Page at BlogHer '08
Interviewed by Kamla Bhatt, 07/29/08

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by Francesca Donner, 07/28/08

The New York Times: Blogging's Glass Ceiling
by Kara Jesella, 07/27/08

KQED's The California Report: The California Report Magazine: BlogHer [MP3]
reported by Rachel Myrow, 07/25/08

Irish Times: Women who blog empowered at 'BlogHer'
by Danny O'Brien, 07/25/08

Fast Company: The Fast 50 Reader Favorites of 2008
BlogHer is #12, 07/24/08 The Lazy Marketer's Guide to Generating WOM: Search Engines
by Jory Des Jardins, 07/24/08

Redbook Magazine: 6 Inspiring Female Bloggers
August issue

Women's Media Center: Women Ahead of the (Blog) Curve
by Melissa Silverstein, 07/24/08 From online politics to online parenting
by Misty Harris, 07/23/08

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by Carrie Kirby, 07/22/08

San Jose Mercury: A columnist visits world of bloggers
by Patty Fisher, 07/21/08

c|net: Women's tech conference draws Macy's, not Google
by Stefanie Olsen, 07/19/08

San Francisco Chronicle: BlogHer conference starts today in S.F. with a global presence
by Anastasia Ustinova, 07/18/08

c|net: Blogging and Bringing Home the Bacon
by Stefanie Olsen, 07/18/08

San Francisco Examiner: BlogHer, iVillage get into bed
by George Shirk, 07/18/08

Variety: IVillage teams with BlogHer
by Diane Garrett, 07/17/08

Red Herring: BlogHer Scoops Up $5 Million
by Lalee Sadighi, 07/17/08

San Francisco Examiner: The BlogHers come to town
by George Shirk, 07/17/08

c|net Daily Debrief TV: The "her" behind BlogHer
by Kara Tsuboi and Stefanie Olsen, 07/17/08

c|net: For she-bloggers, does it take a village to profit?
by stefanie Olsen, 07/17/08

New York Times, Deal Book: NBC Universal Posts $5 Million on BlogHer
by Andrew Ross Sorkin, 07/17/08

Marketing Vox: iVillage Gets into Bed with BlogHer

MediaPost: NBC's iVillage Partners With BlogHer
by Gavin O'Malley, 07/17/08

AdWeek: NBCU's iVillage Partners With BlogHer
by Mike Shields, 07/16/08

Los Angeles Times Blog: Around the Web, 7/16/08
by Chris Gaither, 07/16/08

Podcasting News: BlogHer Inks Deal With NBC Universal
by Elisabeth Lewin, 07/16/08

Silicon Alley Insider: BlogHer Raises $5M From NBC, Links With iVillage
by Michael Learmonth, 07/16/08

TechCrunch: BlogHer Inks Deal With NBC Universal, Raises $5 Million
by Calley Nye, 07/16/08

TV Week: iVillage Finds Partner in BlogHer
by Vlada Gelman, 07/16/08

Digital Media Wire: Women's Blog Network BlogHer Lands $5 Million, NBCU Deal
by Mark Hefflinger, 07/16/08

c|net: BlogHer nabs iVillage deal, NBC investment
by Stefanie Olsen, 07/16/08`

Washington Post: BlogHer Gets $5 Million Second Round From Peacock Equity; Partnership With iVillage
by Joseph Weisenthal, 07/16/08

Advertising Age: NBCU Invests in BlogHer for iVillage; Sets Up Ad Network
by Brian Steinberg , 07/16/08

Paid Content: BlogHer Gets $5 Million Second Round From Peacock Equity; Partnership With iVillage
by Joseph Weisenthal, 07/16/08

Fausta's Blog Talk Radio: Heading to BlogHer!
Hosted by Fausta, 07/15/08

The New York Times: ‘Sesame’ Upgrading Its Address on the Web
by Elizabeth Jensen, 07/15/08

San Francisco Daily/Daily Post: Fall preview for fashionistas
by Carla Scheifly, July 14, 2008

Marketwire: Six Apart Partners With Silicon Valley Moms Group on Their Summer Road Trip '08

Omaha Action 3 News: Traveling Bloggers Make Pit Stop in Omaha
by Chriss Knight, 07/14/08

Fast Company: Crock-Pot meals rocket Millbrae woman to stardom
by Christine Morente, 07/11/08

