Press Clippings

BlogHer In The Press: BlogHer's bold new project: Giving guarantees in the unpredictable world of online advertising
by Mary Johnson, September 24, 2014

Business 2 Community: 20 Compelling Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Blog
by Kim George, September 16, 2014 Martha Stewart is still making bloggers mad
by Chrystal Mahan, September 10, 2014

Nimble Media: How to Build Digital Relationships: An Interview with Elisa Camahort Page
by Jake Rigdon, September 2, 2014

Fox 40: Make Life Work for Women Campaign
by Bethany Crouch, August 25, 2014

LinkedIn: How the Hair Club for Men Can Teach a Lesson to Silicon Valley
by Jory Des Jardins, August 21, 2014

Branding Strategy Insider: Why Women Will Redefine Brands
by Mark Di Somma, August 15, 2014

NPR: 'You're Not Alone': Dads Who Blog Redefine Modern Fatherhood
by Jennifer Ludden, August 15, 2014

Huffington Post: All-Female Rock Band Reminds Moms They Are 'Enough'
by Caroline Bologna, August 14, 2014

ABC 15 Arizona: Moment of Silence Planned for Victims of Police Brutality
by Lynn Walsh, August 14, 2014

Media Post: BlogHer: 10 Years Later
by Stephanie Azzarone, August 12, 2014

Search Engine Journal: BlogHer, Huffington Post, and The Center for American Progress Join Forces to “Make Life Work”
by Debbie Miller, August 8, 2014

Huffington Post: Why You're Probably Not Famous Enough to Land a Book Deal
by Brooke Warner, August 7, 2014

KGO Radio: Finch Files: An Interview with Lisa Stone (Audio)
by Peter Finch, August 4, 2014

Huffington Post: The Way to San Jose - Things to Do
by Tara Settembre, August 1, 2014

Al Jazeera America: Big Food Uses Mommy Bloggers to Shape Public Opinion
by Anna Lappe, August 1, 2014

genConnect: Jory Des Jardins and The Mrs.: Women ARE Enough
by Jory Des Jardins, July 31, 2014

The Daily Caller: Maybe The Less You Know About Kerry Washington The Better
by Betsy Rothstein, July 31, 2014

WGN 720: How to Talk to Your Children About Tragic News (Audio)
by Pete McMurray, July 31, 2014

Forbes: The Real Ticket To Work-Life Balance
by Elaine Pofeldt, July 30, 2014

Bizwomen: For BlogHer Founder Elisa Camahort Page, Risking It All Was Easily the Best Option
by Mary Johnson, July 29, 2014

Huffington Post: Times Have Changed For American Families. It's Time For Policies To Change, Too.
by Judith Warner, July 28, 2014

Chicago Now: Privacy tips from Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess
by Kim Z. Dale, July 28, 2014

Bizwomen: Arianna Huffington wants to “Make Life Work” for parents across the country
by Hilary Burns, July 28, 2014

The Daily Caller: Arianna Huffington Makes An Enemy Of Jimmy Choo
by Betsy Rothstein, July 27, 2014

Huffington Post: The SHEvolution Is Coming
by Faith Popcorn, July 25, 2014

San Jose Mercury News: Pizarro: BlogHer Conference makes a big return to Silicon Valley
by Sal Pizarro, July 25, 2014

ABC 7 News (KGO): Women Bloggers Gather in San Jose to Network, Share and Inspire (Video)
by Scott Budman, July 25, 2014

NBC Bay Area: BlogHer Conference Stops in Silicon Valley (Video)
by Lilian Kim, July 25, 2014

Healthy Women: Free to Be Me at BlogHer '14 Conference
by Judy Freedman, July 24, 2014

San Jose Mercury News: Blogging as art: How the San Jose Rep, Social Networking and are Connected
by Elisa Camahort Page, July 24, 2014

Social Media Today: Pioneering Women in Blogging: A Talk With Elisa Camahort Page
by Shane Paul Neil, July 23, 2014

South Bay Accent Magazine: Lisa Stone and Colleagues Create a Vibrant World Where Women Bloggers Have Their Say
by Julie Vallone, June/July 2014

East Bay Express: Why You Should Attend the 2014 BlogHer Conference
by Anna Pulley, 7/23/14

Bay Area Parent: Q&A with Elisa Camahort Page
by Amy Ettinger, 7/23/14

iBlog Magazine: Elisa Camahort Page, Co-founder and COO of BlogHer
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/22/14

iBlog Magazine: Jory Des Jardins Co-founder of BlogHer, President of Strategic Alliances
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/22/14

TWiT: Netflix Thinks I'm a Bronie
by Leo Laporte, Dan Gillmor, Ben Thompson, 7/20/14

Parade: So You Want to Be a Food Writer
by Amy Kierce, 7/18/14

NBC Bay Area Press:Here: Lisa Stone (Video)
by Scott McGrew, 7/18/14

Technorati: Building a Femme-pire: 10 Years of BlogHer [Interview]
by Carolyn Gerin, 7/17/14

Fox 40: Women Bloggers Making Multi-Million Dollar Impact
by Sabrina Rodriguez, 7/15/14

NAWBO One: This Internet Gal Is a Big Believer in In-Person Connection
by Elisa Camahort Page, 7/15/14

Forbes: What To Wear: BlogHer '14
by Kristina Moore, 7/15/14

The Tampa Tribune: Dunedin Blogger Serves Up Monetizing Hints at Conference
by Jeff Houck, 7/15/14

Prevue: A Taste of South Walton Cuisine
by Kate McClare, 7/10/14

Search Engine Journal: Everything You Need to Know About @BlogHer ’14: An Interview with BlogHer Founder Elisa Camahort Page
by Debbie Miller, 7/10/14

All Parenting: Facebook Addiction: The Real Deal is Revealed
by Galit Breen, 7/7/14

iBlog Magazine: Lisa Stone, Co-founder and CEO of BlogHer
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/2/14

iBlog Magazine: Stacy Morrison, Editor-in-Chief and VP Content Programming, BlogHer
by iBlog Publishing Team, 7/2/14

Before It's News: Summer Demos, Classes, and More!
by J L Fields, 7/1/14

Metro Silicon Valley: BlogHer Female Global Network
by Jennifer Wadsworth, 6/25/14

The Buzz, Cincinnati: Learn How To Build A $100K Blogging Business At Blogging While Brown 2014
by Donya Blaze, 6/20/14

BuzzFeed: 15 Problems Only Mom-Bloggers Understand
6/19/14 Can LEGO men be considered diverse? (Book Giveaway!)
by Alina Adams, 6/19/14

The YBF: Red Carpet Return: New Mom Kerry Washington Gets Fab For Women In Film Awards
by Natasha, 6/12/14

The Tampa Tribune: Women Closing Grilling Gender Gap
by Jeff Houck, 6/8/14

CNET: What Do You Get When You Cross Google With Wikipedia?
by Joseph Kaminski, 6/2/14

All Voices: Review: Cascade Ice Sparkling Water
by Rachael Moshman, 5/29/14

Media Post: Putting It All In Perspective
by Stephanie Azzarone, 5/28/14

Business 2 Community: How to Build Trust with the Modern Female Belonger
by BJ Kito, 5/27/14

Miami Herald: Miami BlogHer Conference Focuses on Food
by Linda Gassenheimer, 5/20/14 Miami Moms Take Note: BlogHer Food Conference is Coming To You
by Katherine Doble, 5/13/14

Entrepreneur: Mastering the Juggling Act: 4 Successful Moms in Tech
by Kim Lachance Shandrow, 5/9/14

WLRN Miami: BlogHer Food Conference Miami
by Bonnie Berman, Joseph Cooper, Linda Gassenheimer & Paul Leary, 5/8/14

San Francisco Business Times: The Most Influential Women in the Bay Area in 2014
by Emily Fancher, 5/2/14 Marshall Kirkpatrick on How to Connect with Social Influencers
by JD Lasica, 5/1/14

Toy Directory Monthly: Connect With Your Customers on Pinterest
by Sarah Hanley, 5/1/14

Marin Independent Journal: Listen to Your Mother Gives 'Motherhood a Microphone' in San Francisco
by Vicki Larson, 5/1/14 Summer Events and Festivals in San Jose, California

Business 2 Community: Mother's Day Gift to Brands: Mom Bloggers
by Critical Mention, 4/30/14

Beyond Madison Avenue: Are We Heeding the Call About Moms?
by Dwayne W. Waite Jr., 4/30/14

Fast Company: How To Kill 3 Common Excuses That Keep You From Exercising
by Evie Nagy, 4/29/14

Credit Card Insider: 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before College Graduation
by Kimberly Rotter, 4/29/14

Casper Star-Tribune: From Wyoming To The World
by Carol Seavey, 4/26/14

Fast Company: This Obscene Card Game Can Help You Be More Creative
by Evie Nagy, 4/25/14

Today's Leading Women: Elisa Camahort Page of BlogHer
by Marie Grace Berg, 4/25/14

Al Jazeera America | America Tonight: Survey Says: Kids Should Be Welcome In Offices, With Limits
by Dave Gustafson, 4/23/14

Los Altos Town Crier: Local organizer receives 'Must Follow' accolades from BlogHer

Epicurious: BlogHer Food '14 Heats Up
by Tanya Steel, 4/9/14

Women Online Magazine: Truth and Dare: If You Weren't Afraid What Would You Do ?
by Lisa Stone, 4/14

Business Insider: The VCs Who Invest In Startups With Female Founders
by Alyson Shontell and Rebecca Borison, 4/8/14

Visible Measures: Innovators in Video featuring BlogHer (Video Featuring Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins)
by Paul Krasinski, 4/7/14 Post Your Own Blog and Website
by Nan Mynatt, 4/7/14

BlogTalkRadio: Step Into My World: Elisa Camahort Page Co-Founder of BlogHer Talks Social Media Branding
by Kisha Mays, 4/4/14

Integrated Solutions for Retailers: For Integrated Retailers, Pinterest Effectively Converts Social Content Into Sales Channel
by Hannah Ash, 4/4/14

Sprinklr: eBook: Without Infrastructure, You Can't Be Social (Featuring Elisa Camahort Page)

Marketing Land: The Fatal Mistake Content Marketers Are Making With Nofollow
by Danielle Wiley, 4/1/14

Mashable: 'A Bigger Impact On the Bottom Line': 10 Startup Employees Recount Early Growth
by Dani Fankhauser, 3/31/14

Aspiring Mama: #ChingonaFest Fridays: Lori Luna
by Pauline M. Campos, 3/28/14

Social Media to Social Business: Blogging: the gateway drug to technology! Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins from BlogHer at SXSW (Video)
by Sandy Carter, 3/26/14

IT Business Edge: A Female Author’s Advice for Women: Stop Whining and Do Your Job
by Don Tennant, 3/24/14 Listen To Your Mother at Symphony Space celebrates Mother’s Day
by Maria Adcock, 3/23/14

Oakland Local: Oaktech: Digital Undivided meetup in SF brings out Oakland tech leaders
by Susan Mernit, 3/22/14

Benzinga: BlogHer CEO Elisa Camahort Page Helps Writers Earn Money
by Jason Cunningham, 3/21/14

CNBC: Blog me big money (Video Featuring Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder, COO)

Edge Los Angeles: BlogHer: Online Publisher CEO on Monetizing the Blogosphere (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

Edge Boston: BlogHer: Online Publisher CEO on Monetizing the Blogosphere (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

CBS News: BlogHer CEO on upcoming blogger conference (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

CBS News: BlogHer co-founder and CEO on how to be a successful blogger (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

Tech Cocktail: What Do Techies Eat? Find Out in ‘The Official SXSW 2014 Interactive Cookbook’
by Ronald Barba, 3/19/14

Los Angeles Times: Sheryl Sandberg's #BanBossy campaign: Watching a master at work
by Lisa Stone, 3/18/14

CBS This Morning: BlogHer: Online Publisher CEO On Monetizing the Blogosphere (Video Featuring Lisa Stone, Co-Founder, CEO)

CBS New York: Thousands Of Women Making Money With Mommy Blogs (Video)

CNBC: Jobless Seek 'An Edge' (Video)

Life Hacker: A Guide To Buying Your First Vibrator (NSFW)
by Tessa Miller, 3/11/14

Brand Channel: Lean In, Girl Scouts Recuit Heavy Hitters for Female Empowerment Campaign
by Sheila Shayon, 3/11/14

Hotel Online: Why Pinterest is a Must Have For Hoteliers
by Lodging Interactive, 3/11/14

Media Post: You're The Boss: Girl Scouts, LeanIn Vow To Ban 'Bossy'
by Larissa Fa, 3/11/14

Fast Company: A Message From Sheryl Sandberg, DVF, and Beyonce: Stop Calling Girls "Bossy"
by Jeff Beer, 3/10/14

Media Bistro: BBDO NY, Want to ‘Ban Bossy’ for Young Girls
by Eric Oster, 3/10/14

Marketing Land: Why Brands Should Turn To Bloggers Instead Of Celebrity Spokespeople
by Danielle Wiley, 3/7/14

The National Provisioner: Bringing out the beef industry's stories
by Darren Williams, 3/5/14

FishbowlDC: Kerry Washington to Headline BlogHer ’14 Conference
by Patrick Tutwiler, 3/4/14

FishbowlLA: Like The Book | Kerry Conference | Celebrate it All
by Chris O'Shea, 3/4/14

Candid Candace: Women's Day at Chicago Auto Show Honors Eight Dynamos
by Candace Collins, 2/26/14

Mashable: Two Entrepreneurs Give Their Take On the Google Buses
by Chris Taylor, 2/24/14

Austin SXSW Eats: Official SXSW Interactive Cookbook Comes Out Next Week
by Addie Broyles, 2/24/14

The Local Tourist: A Full Day of Fun with Women Driving Excellence
by Theresa Carter, 2/14/14

IAB: Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence: An Open Letter From Publishers to Advertisers

Business Record: Meredith Digital Tops comScore Lifestyle Category

The Local Tourist: Women Driving Excellence Returns to Chicago Auto Show

Mashable: Super Bowl XLVIII: Join Industry Experts to Talk About the Ads
by Todd Wasserman, 2/2/14

Entrepreneur: Jerk-Study Program
by Ross McCammon, February 2014

Fast Company: The Most Creative People in Business 1000: Lisa Stone
February 2014

Pacific Standard: Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet
by Amanda Hess, 1/6/2014

VentureBeat: A Study: Parents’ Knowledge of Their Children’s Games
by Ryan Perez, 1/6/2014

Social Media Today: Social Startups: Updates from the Startups We Covered in 2013
by Shay Moser, 1/1/2014

The Advocate: Business Honors for December 22

Jezebel: Quit Paying Attention to That Vile Troll Website
by Callie Beusman, 11/26/13

Digital Undivided: 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Study: Shoe Fetish
by Ashley G. Scott, 11/25/13

Connect Professional Women's Network: Lisa Stone on Keeping Your Sanity as an Entrepreneur (Video)

Web Marketing and Com: First "Influenceuses" Network BlogHer (Translated from French)
by Marie-George Clouet, 11/14/13 The M3 Interview: Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder, BlogHer
by Liz O'Donnell, 11/7/13

CNET: We get it. Twitter has arrived. Let's move on, please.
by Daniel Terdiman, 11/6/13

EContent: BlogHer: A Case of Precision Targeting
by Nancy Davis Kho, 11/6/13 SheBrand Superstar Lisa Stone
by Liz Dennery Sanders, 11/5/13

NBC Bay Area: The Interview: BlogHer Co-founders - The Women Behind BlogHer
by Raj Mathai, 11/2/13

Parenting With Playdate Planet: Get The Inside Scoop on Blogging From Scary Mommy Jill Smokler and BlogHer CEO Lisa Stone
by Meryl Neiman, 11/1/13

Glamour: What You Shouldn't Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship
by HowAboutWe, 10/30/13 Moms with attitude: These bloggers don't sugarcoat parenting's ups and downs
by Rachel Weaver, 10/25/13

SV411: Bloggers Get First-Hand Branding Tips at BlogHer Pro Conference
by Jennifer Elias, 10/24/13

Business 2 Community: Martha Stewart’s Blogger Blunder
by Sally Falkow, 10/20/13

Bustle: These 7 quotes from Forbes Most Powerful Women Summit are ultra inspiring
by Elizabeth Nolan Brown, 10/18/13

CBS: Talk that's trending: Martha vs. Gwyneth, Kardashian Central & '50 Shades' dropout!

Los Angeles Times: Does Martha Stewart owe food, lifestyle bloggers an apology?
by Rene Lynch, 10/17/13

Digital Sisterhood Network: Day #9 of the Digital Sisterhood Book 11 Day Countdown Campaign: Read Chapter 12 Excerpt
by Ananda Leeke, 10/16/13

Social Media Today: Social Startups: BlogHer Unites Women and Brands Worldwide
by Shay Moser, 10/16/13

The Budget Fashionista: Be a Social Media Rockstar (on a Budget) : Get 30% Off at BlogHer PRO 2013
by Jennifer Lilly, 10/15/13

SV411: BlogHer Pro Returns to Redwood Shores
by Jennifer Elias, 10/15/13

Daily Kos: Why do Americans keep falling for right-wing ideas? Because we just want to be happy.
by Lucy Montrose, 10/14/13

FOLIO:: The FOLIO: 100
by Bill Mickey, 10/10/13

Forbes: 25 Working Moms To Follow On Twitter 2013
by Samantha Ettus, 10/10/13

The Grio: Blogalicious inspires women to embrace authenticity in social media
by Kunbi Tinuoye, 10/7/13

Huffington Post: Fashion Statistics: How Do You Match Up?
by Clarissa Burt, 10/3/13

The Write Life: The Blogging Issue: Q&A with Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-founder and COO
by Laura Pepper Wu, 10/1/13

Mamalode: Most Likely To Succeed - An Interview with Lisa Stone, BlogHer CEO
by Elke Govertsen, 9/30/13

The Budget Fashionista: High Hemlines = High (Economic) Hopes? Yes, Says 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Survey
by Jennifer Lilley, 9/27/13

The Budget Fashionista: Heavy Handbag? We’re Not Alone, According to 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Survey
by Jennifer Lilley, 9/25/13

MWW Press Room: Hillshire Farm “Simplicious Dishes” Sizzle at BlogHer ‘12: Best Brand Experience Event

Avon Patch: Fall Fashion Forecast: Do Rising Hemlines Indicate Heightened Economic Hope?
by Jessie Sawyer, 9/19/13

SV411: Interview: Elisa Camahort Page, Co-founder and COO of BlogHer
by Stephen Layton, 9/19/13

Animal Politico: Tres mujeres que revolucionan el Salvaje Oeste de Internet
by Claudia Calvin, 9/17/13

Mujeres Construyendo: Three bloggers revolutionizing the blogosphere, business and Silicon Valley
by MCLaEntrevista, 9/16/13

Green Profit: Blog Who? BlogHer
by Megan Hostetter, 9/16/13

PR Week: TweetReach Pro measures Twitter activity in real time
by Tanya Lewis, 9/16/13

The White House: Office of the First Lady: First Lady Michelle Obama to Ask Everyone to “drink Up” with More Water

Prevention: Food Allergies: One Mom’s Blog Turns Into a Full Blown Conference
by Robyn O'Brien, 9/9/13

Business Insider: 101 Best Inspirational Quotes For Entrepreneurs
by Renee Warren, 9/7/13 A mom's letter to all teenage girls draws controversy
by Kristi Palma, 9/5/13

Women 2.0: My First BlogHer: The Power of She
by Carolyn Gerin, 9/5/13

Media In Canada: Crucial Interactive partners with BlogHer
by Jordan Twiss, 9/4/13

HLN: Sheryl Sandberg: 'Leadership can be feminine'
by Anna Lanfreschi, 9/2/13

Shape: The Best Health and Fitness Sites for Women
by Alanna Nuñez, 8/29/13

Harvard Business Review: Yes, Marketers, You Should Pay Your Influencers
by Teresa M. Caro, 8/22/13

Huffington Post: Summertime for Educators: Soaking Up the Conferences
by Peter Hutton, 8/21/13

Forbes: The 100 Best Websites For Women, 2013
by Meghan Casserly, 8/20/13

iMedia Connection: Two Truths About Today’s Internet (and Why They Matter to Brands)
by Spencer Ball, 8/20/13

auFeminin (France): BlogHer - How to Make Her Feminine Blog Profitable Business (Translated)
by Christine Delmar, 8/20/13

auFeminin (France): Sheryl Sandberg: The No. 2 Facebook Has Become The No. 1 Feminism (Translated)
by Christine Delmar, 8/20/13

Millionaire Corner: "Bloggers were the canary in the recession coal mine": An Interview with BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page
by Donald Liebenson, 8/16/13

Forbes: Interview With Gale Anne Hurd: The First Lady Of Sci-Fi Offers Advice To Women At Blogher
by Kate Harrison, 8/15/13

tastytrade: tastytrade Visits BlogHer 2013 Part 1 (Video)
by Vonetta, 8/12/13

tastytrade: tastytrade Visits BlogHer 2013 Part 2 (Video)
by Vonetta, 8/12/13

HLN: Being liked vs. respected in a man's world
by Anna Lanfreschi, 8/5/13

Huffington Post: Guy Kawasaki's Social Media 'Enhancer' Peg Fitzpatrick Tells All
by Suzanne Perryman, 8/2/13

Politico: Kathleen Sebelius hits the road to promote Obamacare
by Jose Del Real, 8/2/13

Chicago Tribune: Note to Trib Nation: Sheryl Sandberg at BlogHer '13 Chicago conference
by Trib Nation, 8/2/13

Open Salon: Little Bit of Fit Kit
by Nancy Kho, 8/2/13

San Jose Mercury News: Pizarro: Spartan Racing Team looks to get off to fast start
by Sal Pizarro, 8/2/13

Deseret News: Sheryl Sandberg discusses 'Lean In' with mommy bloggers
by Sarah Petersen, 8/2/13

Business 2 Community: What Does it Take to Be One of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers? Part 2
by Sam Milbrath, 8/1/13 Is Being Bossy Being GUTSY? Ask Sheryl Sandberg
by Sylvia LaFair, 8/1/13

Chicago Now: #1 Piece of Advice for Maintaining a Social Life
by Erin Petron Gosser, 8/1/13

Fast Company: Yes, You Can Monetize Your Own Social Data--Here's How
by Anya Kamenetz, 8/1/13

Tech Cocktail: White House Honors 11 Tech Leaders for Helping Women, Minorities, the Poor
by Kira Newman, 7/31/13

Babble: Google+ Tips From Guy Kawasaki: “Do Share” and “Replies and more” Chrome Plugins
by Cecily Kellogg, 7/30/13

Huffington Post: Words Have Power, Use Them Wisely
by Peg Fitzpatrick, 7/30/13

Huffington Post: Sheryl Sandberg Says You Don't Have To Be A Wealthy CEO To Lean In
by Julie Zeilinger, 7/30/13