NorthxEast: Fifty most influential female bloggers
by Leo Babauta, 07/10/08

Gainesville Sun/The Ledger: 'Mommy Blogs' Grow With Women Online
by Stacy Fournier, 07/10/08 Dealing with Age Difference
by Shawn Conner, 07/09/08

The Virginian Pilot: Another chore added to mom's list: the blog
by Elizabeth Simpson, 07/07/08

The Buffalo News: Thank you for sharing
by Andrew Z. Galarneau, 6/29/08

CNN iReport: Heading to BlogHer in Second Life?
by Lila King, 06/28/08

Mashable: Couric Does YouTube
by Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins, 06/25/08

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Nightly worries: bed-wetting challenges parents, children
by Kellie B. Gormly, 06/17/08

CNN: CNN Newsroom
06/14/08 Employing a Blog Strategy? You Get what You Pay For.
by Jory Des Jardins, 006/13/08

AOL Hot Seat on BlogTalkRadio: Morra Aarons of BlogHer asks..., referencing AOl Hot Seat Poll
by MediaLizzy, 06/05/08

Yahoo! Tech: Study: Women blog more, watch less TV
by Gina Hughes, 06/03/08

Huffington Post: Mediabistro Hosts A Circus in New York City
by Marcia G. Yerman, 06/03/08

The New York Times: Slumber Parties Go Digital
by David Carr, 06/02/08

The Washington Post: The Trail: McCain Aide Sees Sexism, a View That Fits a Pattern
by Garance Franke-Ruta, 06/02/08

Palm Beach Post: Underlying questions fester after boy's class dismissal
by Cara Fitzpatrick, 05/31/08

Advertising Age: 3 Minute AdAge: A new report on the demographics of female blogging
by David Azer, 05/30/08 Who Gives a Tweet? MommyBloggers Do
by Jory Des Jardins, 05/30/08

Information Week: Like It Or Not, You're An Internet Exhibitionist
by Mitch Wagner, 05/29/08

Orlando Sentinel: Health & Wellness on BlogHer
by the Healthy Living bloggers, 05/29/08

Advertising Age: Study Shows Blogging Now 'Mainstream' Among Women
by Beth Snyder Bulik, 05/28/08

Bust Magazine: Hot Dates
June/July issue

KPFK Radio: Feminist Magazine [MP3]
Interviewed by Lynn Harris Ballen, 05/21/08

Fast Blogging: Changing the Face of Publishing, Branding, and People’s Lives
by Saabira Chaudhuri, 05/20/08

Entrepreneur Magazine: 8 Female Techies
by Lena West, 05/19/08

Poynter Online: BlogHer Interviews Barack Obama
by Kim Pearson, 05/19/08

eMarketer: Do Blogs Influence Female Consumers?
05/19/08 Avoid "Real-Washing" When Addressing Body Image in the Blogosphere
by Jory Des Jardins, 05/16/08

The Washington Times: McCain widens dialogue on blogs
by Stephen Dinan, 05/16/08

Wired: McCain Campaign Pioneers A First: Courting Lefty Bloggers
by Sarah Lai Stirland, 05/16/08

Internet Retailer: 57% of women who read blogs say blogs influenced purchasing decisions

San Francisco Chronicle: In parenthood, sometimes a blog is born
by Ellen Lee, 05/11/08

Fitness Magazine: Body Confidence 2.0: How Technology Is Changing Women's Body Image
by Julia Savacool, May, 2008

MediaPost: Women Would Sacrifice Almost Anything But Chocolate For Blogging
by Jack Loechner, 05/09/08

BizReport: Take my PDA but leave me the chocolate
by Helen Leggatt, 05/09/08

Today: Moms! Check out these top blogs

Advertising Age: How to Market to Moms
by Marti Barletta, 05/07/08

The Modesto Bee: What happens when housework gets sexy? Choreplay
by Michele Hoos, 05/05/08

The Star Ledger: J&J sees potential in blogger power
by Jeff May, 05/04/08

San Antonio Express News: The shape of self-acceptance
by Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje, 05/01/08 Women Bloggers: Whom Do We Trust?
by Jory Des Jardins, 04/30/08

Small Business Computing: Driving Business from Bloghers
by Jennifer Shaheen, 04/30/08

North Jersey Record: Mommy blogs are gaining visibility
by Colleen Diskin, 04/30/08

The Stockton record: More S. J. women joining the blogosphere
by Jo Ann Kirby, 04/21/08

eMarketer: Women Take to Blogging

M2W Essential Resources: New BlogHer study finds women drawn to the blogosphere
by Patti Minglin, 04/18/08