Better Recipes: Blogger Conferences, Workshops, Retreats and Events 2013-2014
by Kristina Vanni, 7/30/13

Second City Style: Chicago Event: Bliss Spa’s #BlissMe VIP Pampering Event
by Carol Calacci, 7/30/13

The Broad Side: Sheryl Sandberg Has Nothing on Martha Stewart’s Feminism
by Liz Henry, 7/30/13

All Voices : I Am Not A Techie
by Lauren Brown Jarvis, 7/30/13

Windy City Times: Facebook’s Sandberg among speaker at BlogHer 2013 in Chicago
by Tracy Baim, 7/29/13

The Hill: Commercialization of 'Lean In' has turned message on its head
by Sabrina L. Schaeffer, 7/29/13

Mom.Me: Top 10 Things We Learned at BlogHer 2013

The Broad Side: Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” Message Falls Short
by Lindsay Dahl, 7/29/13

Fierce Healthcare: Sebelius wants female bloggers to raise insurance exchange awareness
by Julie Bird, 7/29/13

Entrepreneur: Sheryl Sandberg Encourages Women Bloggers to 'Lean In’
by Lindsay Lavine, 7/29/13

CNN: Sheryl Sandberg at BlogHer: Not every woman has to be a CEO
by Kelly Wallace, 7/29/13

ChicagoNow: What BlogHer’13, Sheryl Sandberg, and Captain Morgan have in common
by Erin Petron Gosser, 7/29/13

Packaging Digest: All-natural entrees now available from Lean Cuisine
by Kari Embree, 7/29/13

WGNtv: Lessons From BlogHer ‘13
by Nancy Loo, 7/28/13

Star Tribune: Blogging novice? Tips for growing your online audience
by Jen Weigel, 7/28/13

NewsFactor Network: Women Have Fueled the Rapid Rise of BlogHer
by Jefferson Graham, 7/28/13

Greasy Guide: “Day Two at #BlogHer13 – BlogHer Fashion Show w/ @Luvvie and @AfroBella
by GreasyGuide, 7/28/13

ChicagoNow: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid” My Lean In epiphany
by Kim Z. Dale, 7/28/13

Babble: BlogHer is almost over: So, now what?
by Cecily Kellogg, 7/27/13

YBLTV: Join the Coca-Cola and BlogHer Steps To Wellness Challenge!
by Erika Blackwell, 7/27/13

Greasy Guide: Day One at #BlogHer13
by GreasyGuide, 7/27/13 ‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Gale Anne Hurd Shows Season 4 Sneak Peak At BlogHer
by Rachael Moshman, 7/27/13

ChicagoNow: Glad I Went To BlogHer’13
by Kathy Mathews, 7/27/13

CNN: BlogHer '13: Where Everyone Knows Your Twitter Name
by Kelly Wallace, 7/26/13

CBS: Blogging Convention For Women Draws Corporate Interest
by Mai Martinez, 7/26/13

CBS: Blogging Big Business (Video)

The Body: Never Doubt Your Place in This Space!
by Rae Lewis-Thornton, 7/25/13

WMAQ NBC 5 Chicago: BlogHer Comes To Town (Video)

WCIU Chicago: BlogHer Conference 2013: An Interview With Elisa Camahort Page (Video)
by Jeanne Sparrow and Melissa Forman, 7/25/13

The Big Story: Sebelius Recruits Women To Blog About Health Law
by Carla K. Johnson, 7/25/13

DNAinfo Chicago: BlogHer Chicago: Female-Centered Blogging Conference Returns to City Roots
by Kyla Gardner, 7/25/13

WTTW TV: Chicago Tonight: BlogHer 2013 - An Interview With Jory Des Jardins (Video)

WGN TV: Midday Fix: BlogHer 2013 - An Interview With Jory Des Jardins (Video)

USA Today: Women Have Fueled the Rapid Rise of BlogHer (Video)
by Jefferson Graham, 7/24/13

Crain's Chicago Business: BlogHer Comes to Chicago: 5,000 Female Bloggers, Endless $$$
by Brigid Sweeney, 7/24/13

Wee Windy City: BlogHer In Chicago: The Mommy Bloggers Are Coming! The Mommy Bloggers Are Coming!
by Caitlin Giles, 7/24/13

WBEZ91.5 : BlogHer's Annual Conference Comes To Chicago
by Aimee Chen, 7/24/13

Huffington Post: 7 Tips and All You Really Need to Bring to BlogHer
by Suzanne Perryman, 7/23/13

Babble: 11 Apps To Help You Rock BlogHer '13
by BrothaTech, 7/23/13

Chicago Now: 10 Lessons Learned From Blogging
by Kathy Mathews, 7/23/13

WGN TV: Come Fly With Me and the U.S. Army Golden Knights
by Nancy Loo, 7/22/13

Chicago Now: Why I'm going to BlogHer '13
by Kim Z. Dale, 7/22/13

Chicago Public Radio: BlogHer Conference: An Interview With Elisa Camahort Page (Audio)
by Aimee Chen, 7/22/13

Splash Magazines: Elisa Camahort Page Interview - Co-Founder BlogHer, Conference to Attract Thousands
by Sharon Sultan Cutler, 7/19/13

Chicago Sun-Times: Jory Des Jardins on finding her voice — and creating a community
by Jory Des Jardins, 7/19/13

Latina: Dimelo: Celebrate Who You Are
by Pauline Campos, 7/19/13

Windy City Times: Candid Roundtable With Ladies of the BlogHer Conference
by Sarah Toce, 7/19/13

Babble: Going To BlogHer '13? Here's What You Need To Know
by Cecily Kellogg, 7/18/13

Chief Marketer: Talking To The Next Generation
by Patricia Odell, 7/17/13

Women 2.0: BlogHer Brings It On In Chicago 2013
by Carolyn Gerin, 7/17/13

Forbes: Going To BlogHer'13 In Chicago? Grab Your Style Guide
by Kristina Moore, 7/16/13

Pork Network: Our Industry's Recipe For Success
by Emily Meredith, 7/15/13

Greasy Guide: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To Seeing at #BlogHer #BlogHer13 #GifStory #MenatBlogHer13
by Mike Street of Black Enterprise, 7/9/13

Chicago Tribune: Tips For Growing Your Online Audience
by Jen Weigel, 7/9/13

The Northern Star: Alstonville Blogger Only Australian In BlogHer Top 100 List
by Marnie Johnston, 7/5/13

Cosmopolitan Magazine: 21 Things To Do This Month
by Cosmopolitan Staff, 07/01/13

Fast Company: Conferences You Don't Want To Miss This Month
by Fast Company Staff, 07/01/13

Media Planet: Empowering Women: Today's Leaders Share Their Best Advice
by Media Planet Editorial, 07/01/13

Independent Fashion Bloggers: The Personal and The Political: How Much of Your Beliefs Should You Share Online?
by Cora Harrington, 6/27/13

Huffington Post: HPV's Shrinking Effect with Diane Lang
by Dena Takruri, 6/24/13

YFS Magazine: BlogHer Co-Founder, COO Elisa Camahort Page Talks $25M Payout, Startup Frugality and Defining Fear
by Staff Contributors, 6/24/13

The Grio: Blogging While Brown 2013: Conference creates innovative atmosphere for blacks in online media
by Alexis Garrett Stodghill, 6/24/13

Folio:: Expo Awards Announced

Black Enterprise: Tech Startup of the Week: Blogging While Brown Strives to Make the Blogosphere a More Diverse Space
by Marcia Wade Talbert, 6/20/13

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CNN Newsroom: Thousands Weep for Chavez; Love for North Korea's Leader; Bill Clinton Opines that Defense of Marriage Act Should Be Dropped [TRANSCRIPT]

CNN Newsroom: Bieber fever breaks in UK [VIDEO]

CNN Newsroom: President Clinton's marriage act reversal [VIDEO]

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craigconnects: Internet Freedom Day: Giving a voice to the voiceless
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Social Media Today: 7 Tips to Help People Find Your Value
12/19/12 Three lessons reality TV can teach entrepreneurs
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Babble: momcrunch: BlogHer Launches a New Conference: BlogHer Pro
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August 2012

The Wall Street Journal: More Women and Minority Entrepreneurs Entering Tech
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Citizen Times (Ashville, TN): Yes, we can, say efficient tech moms
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by Mousumi Kumar Saha, 08/16/12

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TechJournal: BlogHer says it paid out $17M to women over three years

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Mashable Business: BlogHer CEO: Women Are the Power Users of Web 2.0
Female Founders Video Series Presented by American Express OPEN, 07/31/12

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TechCrunch: BlogFrog Shows The Power of Women Bloggers But Trust Critical As Influencer Marketing Programs Rise In Popularity
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Portland Tribune: New journal takes parenthood head-on
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The Hill: Michelle Obama pens blog for women's media site BlogHer
by Alicia M. Cohn, 07/18/12

The Street: Chuck E. Cheese's Makes Second Appearance at BlogHer Conference For Women
by Business Wire, 07/17/12

The Huffington Post: 8th Annual BlogHer Conference Will Host Katie Couric and Martha Stewart as Keynote Speakers
by Toni Nagy, 07/12/12

The Millionaire Girls' Movement: COO and Co-Founder of BlogHer, Elisa Camahort Page speaks with The Millionaire Girls' Movement
by Ann marie Houghtailing, 07/11/12

Forbes: Is Social Media Destroying Your Self-Esteem?
by J. Maureen Henderson, 07/11/12 Spotlight BlogHer 2012 NYC with Elisa Camahort Page
by Deborah Shane, 07/11/12

The Huffington Post: The Place Where Female Bloggers Flock [VIDEO]
by Krizia De Verdier, 07/04/12 Jory Des Jardins: BlogHer Co-Founder with Strategic Vision
by Estelle Sobel Erasmus, 07/2/12

Bloomberg Businessweek: It's My Office and I'll Cry If I Want To
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ShePosts: BlogHer '12 and The Sponsored Blogger
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by Chris O'Shea, 06/28/12 Why Are We Still Calling Our Babies 'Illegitimate?'
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Missoulian: Missoula native, tech CEO discusses unlimited world of online media
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SmartBrief, SmartBlogs: Vintage dishes with a modern twist make for unique eats
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Clutch Magazine: Why Are We Still Calling Kids 'Illegitimate?'
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by Hillary Batchelder, 06/21/12

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SmartBrief, SmartBlogs: Tips on blogging and brand engagement from BlogHer Food '12
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Women in Technology: Is there reason for optimism for women in technology?

ShePosts: Katie Couric Signed On to Keynote at BlogHer 12
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Journalism 2.0: Force multiplier: BlogHer powering thousands of entrepreneurs
by Mark Briggs, 06/12/12

Seattle Weekly: Americans Want to Take and Post Pictures of Messy Food
by Hanna Raskin, 06/11/12 Foodies gather in Seattle for BlogHer conference
by KING 5 News, 06/08/12

Seattle Weekly: Women Continue to Dominate Food Blogosphere
by Hanna Raskin, 06/08/12

Babble: Outboarding: Are Off-Site Conference Parties Unethical?
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ClickZ: Why You Need Facebook Ads Despite What GM Says
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by John Capone, 06/06/12

GigaOM: BlogHer CEO on finding the right co-founders
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USA TODAY: How women are changing the tech world
by Jon Swartz, 06/04/12

BusinessNewsDaily: Buyers Agree: Pictures Push Products Online
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eMarketer: Is Pinterest Really Leading to Product Purchases?

Forbes: How Open Conversation Between Moms, Marketers Earn Influence
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MediaPost Communications: Facebook Ads Need Traditional Measurement Tools To Determine ROI
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TiE Silicon Valley: TiE50 Awards Program 2012 Finalist

Brandchannel: Forget Mother's Day - Happy Mommy Bloggers Everday!
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ReadWriteWeb: The Best Mother's Day Gift Is A Six-Figure Blogging Income
by Dave Copeland, 05/11/12

KoPoint News, EP 007: Gay Marriage and POTUS
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Millionaire Corner: Mom Blogs an Increasing Social and Marketing Force
by Donald Liebenson, 05/09/12

Purse Strings on WebmasterRadio.FM: BlogHer 12 Preview; The Future of Blogging

Fast Company: Can Tech Companies Continue To Innovate With No Women At The Table?
by Allyson Kapin, 05/08/12

The Natomas Buzz: Locals Only: Nichole Beaudry
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The Spokesman-Review: Women behind Listen to Your Mother walked interesting paths
by Rebecca Nappi, 05/06/12

See Magazine: Women Wielding Web - Smash Internet Successes, A-Z
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The New York Times: How McDonald's Came Back Bigger Than Ever
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Isthmus: Motherhood in the spotlight: Ann Imig's theater concept Listen To Your Mother lets moms tell their stories
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Business 2 Community: So Blogging is Dead? Think Again!
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TODAY Moms: Crib notes: Beyond the jeans, is there a "mom" look
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MediaPost Communications: Under Armour Woos Women With Social Goal-Setting
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The Washington Times: Social media trend watch: Get on board with Pinterest
by Gayle Falkenthal, 4/22/12

Business 2 Community: Pimp Your Press Release
by Sally Falkow, 04/19/12

The Huffington Post: Let's Pretend This Never Happened: How The Bloggess Jenny Lawson Found Her Voice Online
by Lisa Belkin, 04/18/12

Norcross Patch: The Funny Woman of Norcross
by Sarah Bakhtiari, 04/17/12

Digiday Publishing Awards: Best Use of Data by a Publisher for Content

Forbes: 4 Reasons Pinterest Wins with Women (And Facebook Loses)
by Melissa Pitts, 4/10/12

Business 2 Community: Five Reasons to Keep Your Eye on Pinterest
by Paige O'Neill, 04/08/12

Social Media Today: Women and Social Media: Passion + Purpose = Conversation

BlogTalkRadio: Co-Founder/COO of - Elisa Camahort Page
by Deborah Shane, 04/03/12

MarketWire: BillMyParents Marketing Campaigns Win Gold and Silver 2012 ADDYs (American Advertising Federation's Annual Industry Awards)

Drovers CattleNetwork: Helping consumers understand beef

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny: Autism Rates on the Rise
03/30/12 Connect the Dots to Pinterest
by Teresa Novellino, 03/26/12

Tech Crunch: One Kings Lane: From The LAX Arrivals Terminal to $200M In Revenue
by Leena Rao, 03/25/12

The City Wire: Cast set for Listen to Your Mother
by Angie Albright, 03/22/12

Business 2 Community: Why Brand Managers Need To Take An Interest In Pinterest
by Steve Olenski, 03/21/12

Entrepreneur: How to Tap Into Mom-Centric Mobile Marketing
by Grant Davis, 03/21/12

My Tech Letter: Women Who Blog Have Immense Power

Forbes: Why Brand Managers Need To Take An Interest In Pinterest
by Steve Olenski, 03/20/12

SFGate: Women trust blogs more so than Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
by Ellen Lee, 03/20/12

Mom Blog Magazine: BlogHer Breaks Into Top 100 US Sites
by Jennifer James, 03/20/12

Bulldog Reporter: Women Who Read Blogs Trust Blogger Advice - And a Strong Majority Have Purchased Based on It, New BlogHer Study Finds: Concentration of Blog Users Driven to Purchase Nearly Double That of Facebook or Twitter Users

Forbes: When Marketing to Women Facebook Interactions Have a Hit Ratio Similar to Roadside Billboards
by Kirsten Bischoff, 03/19/12

Marketing Land: Study Says Pinterest More Trusted By Women Than Facebook, Twitter
by Greg Sterling, 03/16/12

Red Rocket Media: Women trust Pinterest over social media giants
by Richard Towey, 03/16/12

RICG: Women Track Trust to Pinterest

Buzzom: Women trust Pinterest more than Twitter and Facebook, study says
by Swati, 03/16/12

Marketing Charts: Purchase Recommendations From Blogs Highly Influential to Women

SiliconAngle: What Women Want: Pinterest and Trusted Bloggers
by Mellisa Tolentino, 03/16/12

Babble: Women and Social Media, 2012 (BlogHer's Latest Study)
by Cecily K, 03/15/12

Mediabistro: Women In The US Trust Pinterest Over Twitter [SURVEY]
by Lauren Dugan, 03/15/12

genConnect: Women: In Blogs We Trust
by Lisa Stone, 03/15/12

SFGate: Google+ finding fans as it builds its network
by Benny Evangelista, 03/15/12

MediaPost: Blogs Influence Women's Shopping Experience
by Laurie Sullivan, 03/15/12

ITGawker: SURVEY: Women Trust Pinterest More Than Twitter Or Facebook - Here's Today's Ad Brief
by Dean Rockliffe, 03/15/12

genConnect: The Force of 55 Million Female Bloggers (Video)
by Jory Des Jardins, 03/14/12

The Drum: Women like Pinterest over Facebook, Twitter - but copyright concerns grow
by Noel Young, 03/14/12

ITBusiness: Women trust blogs over Facebook, Twitter for buying advice
by ITBusiness Staff, 03/14/12

Adweek: Survey: Women Trust Pinterest More Than Facebook, Twitter; BlogHer annual study shows social media trends among women
by Ki Mae Heussner, 03/14/12 PRESSED: Stuck on Blogs and Pinned by Pinterest
by Teresa Novellino, 03/14/12

Business Insider: SURVEY: Women Trust Pinterest More Than Twitter Or Facebook - Here's Today's Ad Brief
by Laura Stampler, 03/14/12

AGBeat: How 7 brands are marketing on Pinterest
by Lani Rosales, 02/29/12

genConnect: Takeaways From Sarah Brokaw, Ree Drummond & Women on the Web
by Amie Valpone, 02/22/12

New York Family: The Can't-Miss Blogger Panel at 92nd Street Y
by Meghan Gearino, 02/09/12

AdAge Digital: PepsiCo Loses Digital Guru to Kraft
by Natalie Zmuda, 02/07/12

Seattle Weekly: BlogHer Food Releases Seattle Conference Schedule
by Hanna Raskin, 02/03/12

Social Media Examiner: How Has Blogging Changed the Voice of Women (Video)

brandchannel: PepsiCo Hires Bloggers as "Digital Correspondents"
by Sheila Shayon, 02/02/12

genConnect: Facebook IPO: What's the Real Value in Social Media?

MediaPost News: PepsiCo Picks 3 Bloggers as 'Correspondents'

Marketing Vox: Guest Bloggers: Another Tactic to Revive the Corporate Blog Model

Business Insider: BOOK EXCERPT: What The Story Behind BlogHer Says About Women And Tech
01/31/12 LIVE: Marketing to women: what drives electronic purchases? (Video)

Forbes: Only a Few Female CEOs? Doesn't Mean Women Aren't Successful
by Leslie Bradshaw, 01/19/12

Babble MomCrunch: Women And Consumer Electronics: BlogHer's Newest Study
by CecilyK, 01/19/12

Brafton News: Study: Content marketing targeted at influential female shoppers often misses the mark

Mediabistro/Fishbowl NY: BlogHer Names "The Budget Fashionista" its New Editor-at-Large
by Felicia Pride, 01/19/12

Smart Data Collective: Twitter is Just One Piece of the Influencer Puzzle
by Maggie Fox, 01/19/12

BlackWeb 2.0: Kathryn Finney Named Editor-at-Large of
by Kiera A. Manison, 01/19/12

Brafton News: Blog content marketing impacts 69 percent of women’s tech purchases

Sys-Con: Blog content Marketing
by Newt Barrett, 01/18/12

Marketing Land: Study: Blogs More Influential Than Social Networks When Women Buy Consumer Electronics
by Pamela Parker, 01/12/12

Forbes: How Do You Grow a Social Movement? (New Rules for Radicals--the Metatribe)
by Giovanni Rodriguez, 01/12/12

NBC4i: Blogging Inspiration

PRWeek: Consumer Roundtable: Creative connections
by Rose Gordon, 01/01/12

Graceful Aging: Female Start-Ups: Don't Fear Failing

National Public Radio: Tina Fey, Michelle Obama Among 2011 Powerful Moms

Marketwatch WSJ: Cats gone wild - on Twitter
by Theresa Poletti, 12/14/11

ABC News: Top Moms: Top 100 Most Influential Mom Bloggers
by Kimberly Brown, 12/13/11

VatorNews: Top 10 ways to monetize, leverage your blog
by Krystal Peak, 12/13/11

Working Mother: Most Powerful Moms of 2011 - Most Powerful Moms in Social Media: Lisa Stone & Jory Des Jardins

San Francisco Business Times: Stacy Morrison | Bay Area People

AdWeek: Stacy Morrison Lands at BlogHer
by Lucia Moses, 12/08/11

VatorNews: whips up $13.5M for kitchen ecommerce site
by Krystal Peak, 12/06/11

Huffington Post: How Do You Define American?
by Jose Antonia Vargas, 11/18/11

Forbes Woman: Ask for Wage Parity: It's Not a Raise, It's Justice
by Victoria Pynchon, 11/10/11 LIVE (video): Business Opportunities for Women: - Is blogging a new form of small business?

eMarketer: Mobile Gaming Rises Rapidly Among Kids and Teens

Los Angeles Times: Starbucks CEO calls on Americans to put America back to work
by Rene Lynch, 11/1/11

First Business Network: Fortune 500 Female CEOs (video)
10/27/11 Full Episode

Forbes Woman: Visible tattoos and Other Corporate No-Nos
by Larissa Faw, 10/25/11

Publishers Weekly: Penguin and BlogHer Partner for BlogHer Writers 2011 Conference
by Gabe Habash, 10/24/11

Auto Remarketing: Survey Explores Women Buyers' Research Habits, Emotional Impact of Purchase Process

BrandChannel: Big Brands Lining Up for Mom's Approval
by Mark J. Miller, 10/14/11

Toronto Star: Women bloggers influence millions and want to be paid for it
by Dana Flavelle, 09/30/11

New York Times: Pitching to Real Moms, the Ones Who Aren't Perfect
by Stuart Elliot, 09/28/11

New York Times: May the Best Recipe Win (but Don’t Forget the Chicken and Mayo)
by Elisabeth Olson, 09/22/11

San Diego Union Tribune: Brit chef Marco Pierre White on cooking, crying
by Keli Dailey, 09/20/11

Los Angeles Times: Parentology: Will the Vinci Computer Help Babies?
by Deborah Netburn, 09/18/11

Los Angeles Times: Vinci, the tablet for computer babies

Redbook: My Mom is an Alcoholic
by Nancy Ramsey, October 2011

O'Dwyer's Magazine: Philanthropy beats freebies at blogger conference
by Abby Rose Dalto, September 2011

Panorama: San Diego Convention Center Corporation: The Future Face of Conventions
Fall 2011, Issue 20

ComputerWorld: Google+ causes stir with Suggested User list
by Sharon Gaudin, 09/06/11

Mashable: Google+ Power Users Reject Suggested Users List
by Meghan Peters, 09/06/11

MediaBistro: Former Redbook Editor-in-Chief Will Nurture
by Richard Horgan, 08/31/11

Sound*Bytes on the CBS News Radio Network: BlogHer: Women Bloggers
by Jan Ziff, 08/26/11

Sound*Bytes on the CBS News Radio Network: BlogHer '11
by Jan Ziff, 08/26/11

VentureBeat: Google Plus struggles to add women after mostly-male launch
by M. M. Faulkner, 08/25/11

Ta Kung Pao (Hong Kong): The Use of Social Media in Hong Kong Bypass U.S.