Adotas: Want Her Business? Find Her On Blogs
by Yvonne DiVita, 04/18/08

American Public Media's Future Tense: A new social media study finds many women put a great deal of trust in blogs (MP3 file)
Interviewed by Jon Gordon, 04/16/08

San Francisco Chronicle: Women and their blogs
by Ellen Lee, 04/14/08

CBS News: Couric & Co: Meet The Parents (Who Blog)
by Katie Couric, 04/07/08

North Jersey Herald News: Women bloggers unite [Reg. Required]
by Staci Schillaci, 04/03/08

Huffington post: The New Media Environment: Paths to Understanding
by Mahmood N. Al-Yousif, 04/02/08

Los Angeles Times and San Jose Mercury: Yahoo hopes women take a Shine to site
by Jessica Guynn, 04/01/08

Highland Today: There's No Charity Lacking In Blogosphere
by Karl Erikson, 03/31/08

Cleveland Family: A Star is Born from Her Binary Form
by Jill Miller Zimon, 03/31/08

Austin-American Statesman: Author! Author! (And Publisher!)
by Omar L. Gallaga, 03/23/08

DM News: Recommendations rule both on and offline: SES panel
by Ellen Keohane, 03/19/08 How Can Help Bloggers
Interviewed by Susan Gunelius, 03/12/08

Chicago Tribune: Off with their heads! A cover art mystery stalks the book world
by Nara Schoenberg, 03/12/08

Marketing Matters with M7 podcast: How Green Blogging Can Benefit Your Brand
Interviewed by Lisa Orrell, 03/11/08

TechRepublic: TechRepublic Exclusive: Elisa Camahort, co-founder of BlogHer
interviewed by Sonja Thompson, 03/06/08

Good and Green Essentials Newsletter: Getting Your Green Out: The Blogosphere and Beyond
by Molly Logan Anderson, February 2008

M2Moms Essentials Newsletter: Building Connections For Moms: Everyone Wins
by Molly Logan Anderson, February 2008

The Lab with Leo LaPorte: Episode #153: How the web’s number one guide to blogging by women was grown from the ground up. Download the video here
Interviewed by Leo LaPorte, 02/25/08/em>

Women For Hire TV: Lisa Stone, CEO BlogHer
A video promotional spot, 02/25/08

PROMO Interactive: “Mommy Bloggers” and the Marketers Who Get Them—or Don’t
by Brian Quinton, 02/19//08

Adotas: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Web 2.0
by Yvonne DiVita, 02/19/08

Media Bullseye: Some Advice on Reaching Out to Mommy Bloggers
by Susan Getgood, 02/13/08

KRLD Talk Radio: Lisa Stone provided commentary on blogs, politics and Super Tuesday

The San Jose Mercury: Five friends who rallied around Edwards had to make tough second choice
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 02/05/08

ABC News Now: Women Go Blogging For Dollars and Blogger's Tips for Making Money
Hosted by Tory Johnson, 01/25/08

Milwuakee Journal Sentinel: Moms find new connections, outlets through blogs
by Kathy Flanigan, 01/21/08

San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area Biz

KDHX's Topic A: Topic A for Monday, January 14, 2008: Morra Aarons
hosted by Thomas Crone and Amanda Doyle, 01/14/08

SFGate's Bay Area Biz Blog: Movers and Shakers
by Karen Hata, 01/13/08

Huffington Post: Who Are the Women's Vote? Here Are Some Voices
by Morra Aarons-Mele, 01/10/08/em>

ClickZ: Execs & Accounts for January 9, 2008
by Matthew G. Nelson, 01/09/08

Future Now: The 2007 Marketing to Women Awards
by Holly Buchanan, 12/31/07

CNN: CNN Newsroom
Moderated by Drew Griffin, 12/30/07 Blogs for Women
by Lindsey Hodges, 12/24/07

Forbes: How To Market To The Modern Mom
by Lisa LaMotta, 12/18/07

The Barre Times/Montpelier Argus: Every woman's vote is fair game this election
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 12/14/07

Openers, the Cleveland Plain Dealer's olitical Blog: Blog roundup: Dec. 13
by cjindra, 12/13/07

Chickonomics Chat: Meet Elisa Camahort: Co-Founder of BlogHer, The Top Online Women's Network
by Lisa Orell, 12/11/07