ZDNet Asia: Hong Kong turn on social media to stay connected
by Kevin Kwang, 08/24/11

CNN GO: Hong Kong Social Media Use Higher than United States

Intellasia: HK Turn on Social Media to Stay Connected

Network Asia: Hong Kong Shoppers Most Influenced by Social Media

Social Times: Smartphones Place Hong Kong on Top of the Cyber Record

Computer News Middle East: Hong Kong Marketers Slow to Tap Social Media Potential

The Standard (Hong Kong): Cyber Record for Hong Kong

ComputerWorld: Survey: Hong Kong shoppers influenced by social media

Enterprise Innovation: Majority of Hongkongers ‘Addicted’ to Social Media, Study Shows

Tampa Bay Tribune: "Pioneer Woman" brings her cowboy cooking to TV
by Jeff Houck, 08/23/11

CIO Asia: More People Use Social Media in Hong Kong than in the U.S.

Quamnet: Survey Shows that Hong Kongers Spend More Time on Social Media than Americans, Germans and Brazilians
08/22/11 The New Mommy Track: Write a Blog and Make Money
by Susan Johnston, 08/18/11

Fox News Latino: Rise of the Blogueras: Latina Bloggers Are in the Game
by Tania Luviano, 08/18/11

SheKnows: How to turn your blog into a business: Lessons from BlogHer '11
by Katarina Kovacevic, 08/17/11

Digital Politics Radio: Women Bloggers: Building Strong Communities - BlogHer / Women Social Media and Blogs: Maintaining Web Presence & Selling Ads - BlogHer

The Parent Experiment (Podcast): Our BlogHer 2011 Special

Bloomberg Businessweek: PepsiCo Joins Honda Bracing for Weakened Consumer Demand
by Ari Levy, 08/10/11

MediaPost: Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Expand Social Media Outreach
by Karlene Lukovitz, 08/09/11

New York Daily News: Kids using smartphones as young as 2 years old, study finds
by Kathryn Kattalia, 08/09/11

CNN iReport: BlogHer 2011
by Chris Morrow, 08/09/11

PRNewser: Go Easy on the Swag and Other BlogHer Learnings
by Tonya Garcia, 08/09/11

eContent: BlogHer 2011: Where My Ladies At?

Working Mother: Top 10 Learnings from BlogHer '11
by "BadAssMama", 08/08/11

Marketing Vox: Mommy Bloggers Part of Procter and Gamble's Ad Push

Los Angeles Times: Worried About your kids safety online? You should be
by Rene Lynch, 08/07/11

San Diego Union Tribune: BlogHer confab puts women in cyberspace
by Karla Peterson, 08/07/11

engadget: Samsung brings WNBA-sized Galaxy Tab 8.9 to BlogHer 2011
by Richard Lawler, 08/07/11

Los Angeles Times: Is it dumb to let a 2-year-old wield a smartphone?
by Rene Lynch, 08/06/11

San Diego Magazine: 5 Things You Should Know About BlogHer Attendees

MediaPost: P&G Ties Up One-Year Deal With BlogHer
by Karl Greenberg, 08/05/11

Crain's New York Business: How to get the most out of BlogHer
by Cara Trager, 08/05/11

MediaPost: Smartphones Are 'A Tool For Modern Families'
by Aaron Barr, 08/05/11

NBC San Diego (video): Blogosphere Expands to San Diego
Reporter: Bob Hansen, 08/05/11

Fox 5 San Diego (video): BlogHer 2011 Conference
Reporter: Erica Fox, 08/05/11

Fox 5 San Diego (video): BlogHer Blogging Conference
Reporter: Erica Fox, 08/05/11

The Wall Street Journal "All Things D": Taking a Second Look at GLMPS
by Ina Fried, 08/05/11

PR Newser: What's Going On at BlogHer
by Tonya Garcia, 08/05/11

AdWeek: BlogHer CEO Lisa Stone Talks About A 'Post-Oprah, Post-Martha' World
by Anthony Ha, 08/05/11

VentureBeat: Yo' mamma loves the GLMPS video-photo hybrid app
by Regina Sinsky, 08/05/11

Forbes: Women Rule the World (of Blogging That Is)
by B. Bonin Bough, 08/05/11

Fox Business Small Business Center: BlogHer: Turning Bloggers into Entrepreneurs

PRWeek: Influencing the influencers at BlogHer 2011
by Chris Daniels, 08/05/11

BizReport: New study reveals toddlers toying with technology
by Helen Leggatt, 08/05/11

MSNBC: Digital Life on Today: One in 5 Toddlers Have Used Smartphones: Survey
by Suzanne Choney, 08/04/11

MediaPost: Procter & Gamble Inks Year-Long Deal With BlogHer
by Karl Greenberg, 08/04/11

AdAge: 25% of Toddlers Have Used a Smartphone
by Matt Carmichael, 08/04/11

Investors Business Daily: BlogHer Network Gives Voice To Women On The Web
by Brian Deagon, 08/03/11

The Alternative Press: How to Stand Out at BlogHer '11
by Lisa Tognola, 08/01/11

AlwaysOn: Announcing the 2011 AlwaysOn Global 250
by Tony Perkins, 07/30/2011

MediaPost: PepsiCo Ramps Up BlogHer Event Partnership
by Karlene Lukovitz, 07/28/11

CNN's "Eatocracy": McDonald's Offers Mom Bloggers a Seat at the Table
by Kat Kinsman, 07/27/11

NPR's "Shots": McDonald's Courts Mom Bloggers When Changing The Menu
by Allison Aubrey, 07/27/11

The San Diego Union Tribune: Top female bloggers hit San Diego
by Penni Crabtree, 07/27/11

ZD Net: Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers
by Violet Blue, 07/23/11

Ottawa Citizen: Twitter buffs talk tweets at Social Capital, an Ottawa social media conference
by Joanne Laucius, 07/23/11

The San Diego Union Tribune: Chefs moonlight as bartenders resist 'molecular' tag

The Christian Science Monitor: The Future of the Cookbook
by Rebekan Denn, 07/18/11

The Independent UK: North America agenda: Comic-Con in San Diego

KALW, City Visions Radio, San Francisco: What’s Next for the Marriage Equality Movement in California?

The Christian Science Monitor: America's new culinary renaissance
by Kendra Nordin, 07/09/11

KQED: Bay Area Bites: Eating in Atlanta + Quality Time With a Top Chef Master
by Elaine Wu, 07/09/11

Mashable: 7 Twitter Marketing Campaigns to Learn From
by Erica Swallow, 07/06/11

MediaPost News: Hillshire Farm Spoofs Women's Secret Motivations
by Karlene Lukovitz, 07/05/11

BizReport: Cause marketing impacts brand affinity, sales not so much
by Helen Leggatt, 07/05/11 Top 100 Websites for Women 2011
06/23/11 Up From Slavery at Aquia
by Clint Schemmer, 06/23/11

MediaPost News: Marketing Daily: Sheraton Spends $20 Million On 'Meet You There'
by Tanya Irwin, 06/21/11 BlogHer Blood Drive For Erin Kotecki Vest, August 6, 2011
by "Zennie62", 06/19/11

The Montreal Gazette: Identity Crisis
by Asmaa Malik, 06/17/11

Business Insider: The Smart People Are on Twitter and Other Online Strategies

The Guardian UK: Second Lesbian Blogger Exposed as a Man
by Esther Addley and Ben Quinn, 06/14/11

The Washington Post Lifestyle: ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ displays ease of fudging authenticity online
by Monica Hesse, 06/13/11

The Washington Post Lifestyle: Paula Brooks, editor of lesbian site Lez Get Real, is really a man named Bill Graber
by Elisabeth Flock and Melissa Bell, 06/13/11

The New York Times: ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ Blogger Admits to Writing Fiction Disguised as Fact
by Robert Mackey, 06/13/11

Associated Press: 5 Tips on Beating the Heat at Home With Kids
by Anne D'Innocenzio, 06/09/11

PerishableNews: Food Bloggers Compete in Mango Mentor Online Video Contest

Edelman Digital: Friday Five: A Full Serving of Foodie Insights Fresh From BlogHer Food

iMedia Connection: Marketing Insights Behind Women's Social Media Patterns
by Elisa Camahort Page, 05/25/11

GourmetLive: Highlights from BlogHer Food 2011
by Kelly Senyei, 05/22/11

Inside Flipboard: Celebrate Mom on Flipboard

MediaPost: Women Bloggers Studied As Sponsored Conversations Start
by Les Luchter, 05/05/11

GigaOM: DECA Launches A Video Syndication Network For Women (Partnering with BlogHer)
by Ryan Lawler, 05/04/11

Adweek: Mommy Bloggers, Meet Ad-Supported Video: DECA syndicating content targeted at female audiences
by Erin Griffith, 05/3/11

MediaPost: Cross-Media Case Study: Same Points, Different Game
by Joan Voight, 05/01/11

genConnect Lifestyle: Elisa Camahort Page Shares BlogHer Findings on Social Media

BusinessNewsDaily: Need a Product Endorsement? Look to Bloggers, Not Celebrities

KQED: Bay Area Bites: Foodies Have Their Pick of Online Coupon Sites
by Elaine Wu, 04/14/11

San Francisco Chronicle: Blog Usage and Influence Growing Among Women
by Ellen Lee, 04/13/11

MediaBistro (PR Newser) : BlogHer Study Finds More People Are Early Adopters
by Tonya Garcia, 04/13/11 Bloggers Have More Influence on Purchases Than Celebrities, Study Says
by Holly McKay, 04/13/11

Brandchannel: BlogHer: Why Social Media Matters
by Sheila Shayon, 04/13/11

The 15th Annual Webby Awards: BlogHer is a Webby Honoree in the "Community" category

Bulldog Reporter's Daily Dog: Jimmy Dean-Hillshire Farm-MWW Group PR Campaign Serves up Social Media Success Story at Blogger Event
by Jim Bucci, 04/12/11

Fast Company: 30 Second MBA: BlogHer: How do you build a team?

Social Mediasphere Radio: Elisa Camahort of BlogHer comes to the Social Mediasphere
Interviewed by Jim Turner, 04/07/11

2011 TIME Magazine 100 Poll: BlogHer CEO, Lisa Stone is nominated for the Annual TIME 100 List (voting has closed)

CRM Magazine: The Feminine Marketing Mystique: How to Demystify Women's Purchasing Behavior
by Koa Beck, April 2011

Fortune/CNN Raising Venture Money: 10 tips for success
by Patricia Sellers, 3/31/11

US News & World Report: Why Blogs Beat Facebook and Twitter
by Scott Galupo, 3/23/11

Clout and About: BlogHer Visionaries: The Heart, Mind and Soul Empowering 21 Million Bloggers (and Counting)

genConnect: 2.5 Minutes With Elisa Camahort Page

Fast Company: 30 Second MBA: BlogHer: How do you say no and still maintain relationships?

BlogHer is a recipient of the PepsiCo Women's Inspiration Award at SXSW

FastCompany: BlogHer: How a Network Became a Curated Community
by Steven Rosenbaum, 03/07/11

EZebis: Lisa Stone, CEO BlogHer, Practice Makes Perfect Raising Venture
by Pemo Theodore, 03/06/11

Forbes: MarketShare: For The Media World, It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again
by Aaron Perlut, 02/25/11

New York Times: Queen of the Mommy Bloggers
by Lisa Belkin, 02/23/11

New York Times: Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter
by Verne Kopytoff, 02/21/11

Social Media Today: BlogHer '11 Announces Agenda
by Robin Carey, 02/16/11

New York Times: Walgreens Launches Campaign to Push Store-Brand Products
by Tanzina Vega, 02/10/11

Everything PR: Network Solutions’ Web Marketing 2.0 Success Story
by Alina Popescu, 02/10/11

Breathe: BlogHer Challenges You To Own Your Beauty.
by Lindsey Grossman, 02/10/11

AdAge: Network Solutions' Go Daddy Parody Surprisingly Close to Real Thing
by Ken Wheaton, 02/07/11

ClickZ: Super Bowl Ads 2011: Winners and Losers
by Anna Maria Virzi, 02/07/11

L.A. Times: Ripped Go Daddy girl Joan Rivers rips into Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera [video]
by Nardine Saad, 02/07/11

FireDogLake: Super Bowl Anti-Marketing or Bimbo Pushback: Getting the ‘Old Girls’ in the Game
by Rayne, 02/06/11

Richmond Times-Dispatch: CRT/tanaka tries to create buzz with Cloris Leachman video
by Louis Llovio, 02/05/11

PRNewser: Super Bowl Digital Campaign Bypasses the Ad
by Tpnya Garcia, 02/04/11

Forbes: Digital EmpowHERment
by Bonin Bough, 02/04/11

Small Business Trends: Go Granny: Fighting Back With Social Media, Not Super Bowl Ads
by Anita Campbell, 02/04/11

eMarketer: Online communities are a winner for women
by Staff, 01/26/11

eMedia: Are communities more influential than social media among women?
by Ron Mwangaguhunga, 01/21/11

AlwaysOn: Announcing the 2011 OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies
Announced by Tony Perkins, 01/18/11

Premium Beauty News: Blogs more efficient than magazines to drive beauty purchases
by Vincent Gallon, 01/18/11

MediaPost: Blogs Drive Beauty Product Purchases
by Gavin O'Malley, 01/17/11

Content to Commerce: Women bloggers are the new tastemakers according to Blogher study
by Holly Pavilka, 01/17/11

WARC: "Mommy bloggers" boost brands
by WARC Staff, 01/17/11

PR Week: Blogs top influencer of beauty purchases, finds BlogHer survey [Log-in Required]
by Alexandra Bruell, 01/11/11

WebNewser: BlogHer, DeVries Public Relations: Beauty Is in the Eye of the Blog Holder
by David Cohen, 01/11/11

Time Magazine: Money: Shout Out: How to Prepare for Homelessness
by Brad Tuttle, 01/05/11

The Rachael Ray Show: Stump the Blog Gourmet
Aired 12/27/10 Mind Your Holiday Manners
by Romy Ribitzky, 12/16/10

Digital Sisterhood Radio: Feminism Online
by Ananda Leeke, 12/16/10

BrandWeek: What Women Like in Online Shopping [Subscription]
by Mark Dolliver, 12/06/10

Los Angeles Times: All the Rage: Shopping: The in-store experience is in need of a digital makeover
by Rene Lynch, 12/01/10 A Time to Give
by Romy Ribitzky, 11/24/10

B2B Magazine: Learning when to bite your tongue
by Paul Gillin, 11/17/10

Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act: BlogHer Convention 2010
Interviewed by Beth Troutman, 11/11/10

Canadian Living magazine: Our favourite food bloggers share their ingredient phobias
by Colleen Fisher Tully, November, 2010

Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act: Corporate BlogHer
Interviewed by Beth Troutman , 11/04/10

Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2010: Lisa Stone of BlogHer Video Interview: SOTB 2010
Interviewed by Vanessa Druckman, 11/04/10

BizBash: What Are Clever Ways to Integrate Trade Show Sponsors?
by Jenny Berg, 11/01/10

Self-Made Magazine: 50 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us
by Matthew Toren, Fall/Winter 2010 issue

CBS San Farncisco: Online resources for Voters

Brand Channel: BlogHer: Women Have the Power
by Sheila Shayon, 10/28/10

Los Angeles Time: The Daily Dish: Video: Michael Ruhlman has something to say
by Rene Lynch, 10/25/10

The New York Times: Monetizing Motherhood
by Rob Walker, 10/22/10

ABC Action news: Study: Teens send 3,330 texts per month
by Canvas Staff, 10/20/10

Wall Street Journal CEO Radio: WSJ CEO Radio, October 18, 2010: Lisa Stone
Interviewed by Ray Hoffman, 10/18/10

SF Weekly: Bitchin Kitchen's Nadia G, the Punk-Rock Julia Child
by Carina Ost, 10/11/10

KQED: Bay Area Bites: ,a href="">BlogHer Food Conference, Day 2
by Tamara Palmer, 10/11/10

Gourmet Live: BlogHer Food 2010: Day 2 Highlights
by Kelly Senyei, 10/10/10

KQED: Bay Area Bites: BlogHer Food Conference, Day 1
by 10/10/10

SF Weekly: BlogHer Food is So Gay
by Sean Timberlake, 10/07/10

SF Weekly: No Ticket to BlogHer Food 2010? You Can Still Take Part
by Carina Ost, 10/07/10

Los Angeles Times: BlogHer co-founder forecasts the future
by Rene Lynch, 10/05/10

AOL Daily Finance:
The Job Creators: 10 Companies That Are Hiring Now

by Peter Cohan, 10/01/10

Pet Business: Mommy Blogger Marketing
by Eric Cohen and Joyce Shulman, 09/30/10

MediaPost: Honda Launches Campaign For Odyssey Minivan
by Karl Greenberg, 09/29/10

What's Up Wit' That: What's Up with Women and Blogging
Interviewed by Andrew Willyoung, 09/19/10

Investor's Business Daily: PepsiCo Puts Out A Call For Game-Changing Ideas In Digital Marketing
by Brian Deagon, 09/17/10

AlwaysOn: BlogHer named one of the 2010 AlwaysOn OnHollywood 100 Top Private Companies
September 15, 2010

O'Dwyers New Media and Communications: Brands tempt female bloggers [PDF]
by Abby Rose Dalto, September issue

eMarketer: Marketers Rev Up Relationships with Blogging Moms
by Debra Aho Williamson, 09/01/10

The Atlantic: On Invisibility, Gender, and Publishing
by Alyss Dixson, 08/27/10

Huffington Post: The BlogHer'10 Conference - Women Power Up
by Marcia G. Yerman, 08/23/10

PC Magazine, BroadBand podcast: PCMag BroadBand: Escaping Your Online Reputation, Google Style
by Carol Mangis, 08/20/10

WWD: The Rise of the Blogger
by Neil Weilheimer, 08/16/10

Los Angeles Times: Blogs move from monitors to TV and movie screens
by Randee Dawn, 08/15/10

Sydney Morning Herald: Conquer the world, one blog at a time
by Julie Power, 08/14/10

BizBash: Rapidly Growing BlogHer Conference Draws More Attendees, Big-Brand Sponsors
Erika Rasmusson Janes, 08/12/10

SF Weekly: iHelp for Autism
by Ashley Harrell, 08/11/10

Politico: More bloggers throwing hats in ring
by Zachary Abrahamson, 08/11/10

AdAge: Marketers Convene at BlogHer Annual Convention
by Thomas Pardee, 08/10/10

PRWeek BlogHer sponsors want feedback (videos with Walmart and PepsiCo)
by Alexandra Bruell, 08/09/10

New York Times: Motherlode: Tech Savvy Moms, Setting Rules
by Lisa Belkin, 08/09/10

CNN: Political Ticker: Gillibrand attends the BlogHer conference, stresses organization
by Eric Kuhn, 8/07/10

AppScout: BlogHer 10: The Collective Power of the Female Blogger
by Carol Mangis, 08/07/10

Variety: Fox bets on BlogHer
by Tatiana Siegel, 08/06/10

Fast Company: BlogHer Blogs for Water, Opportunity to Help Pakistan Floods
by Jenara Nerenberg, 08/06/10 BlogHer bloggers invade the Plaza, featuring BlogHer community members Ree Drummon and Liz Gumbinner

The Today Show: Pioneer Woman's Cowgirl Cooking
featuring Ree Drummond, 08/05/10

The Today Show: Cool Mom's Picks for Back-to-School Shopping
featuring Liz Gumbinner, 08/05/10 Blogging on the Go
by Romy Ribitzky, 08/05/10

Toronto Star: After breaking dying boy’s wheelchair, Air Canada to send him to Disney
by Amy Dempsey and Brandie Weikle, 08/05/10

TodayMoms: Behind the Scenes with #BlogHer10 at TODAY
by Ryan Osborn, 08/05/10

TodayMoms: Want to be a blogger? Read tips from a BlogHer expert
Live chat transcript with BlogHer Community Manager Denise tanton, 08/04/10

Viva La Value, BlogTalkRadio: Viva La Value, August 2010
Interview by Lisa Reynolds, 08/05/10

New York Family Magazine: Best in Blog
by Eric Messinger, 07/28/10

The Daily Telegraph (Australia): Virtual world in its infancy
by Caroline Marcus, 07/25/10

PR Week: Creating a bond with the female blogosphere [Subscription Required]
by Lisa Stone, 07/01/10

AlwaysOn: BlogHer named one of the 2010 AlwaysOn Global 250
June 15, 2010

Fortune Magazine: The CEO Summer Reading List
by Alex Konrad, 07/9/10

USA Espanol: Los hispanos entran de lleno en internet
by Cristina Pereda, 06/30/10

Red Herring: 2010 Red Herring 100 North America Selected Full list here.
June, 2010

Forbes Woman: Legislating Work-Life Policy
by Stephanie Wilchfort, 06/25/10

AdWeek: Social Gaming Rakes In Revenue
by eMarketer staff, 06/24/10

Forbes: Top 100 Websites for Women
by Meghan Casserly and Jenna Goudreau, 06/23/10

MediaPost: Pepsi's Bough Details Its Social Media Cred
by Kari Greenberg, 06/17/10

Red Herring: BlogHer is a Red Herring 100 finalist
June, 2010

New York Times: Bit: What We’re Reading: Women Who Rule
by Jenna Wortham, 06/11/10

Daily Beast: 13 Women Who Rule the Web
by Joyce Tang, 06/10/10

ClickZ: The Backdoor to Social Media
by Hollis Thomases, 06/01/10

Fast Company: The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010
by Anya Kamanetz, June, 2010 issue How to Build Your Personal Brand
by April Joyner, 05/24/10

CNN: What "The Pill" Did
Contribution by Erin Kotecki Vest, 05/07/10

PBS: Need to Know: The blogger-business gender gap
by Dreux Dougall, 05/01/10

Forbes: What Men And Women Are Doing On Facebook
by Jenna Goudreau, 04/26/10

eMarketer: Millennials Big on Blogs

Fast Company: The Most Influential Women in Technology 2010
by Stephanie Schomer, 04/26/10

eMarketer: Majority of Top Media Destinations Are Social

AdWeek: Social Media Use Becomes Pervasive
by Brian Morrissey, 04/15/10

PR Week: Study compares bloggers' social media usage to public [Log-in required]
by Chris Daniels, 04/15/10