The San Jose Mercury: Election 2008: Every woman's vote is fair game
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 12/10/07

Second Life Cable Network: Virtual Business Innovators - Automotive IQ
by Onder Skall, 12/06/07

San Jose Business Journal: Advertising buzz turns blogs into hot investment properties
by Adrienne Sanders, 11/30/07

Startup Princess: Featured Interview: Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder of BlogHer
by Kelly Anderson, 11/29/07

The Daily Herald: The power of mommy bloggers
by Jamie Sotonoff, 11/27/07

The San Mateo Times/Inside Bay Area/The Argus/The Oakland Tribune: As more women flock online, BlogHer caters to what they want
by Janis Mara, 11/19/07

CNN: Reliable Sources
moderated by Howard Kurtz, 11/18/07

The Capital Times: Moms online
by Katie Dean, 11/14/07 Up Next For TMZ Creators: The Mommy Market
by Louis Hau, 11/13/07

Spokesman Review: When a blooming blog business vanishes into the ether
by Frank Sennett, 11/12/07

Contra Costa Times: BlogHer becomes online success
by Janis Mara, 11/09/07

Parenting Teens Online: It Takes a Virtual Village: The Blogging Mom Phenomenon
by Jennifer Williamson, 11/01/07

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: More women are entering the blogosphere -- satirizing, sharing and reaching a key demographic
by Mackenzie Carpenter, 10/31/07 Video Network: Better To Invest In Online
by Poppy Harlow, 10/25/07

The San Jose Mercury: She's Geeky conference takes aim at Silicon Valley's male-skewed culture
by Mike Swift, 10/22/07

CNN: Left vs. Right, featuring Blogher Political Director Morra Aarons

The San Francisco Chronicle: Yes, some blogs are profitable - very profitable
by Sam Zuckerman, 10/21/07

Telegraph (UK): Battle of the blogging sexes?
by Ceri Radford, 10/15/07

AdWeek: Art & Commerce: Death by YouTube
by Andrew Keen, 10/15/07 Racepoint Group launches social commerce division

The San Francisco Chronicle: Know the target market when promoting your business on social networking sites
by Ilana DeBare, 10/10/07

The Contra Costa Times: Group helps entrepreneurs launch
by Janis Mara, 10/10/07

The San Jose Mercury News: Mommy blog spreads the campaign news
by Sue Hutchison, 10/07/07

Typepad Featured Blogger: BlogHer Co-founder Lisa Stone's Surfette is chosen as a Typepad Featured Blogger

Forbes Magazine: Anonymity and the Net
by Victoria Murphy Barret, October Issue, cover story

The New York Times: Women, Politics and the Internet
by Katharine Q. Seelye, 10/01/07

Entrepreneur Magazine: Keep Them Posted
by Gwen Moran , October issue

O'Reilly Network: The Power Users of the Internet: Forging a New Women's Movement Online
by Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, 09/26/07

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: Social media network growing in significance
by Donna DeClemente, 09/16/07

The San Jose Mercury: Valley Web site draws postings from John Edwards' wife
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 09/14/07

The San Francisco Chronicle: Blogging tough way to make money - but here's how
by Ilana deBare, 09/12/07

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine: Bloggers Take Over Chicago (p. 5) and Women's Words (p.28)
by Shelly Brisbin, 09/10/07

The Washington Post: Baby questions? Check the Net for answers
by Kenneth Li, 09/06/07

BusinessWeek: Google's Newest Role: Venture Capitalist
by Aaron Ricadel, 09/04/07

CNN: CNN Newsroom, featuring Morra Aarons, on Larry Craig, John Edwards and Fred Thompson

The Huffington Post: Homemakers But Not Opinion Makers?
by Joanne Bamberger, 08/30/07

livebait.tvBlogHer Conference 2007, interview with Elisa Camahort

San Francisco Business Times: Blogging for dollars
by Adrienne Sanders, 08/24/07

CNN: Left vs. Right on Iowa Straw Poll and Logo Democratic Candidate Forum, featuring Morra Aarons

Washington Post: The Trail: Elizabeth Edwards On "Moms Blog"
by Rachel Dry, 08/03/07

Chicagoist: Women are blogtastic!
by Jocelyn Geboy, 08/02/07

ABC News: Amanda Goes to BlogHer 2007
by Amanda Congdon, 08/01/07

CNET: Women are blogging; why isn't the media listening?
by Amy Tiemann, 08/01/07

The Huffington post: Women Are Half of All Bloggers -- But Media Aren't Noticing
by Jennifer L. Pozner, 08/01/07 Female Fever
August 2007 Briefing

The American Prospect: The Original Theology of Elizabeth Edwards
by Adele M. Stan, 07/31/07

The Huffington Post: An Open Letter From the Candidates (as Imagined by PunditMom)
by Joanne Bamberger, 07/31/07

The WIP: Raise Yourself Above The Noise - BlogHer 2007 Makes "A World of Difference"
by Katharine Daniels, 07/31/07

The Huffington post:P Elizabeth Edwards Speaks Out Against Media Consolidation, for Net Neutrality, at BlogHer 2007
by Jennifer L. Pozner, 07/29/07

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny: Politics Online. Panelists mention BlogHer, albeit while getting their facts wrong!
Moderated by Michael Kransy, 07/27/07

The Chicago Tribune: Conference confronts definition of blogger
by Steve Johnson, 07/27/07

Time Out Chicago: Geek out
by Margaret Lyons, 07/26/07 Morra Aarons on the YouTube Debate
July 24, 2007

Huffington Post: Pearls Before Swine
by Julie Bergman Sender, 07/24/07

Chicago Sun-Times: Tech Matters
by Brad Spirrison, 07/23/07

New York Times: Debates to Connect Candidates and Voters Online
by Katharine Q. Seelye, 07/23/07

Current TV: Current Events: BlogHer
by Pam Torno and Lynnette Brawer, 07/21/07

Sydney Morning Herald: I am BlogHer, Hear Me Roar
by Felicity Kennedy, 07/17/07

Chicago Post-Tribune: New mothers share advice on mommy blogs
by Christin Nance Lazerus, 07/16/07

Business Lexington: Women bloggers stake their claim in online community
by David Wescott, 07/13/07

KQED: Forum with Michael Krasny: Political and Personal Civility
Panel moderated by Michael Krasny, 07/10/07

Wired Magazine: Dispatches from the Hyperlocal Future
by Bruce Sterling, 06/26/07

The New York Times: Women Build Businesses Their Way
by Marci Alboher, 06/25 online, 06/28 in print BlogHer to hold two-day conference in-world
by Cybergrrl Oh, 06/24/07

The Huffington Post: BlogHers Act: How 11,000 Women Bloggers are Organizing to Save the World
by Cooper Munroe, 06/14/07

The Washington Post: Blog to the White House
by Leslie Morgan Steiner, 06/11/07

Newsday: Finding and sorting through professional blogs
by Patricia Kitchens, 06/10/07

Newsday: Blogs at Work
by Patricia Kitchens, 06/10/07

Las Cruces Sun-News: What are you getting Dad this year?
by S. Derrickson Moore, 06/08/07

Globes Online: BlogHer co-founder at “Globes” conference
by Globes Correspondent, 06/05/07 Interview with Elisa Camahort-BlogHer
Interview by Michelle Lamar, 06/04/07

Social Computing Magazine: 'Women Are the Power Users of Web 2.0,' Says BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone
from the Social Computing Magazine News Desk, 06/01/07

In Women We Trust: INSIDE BlogHer with Lisa Stone, President, Operations and Evangelism
Interview by Mary Clare Hunt, 06/01/07 Featured Female Entrepreneur of the Week
Interview by Sian Liu, 05/29/07

The Scoble Show: BlogHer founders ready for Chicago ConFab
Interview by Robert & Maryam Scoble, 05/23/07

MSNBC.COM: Clicked: But Do We Have To See Her Thong?
by Will Femia, 05/17/07

The Sydney Morning Herald: Women bloggers blossom
by Dan Skeen, 05/08/07

Horizon Interactive Awards 2007: is a Gold Medal award winner.