WebProNews: Women Becoming More Engaged With Social Media
by Mike Sachoff, 04/15/10

Psychology What Do Infants Teach Parents About Favoritism?
by Dr. Ellen Webber Levy, 04/12/10

Wired: “Sexting” & Texting Teens Need Parental Controls
by Curtis Silver, 04/06/10

Detroit Free Press: World of sex, lies and mommy blogs
by Georgea Kovanis, 04/05/10

TravelTalkRadio: The Best of TravelTalkRadio
interviewed by Sandy Dhuyvetter, 04/04/10

CNN: John King USA Blog: The Pulse: This week in politics at BlogHer
by Erin Kotecki Vest, 04/02/10

CNN/John King USA: What Women Politics
Interviewed by John King, 04/01/10

San Jose Mercury: Mommy bloggers gather to sharpen Web, business and marketing skills
by Jennifer Mendelsohn, 3/27/10

Working Mother Magazine: Most Powerful Moms in Media
by Leah Bourne, March, 2010

Montreal Gazette: Pampers feels wrath of mommy bloggers
by Hollie Shaw, 03/19/10

The Globe and Mail: Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente
Live chat hosted by Margaret Wente, 03/19/10 Budding Venture
by Romy Ribitzsky, 03/18/10

c|net: A waterfall of Pepsi at SXSWi
by Caroline McCarthy, 03/15/10

Huffington Post: An Open Letter to the New York Times About Mom Bloggers, Women Writers & the Universe
by Joanne Bamberger, 03/15/10

London Times: It's here: CyberMummy 2010!
by Jennifer Howze, 03/15/10

KQED: Forum with Michael Krasny: My Baby Rides the Short Bus, featuring BlogHer editor Shannon Rosa
Interviewed by Dave Iverson, 03/12/10

New York Times: ;Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand
by Jennifer Mendelsohn, 03/12/10

ABC News: Ahead of the Curve: Blogs for Good
Interviewed by Viviana Hurtado, 03/05/10

PaidContent: What Will Yahoo Buy Itself For Its Birthday?
by Joseph Tartakoff, 03/05/10

Wall Street Journal: Web Sites Target Oscars Fans; Ads Will Reflect Show Events [Acct. required]
by Emily Steel, 03/04/10

SocialMediopolis: Elisa Camahort Page - COO and Co-Founder of
Interviewed by Chicke Fitzgerald and Michael Crosson, 03/01/10

Forbes: Turning Blogging Into Business
Interviewed by Moira Forbes, 02/26/10

Business Travel Radio: Should you jump in the social media arena or not?
Interviewed by Sandy Dhuyvetter, 02/26/10

AdAge: Networks May Be the Easiest Solution for Bloggers, Marketers
by Danielle Wiley, 02/22/10

Forbes: Is BlogHer Still Relevant?
by Hannah Seligson, 02/19/10

ReadWriteWeb: Where are the Women Bloggers? They're Driving Your Sales
by Dana Oshiro, 02/19/10

Technorati: UK Politicans Remember Mom Knows Best
by Leslie Grandy, 02/19/10

Julie Menin's Give and Take: Jory Des Jardins, Parts I and II
Interviewed by Julie Menin, 02/17/10 and 02/21/10

ABC News: Russian Roulette: Olympic Skating Partners War, Don't Win
by Susan Donaldson James, 02/17/10

Mashable: Why Social Media Means Big Opportunities for Women
by Jessica Faye Carter, 02/15/10

BrandWeek: Does Social Sell?
by Brian Borrissey, 02/14/10

Mashable: 7 Ways to Promote Your Offline Event Using Social
by Susan Payton, 02/09/10

Barnard Magazine: Into the Blogogsphere
by Sarah Bronson, Winter, 2010 Issue

Mashable: 4 Essential Traits for Social Media Success in Your Career
by Amybeth Hale, 02/03/10

BrandWeek: Tropicana Starts Offering 'Juicy Rewards'
by Elaine Wong, 02/01/10

ForbesWoman Views: Five Bad Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur
by Jory Des Jardins, 02/01/10

Forbes: Are You There God, It's Me, Steve Jobs
by Meghan Casserly, 01/28/10

Minnesota Public Radio: Mom bloggers help companies promote products
by Martin Moylan, 01/27/10

ReadWriteWeb: Why We Need tech Events For Women
by Dana Oshiro, 01/27/10

MediaPost: Yahoo's Lombardo Goes Glam
by Gavin O'Malley, 01/25/10

Isthmus: The Daily Page: The Future of Journalism
by Jay Rath, 01/22/10

The Huffington Post: Kids and Media: Joined at the Hip
by Ellen Galinsky, 01/21/10

Online Marketing Blog: 25 Women That Rock Social Media
by Lee Odden, 01/20/10

PR Newser: Mommy Bloggers "Particularly Hot Segment" For Sponsored Tweets
by Joe Ciarallo, 01/14/10

The Huffington Post: The Facts on Abortion and Health Reform
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12/22/09 show

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Interviewed by Jaimy Lee, 12/18/09

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BizBash New York: Support Network

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Interviewed by Tracy Byrnes and Chris Cotter, 12/09/09

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Announced at the AlwaysOn Venture Summit 2009

Powder Room Graffiti: An Interview with Elisa Camahort Page
Interviewed by UK Staff, 12/04/09 Cautious Connections
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by Susan Donaldson James, 12/03/09

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by Aaron Barr, 12/02/09

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Inc.: The Internet Strategist: Blogging for Coin
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by P.J. Huffstutter and Jerry Hirsch, 11/15/09

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by Jackson West, 11/12/09

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by E.B. Boyd, 11/12/09

Valleywag: Katie Couric Reveals Who Really Controls the Media
by Ryan Tate, 11/12/09 Katie Couric Picks The Seven Most Powerful People In Media
by Katie Couric, 11/12/09

Women's Initiative: BlogHer was honored as a Best Women-Owned Business of 2009

BizBash: Best of 2009: Support Network
November/December issue

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by Emily Bell, 10/19/09

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Interviewed by Michael Leifer, 10/17/09

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by Maggie Shiels, 10/06/09

BBC News: New rules to end 'blogger payola'
by Maggie Shiels, 10/06/09

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Interviewed by Stephanie Martin, 10/05/09

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by Rene Lynch, 10/03/09

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by Leah Chernikoff, 10/01/09

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by Jennifer Pollack, 10/01/09

RealSavvy Moms: Mom Bloggers
Hosted by Emma Buckley, October, 2009

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by Stephanie Im, 09/28/09

Women's Initiative: BlogHer is a 2009 Woman-Owned Business of the Year for Silicon Valley

Talk Radio News Service: Female Blogger Explains How Current Administration Has Embraced New Media and Female Blogger Describes Healthcare Conversation With Valerie Jarrett
Interviewed by Ellen ratner, 09/21/09

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by Celia Child, 09/18/09

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by Claire Cain Miller, 09/13/09

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by Nancy Shute, 09/02/09

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by Heidi Brown, 08/25/09

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Marketplace: Sony markets to fathers with 'DigiDads'
by Mitchell Hartman, 08/24/09

BusinessWeek: Thanks to Blogs, a Bigger Menu for Food Criticism
by Aaron Ricadela, 08/24/09

Columbus Dispatch: Screen door: Through their blogs, mothers garner sponsorships along with ads and freebies
by Amy Saunders, 08/24/09 Thanks to Blogs, a Bigger Menu for Food Criticism
by Aaron Ricadela, 08/23/09

Just Out: The Power of the Gay Dollar
by Kathryn Martini, 08/22/09

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hosted by Michel Martin, 08/18/09

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by Debbie Bookstaber, 08/15/09

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by Craig Newmark, 08/14/09

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Interviewed by Sonja Thompson, -8/11/09

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by Eric Kuhn, 08/10/09

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by Melanie Wells, 08/10/10

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by Francine Hardway, 08/10/10

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by Elaine Wong, 08/09/10

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by Christina Cheddar Berk, 08/07/09 Post-BlogHer '09: A Reminder of the Power of Listening to Influentials
by Jory Des Jardins, 08/06/09

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Interview by Sonja Thompson, 08/07/09

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by Chris Ditner, 08/06/09

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by Dave Evans, 08/05/09

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by Jack Neff, 08/03/09

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by Rani Bernfeld, 08/03/09

Don't Hate Mommy Bloggers for Their Swag

by Lauren Barack, 07/31/09 Marketing's Wild West Gets Civilized
by Elizabeth Eaves, 07/31/09

PaidContent: When Did Mommy Bloggers Become The Devil?
INterviewed by Rafat Ali, 07/30/09

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interview by Tory Johnson, 07/30/09

ABC News: Blogging for Dollars
interview by Tory Johnson, 07/30/09

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by Jennifer Howze, 07/30/09

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by Catherine P. Taylor, 07/29/09

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by WWD Staff, 07/28/09

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by Cheryl Contee, 07/28/09

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by Ramona Pringle, 07/27/09

NPR: Mom Bloggers Debate Ethics Of 'Blog-Ola' by David Schaper and Mom Bloggers Are Spreading Influence, But Facing New Problems by Omar L. Gallaga

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min online: Her Blog, Her Press Release
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by jack Neff, 07/27/09 BlogHer 2009 Highlights
by Rachel Fishman, 07/27/09

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by Pradnya Joshi, 07/26/09

Chicago Tribune: I CSS'ed a Girl, and I Liked It
by Kevin Pang, 07/27/09

Fox-TV Chicago:
BlogHer Conference Comes
to Town


Silicon Beat: BlogHer Conference Celebrates Rise Of Blogosphere
by Chris O'Brien, 07/24/09

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by Kimberly Maul, 07/24/09

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by Pradnya Joshi, 07/23/09

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The London Times: The female bloggers are coming
by Jennifer Howze, 07/23/09

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by Phil Rosenthal, 07/22/09

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KFSM-TV: Bentonville Blogger Takes Internet by Storm

AdAge: 3-Minute AdAge: Not Enough to Solve Blogola Problem

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by Jessica Ramirez, 07/15/09

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by Mack Collier, 07/15/09

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by Sonja Thompson, 07/14/09

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by Sally Falow, 07/02/09

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by Michele McLellan, 07/02/09

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by Tameka Kee, 07/01/09

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by Mary Duan, 06/19/09

Income diary: Lisa Stone Interview, Founder Of BlogHer Talks To Us About Her Success
by Michael Dunlop, 06/18/09

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by Chris O'Brien, 06/17/09

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by Eric Young, 06/16/09

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by jack Neff, 06/15/09

ABC News: Anti-Abortion Blogger Admits Hoax
by Russell Goldman, 06/13/09

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Interview by Paula Gregorowicz, 06/12/09

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hosted by Natalie Zmuda, 06/08/09 2009 Social Media Survey Shows How Women Bloggers Will Change the World
by Linda Lowen, 06/06/09

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by Paul Verna, 06/05/09

Moms Who Blog: Hello and Welcome to the Community
by Jessica Braun, 06/05/09

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by Virginia Nussey, 06/04/09 Kyra Sedgwick on Chace Crawford: 'He Has Big Shoes to Fill'
by Liza Hamm, 06/03/09

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by Hitha Prabhakar, 06/03/09

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny: The State of the Pro-life and Pro-choice Movements
moderated by Michael Krasny, 06/03/09

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by Amber James, 06/03/09

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DM News: Orange Juice Online
06/01/09 issue