The Washington Post: Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers
by Ellen Nakashima, 04/30/07

Minneapolis Star-tribune: Blog House: Tillman and Lynch: fog of war or fiction writing?
by Blog House, 04/28/07

CBS News Tech Talk: Bloggers: Manners, Please?
by Daniel Sieberg, 04/13/07

Information Week: Freedom Of Speech And Civil Discourse -- Are They Mutually Exclusive?
by Patricia Keefe, 04/13/07

USA Today: Airline website has come a long way, baby
by Laura Bly, 04/12/07

ComputerWorld: Q&A: Model for O'Reilly blogging code criticizes broad scope of plan
by Heather Havenstein, 04/11/07

ComputerWorld/MacWorld: Civility or censorship? O'Reilly proposes blogging code of conduct [reprinted at MacWorld]
by Heather Havenstein, 04/09/07

The New York Times: A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs
by Brad Stone, 04/09/07

San Jose Mercury: Fight back against the cyberbullies and trolls (an annotated Mercury News editorial)
by Vindu Goel, 04/01/07

KGO-TV 11PM Evening News: Threats in the blogosphere
by Lilian Kim, 03/28/07

BBC World Radio's World, Have Your Say: The Trolls of the Blogosphere. You can listen until 04/05/07 by going here.
Round-table discussion moderated by Peter Van Dyck, 03/29/07

Business Week: Dispatches from the Blog Battle Zone
by Catherine Holahan, 03/28/07

The Podcast Network's The Tech Conference Show: [March 07] BlogHer Business: Elisa Camahort and Lena West
Interview of Elisa Camahort by Ewan Spence, 03/26/07

PodTech Network: BlogHer: Women Power in Social Media
Interview of Lisa Stone by Jennifer Jones, 03/18/07

The Podcast Network's The Tech Conference Show: [March 07] SXSW: The Dorkbot, Make, Austin Robot Group Party
Interview of Elisa Camahort by Ewan Spence, 03/12/07

Inside My Yahoo!: BlogHer is top Inside My Yahoo suggestion, in honor of Women's History Month
March, 2007

Deseret News: A few food blogs
by Valerie Phillips, 03/07/07

c|net: Blogging your baby
by Margaret Kane, 03/05/07 BlogHer Invites Women Entrepreneurs to Attend BlogHer Business Conference
by Kelly Anderson, 03/03/07

Austin Chronicle: Where the Wild Things Blog
by Marrit Ingman, 03/01/07

BizTech Magazine: Cyber Connections: To blog or not to blog? That is the question.
by Dan Skeen, March issue Blogging Moms Spread the Word
by Kristin Edelhauser, 03/01/07

Business 2.0 Magazine: What's Cool/Gear
January/February issue

Washington Post: The Private Mommy War
by Leslie Morgan Steiner, 02/28/07

Advertising Age: MommyBlogs: A Marketer's Dream
by Stephanie Thompson, 02/26/07

BlogTalkRadio: Blog Business Success
by Wayne Hulbert, 02/22/07

Book Publishing Report: February 2007 edition

Spokesman Review: It's no longer a man's, man's, man's world
by Frank Sennett, 02/05/07

Marketing Profs Daily Fix: How Do You Build A Social Media Community? Q&A with BlogHer's Elisa Camahort
by Toby Bloomberg, 01/26/07

OMMA Magazine: Marketing to the maturing woman's heart, mind, and spirit
by Susan Kuchinskas, January 2007 issue

Scripps News: Latinas must make a choice
by Marisa Trevino, 01/24/07 Ashley: What the bloggers say

Starring Amanda Congdon: People of the Year
by Amanda Congdon, 12/22/06

CBS's Blogophile: Blogger Tom DeLay Drops Hammer On Liberals
By Melissa McNamara, 12/20/06

San Francisco Chronicle: Sometimes diamonds can cut up a country. They have fueled civil wars, but industry says situation has changed
by Ilana Debare, 12/10/06 Women Bloggers: Changing Their Worlds, Changing the World
Manifesto contributed by Elisa Camahort, 12/04/06

ZDNet: Random Thoughts from the Web 2.0 Summit
by Marc Orchant, 11/09/06

Amanda Across America: BlogHer founders video interview with Amanda Congdon, Part 1 and Part 2
Interview by Amanda Congdon, 11/07/06

San Francisco Chronicle: The people who populate Web 2.0
by Dan Fost, 11/05/06

The Star Learn to avoid "fund-raiser fatigue"
by Oseye T. Boyd, 10/30/06

WebProNews: Social Media Club - Getting On First Base
by Robert Scoble, 10/12/06

Inside Bay Area: Beginners discover blogs easy as 1, 2, 3
by Janis Mara, 10/09/06

Small Business Computing: Pocasting, Wikis and Blogs, Oh My!
by Lena West, 10/04/06

The Online Family: How to Start a Mom Blog
by Michelle Hainer, 09/06

San Francisco Chronicle: Real fear in virtual world
by David Lazarus, 09/15/06 Friday Link Harvest
by Maura Welch, 09/15/06

Moms of Reinvention by Interview: Lisa Stone, Co-founder of BlogHer
by Role Mommy, 09/14/06

Metro Silicon Valley: The Hand that Blogs the Cradle
by Vrinda Normand and Deena Bustillo, 09/13/06

Management Craft: Fireside Chat with Jory Des Jardins
Interviewed by Lisa Haneberg, 09/11/06

Wall Street Journal: Viacom Discovers Kids Don't Want Their MTV Online [Subscription required.] References a Kim Pearson post on BlogHer.
by Matthew Karnitschnig, 08/29/06

San Jose Mercury: Do Not Fear the Blogosphere
by Elise Ackerman, 08/21/06

Red Herring: She-Blogs
by Priya Ganapati, 08/14/06

Global Voices Online: Mommy Bloggers Achieve Community and Empowerment in the Lusosphere
by Jose Murilo Jr., 08/11/06

Austin Chronicle: Amid Yahootinis and freebies, a focus on the future
by Marrit Ingman, 08/03/06

The Show on 10: BlogHer '06
Video hosted by Laura Foy, 08/03/06

San Jose Mercury: Blog world finally gets it: sisterhood is powerful
by Sue Hutchison, 08/02/06

Philadelphia Inquirer: Awakening to the powerful potential of blogs
by Annette John-Hall, 08/02/06

Wired News: Huffington Peers Beyond Politics
by Kathleen Craig, 08/02/06

San Jose Mercury: In the Blogosphere
by Elise Ackerman, 07/31/06

KRON TV: KRON 4's Brian Shields reports on Blogher 2006 in San Jose
by Brian Shields, 07/30/06

San Francisco Chronicle: Advertisers circle realm of blogging
by Justin Berton, 07/30/06

San Jose Mercury: How Are Blogs Changing Your World (Page 1C Business section)

c|net: Blogging, her way
by Daniel Terdiman, 07/28/06

Information Week: Women Bloggers Gather in Silicon Valley
by Antone Gonsalves, 07/28/06

San Jose Mercury News: Female Bloggers Revving Up
by Michelle Quinn, 07/28/06

SF Gate: BlogHer blows up
by Justin Berton, 07/27/06

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Women make themselves heard through blogs

Inside Bay Area/Oroville Mercury Register: Women get their blog on
by Ryan Sholin, 07/26/06

Guidewire Connections - Inside Innovators: Inside Innovators talks with BlogHer's Elisa Camahort
Podcast Interview by Cathy Brooks, 07/24/06

The San Francisco Chronicle: Study Challenges Myths About Bloggers
by Joe Garofoli, 07/19/06

The Boston Globe: Women tap the power of the blog. Site's a key connection.
by Maura Welch, 07/17/06

Bay Area BusinessWoman: Women's Voices Boom in the Blogosphere.
by Rose Aguilar, July, 2006

The Austin American-Statesman: Finding her voice on the web: Pluck adds women-only stream to its blog feed.
by Lori Hawkins, 06/26/06

The Huffington Post: Women and Blogging: My Conversation with BlogHer's Jory Des Jardins
by Russell Shaw, 05/30/06

KCBS Radio: Bay Area Women Track Female Bloggers
Recap of radio segment by Patti Reising, 05/28/06

Contra Costa Times: Call them equal opportunity bloggers
Audio Interview and Blog Excerpts
Join an
Online Q&A with BlogHer Founders Tuesday May 23rd from 10AM-12PM
by Jessica Guynn, 05/21/06

San Jose Mercury News: Discussions about M-word -- money -- gain currency
by Sue Hutchison, 05/17/06

Silicon Beat: Friday fish wrap
by Michael Bazeley, 05/12/06

MediaPost: BlogHer Hatches Vertical Blog Network
by Gavin O'Malley, 05/12/06 BlogHer Launching Ad Network For Blogs By Women; First Category, Parenting
by Staci Kramer, 05/11/06

Online Journalism Review: Can newspapers do blogs right?
by Robert Niles, 04/23/2006

Washington Post: Blogging's Boundaries
by Vickie Elmer, 03/15/2006

The Austin Chronicle: The Consequences of Getting Personal
by Marritt Ingman, 03/03/2006

The San Francisco Chronicle: The Feminine Blogstique
by Carrie Kirby, 07/30/2005

New West Front Page: Women's Wisdom: An Interview with BlogHer's Lisa Stone
by Courtney Lowery, 04/14/2006

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