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by Theresa Howard, 06/01/09

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by Sarah Barry, 05/29/09

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by Elise Ackerman, 05/28/09

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by Brian Quinton, 05/28/09

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by E.B. Boyd, 05/28/09

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by Jennifer Howze, 05/27/09 Keeping Your Brand Squeaky Clean in the Evolving World of Influencer Marketin
by Jory Des Jardins, 05/27/09

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by Allison Blass, 05/26/09

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by Maija Palmer, 05/25/09

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by Patti Minglin, 05/25/09

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by David Weir, 05/21/09

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by Jack Loechner, 05/21/09

SmartBrief on Social Media: In defense of sponsored conversations
by Mary Ellen Slayter, 05/19/09

PRWeek: Tropicana connects with women on BlogHer [Reg. required]
by Beth Krietsch, 05/15/09

eMarketer: New Trends in Blogs

PRWeek: BlogHer Not Going Anywhere
by Rose Gordon, 05/14/09

MediaBistro: BlogHer Raises $7 Million In Financing
by Rachel Kaufman, 05/14/09

New York Times: DealBook: BlogHer Takes $7 Million from V.C.’s, Report Says
by Andrew Ross Sorkin, 05/14/09

Jezebel: Women's Blogs Take $7 Million In New Funding
by Margaret Hartmann, 05/14/09

MediaPost: Tropicana Juices Women's Communities
by Laurie Sullivan, 05/14/09

adotas: BlogHer Raises $7 Million
by Edward Barrera, 05/13/09

San Jose Business Journal: BlogHer gets $7M in third round funding
by Mary Duan, 05/13/09

San Francisco Business Times: BlogHer raises $7M Series C round
by Vasanth Sridharan, 05/13/09

MediaPost: BlogHer Secures $7 Million
by Gavin O'Malley, 05/13/09

PaidContent: BlogHer Raises $7 Million In Third Round
by Rory Maher, 05/13/09

VentureBeat: BlogHer, the “community for women who blog,” raises $7M more
by Matt Marshall, 05/13/09

All Things D: Boomtown: Exclusive: BlogHer Nabs $7 million in New Funding
by Kara Swisher, 05/13/09

Marketing Vox: Women Use Blogs for Info, SocNets to Connect

Income Diary: Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs
by Michael Dunlop, 05/12/09

Marketing Charts: Women Use Blogs for Info, SocNets to Connect

Small Business Trends: 42 Million U.S. Women Use Social Media: Blogs Most Influential
by Anita Campbell, 05/10/09

BrandWeek: Pepsi Sees a Chance to Fill Newspapers' Void
by Elaine Wong, 05/09/09

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by Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, 05/08/09

BizReport: Study: Women use blogs, not socnets, to source information/opinion
by Helen Leggatt, 05/07/09

KVMR Radio: BlogHer co-founders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins appeared on the regular feature, See Jane Do
Interviewed by Elisa Parker, 05/06/09

WebProNews: Women Prefer Blogs/Facebook to Twitter
by Jason Lee Miller, 05/06/09 Blogger Bunch
05/06/09 Sorting Through the Identity Crisis Between Blogs and Social Networks: Which is Right for Your Brand?
by Jory Des Jardins, 05/06/09

MediaPost: Invite Diversity To Your Brand's Blogger Retreat
by Kim Moldofsky, 05/06/09

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by Allyson Kapin, 05/04/09

MediaLife: Derby rides to best rating in 17 years
by Toni Fitzgerald, 05/04/09

Sports Features Communications: Best Kentucky Derby Rating in 17 Years
Press Release contact: Adam Friefeld, 05/04/09

100 Interviews: Erin Kotecki Vest – @queenofspain host of Backtalk on BlogHer
Interviewed by Derek Overbey, 05/04/09

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by Samantha Gianulis and Kathy Schlaeger respectively, Spring/Summer issue

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by Andrew Adler, 05/01/09

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by Tanya Irwin, 04/30/09

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by Fiona Morgan, 04/29/09

ClickZ: OfficeMax Launches Social and Rich Media Campaign
by Enid Burns, 04/29/09

NCWIT Heroes Series: Reaching more than 14 million women each month with blogs and more, interview with Elisa Camahort Page [MP3]
Interviewed by Lucy Sanders and Larry Nelson, 04/26/09

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by Paul Verna, 04/22/09 If I Were Twitter’s Agent: Assessing the Social Media Tool’s Rise and What Would Make it Flop
by Jory Des Jardins, 04/10/09

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by John Harris, 04/09/09

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by Christopher Carfi, 04/08/09 Women's Issues: Oprah and Mommy Bloggers - Why We All Need to Blog
by Linda Lowen, 04/06/09

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Interviewed by Karl Erikson, 04/02/09 Web Site of the Day
from the Gatehouse News Service, 04/02/09

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by Lolita Carrico, 04/01/09

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by Ida Jeng, 03/26/09

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107.9FM Radio's Morning Show: Talking To Kids About Recession
Interviewed by Candy + Potter, 03/20/09

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Interviewed by Dan Patterson, 03/15/09 Context and Disclosure: Keys to Success in Compensating Bloggers
by Jory Des Jardins, 03/12/09

The Best of What Tami Said: How to Gain Readers and Attention for Your Blog, and How to Leverage it to Gain Other Opportunities Offline
Interview by Tami, 03/08/09

The Business Makers: Lisa Stone of
Interviewed by Erica O'Grady 03/07/09

Austin Chronicle: How to Speak Geek
by Mike Kanin, 03/06/09

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by Marji McClure, January/February issue

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by Brian Quinton, 03/04/09

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Interview by Samantha Ettus, 03/03/09

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by Lolita Carrico, 02/25/09

Ellsworth American: Thrift Economy
by Jennifer Osborn, 02/19/09

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by Andrea Pyenson, 02/18/09

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by Marcia G. Yerman, 02/13/09

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by Noa Gafni, 02/13/09

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by Peggy Simpson, 02/11/09

CBS Eye on Blogs: My Bloggy Valentine: A BlogHer Event
By Brittney Gilbert, 02/09/09

Huffington Post: Will Micropayments Save Newspapers -- Or, Should They be Saved?
by Susan Mernit, 02/06/09 (Norwegian): Ofrer sex for romantik
by Linda Stølen, 02/06/09

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by Rita Delfiner, 02/05/09

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by Steve Bogart, 02/05/09 Women's Issues In The Post-Ledbetter Era
by Margie Omero, 02/05/09

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by Sarah Harrison, 02/05/09

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by Rose Gordon, 02/03/09

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by Lauren Bishop, 01/30/09

Lime: Going Green via Twitter
by Siel, 01/27/09

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by Tralee Pearce, 01/26/09

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by Gavin O'Malley, 01/21/09

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by Marissa Miley, 01/21/09

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by Lynne d Johnson, Ellen McGirt, and Sherri Smith, February issue

Ladies Who launch: Featured Lady: Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Inc.
by Susie Lacey, 01/20/09

Salon: "Shop in your own closet!"
by Rebecca Traister, 01/15/09

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by Melanie Lindner and Lisa LaMotta, 01/08/09

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by Heather Kempskie, January 2009 issue

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by Eric Aasen, 01/01/09

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by Jessica Heasley, 12/18/08 Women's Rights: Top Ten Moments of Feminism in 2008
by Jen Nedeau, 12/17/08

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by Don Jones, 12/14/08

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by Ad Age Staff, 12/14/08

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by Sue Kelly, 12/10/08

Women's Wear Daily: WWD Media Summit: Plate Tectonics
by Irin Carmon, 12/09/08

Purse Strings on WebmasterRadio FM: BlogHer Discussion with Elisa Camahort Page
interviewed by Maria Reitan, 12/09/08

VatorNews: What NBC Universal typically invests in
by Bambi Franciscom 12/08/08

WeMedia: Guest Post: BlogHer
by Jory Des Jardins, 12/08/08

eMarketer: Generation X Marks a Sweet Spot

ClickZ: McCain and Obama Used Web to Persuade in Final Weeks
by Kate Kaye, 12/01/08

VentureBeat: Meredith gives Real Girls a shot in the arm
by Camille Ricketts, 11/20/08 What the Motrin Moms Campaign (and resulting MomBlogger reaction) Can Teach Us About Redemption in the Blogosphere
by Jory Des Jardins, 11/20/08

MediaPost: Meredith Invests In Real Girls Media Network
by Gavin O'Malley, 11/19/08

AdAge: How Twittering Critics Brought Down 'Motrin Mom' Campaign
by Michael Learmonth and Rupal Parekh, 11/17/08

St. Louis Beacon: Blog-at-home moms form online communities; now some are making it work for them
by Kristen Hare, 11/17/08

Fast Company Magazine: The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0
by Saabira Chaudhuri, November issue

New York Times Bits Blog: Departing Chief Says NBC Has Become Fully Digital
by Claire Cain Miller, 11/05/08

ClickZ: U.S. Women and the Internet, Part 3
by Hollis Thomases, 11/04/08

WeMedia: BlogHer is a finalist for the WeMedia Game Changers Awards

Sramana Mitra's Deal Radar: Deal Radar 2008: BlogHer
by Sramana Mitra, 10/28/08 When your kid attacks - by blog
by Linda Matchan, 10/27/08

Fast Company: Is Blogging Dead?
by Allyson Kapin, 10/23/08

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by Enid Burns, 10/22/08

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by Marcia G. Yerman, 10/22/08

The Women's Media Center: The New Media Message For Women
by Marcia G. Yerman, 10/21/08

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by Gloria Pan, Fall/Winter 2008 issue

Marketing Vox: Yahoo Goes on Offensive with 8-Wk Campaign Blitz

The Daily Beast: Moms, Including Michelle, Spin the Debate Online
by Erika Schickel, 10/16/08

ClickZ: Yahoo Lures Google Users with New Campaign
by Fred Aun, 10/15/08

Smartbrief: Yahoo! pitches local search features to users of Google, rival sites

Boston Magazine: Twittering Toward Blogher
by Catherine Basham, 10/13/08

PROMO Interactive: Pringles Wants Consumers to Customize Cans for Holidays

Small Biz Resource: Wednesday's Woman: BlogHer Cofounder Jory Des Jardins
by Gayle Kesten, 10/08/08

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Access' opens iVillage module
by Andrew Wallenstein, 10/06/08

The Seattle Times: Moms find support, information, "better perspective" in blogosphere
by Joy Jernigan, 10/04/08

WVEC-TV: By blogging, it can pay to stay home with the kids
by Andria Borba, 10/02/08

Entrepreneur Magazine: Reaching Multitaskers
by Kim T. Gordon ,October, 2008

Wall Street Journal: An Inconvenient Bag
by Ellen Gamerman, 09/26/08

San Francisco Chronicle: The good news, the bad news
by Mark Morford, 09/26/08

Austin American-Statesman: High-tech roundtable has 18 panelists but no women
by Lori Hawkins, 09/25/08

The American Prospect: Are Motherhood Politics a Good Idea?
by Kara Jesella, 09/16/08

San Francisco Chronicle: BlogHer offers forum for women
by Lois Kazakoff, 09/14/08

Washington Post: NBCU's Strategy On Women's Sites Appears To Work; Collective Traffic Up 28 Percent
by David Kaplan, 09/12/08

Paid Content: NBCU’s Strategy On Women’s Sites Appears To Work; Collective Traffic Up 28 Percent
by David Kaplan, 09/12/08

ClickZ: Traffic Up for NBCU Female Sites Despite Crowded Field
by Douglas Quenqua, 09/12/08

PRWeek: BlogHer hits the road to boost its membership and awareness
by Frank Washkuch, 09/12/08

Washington Post: Who Do We Think She Is?
by DeNeen L. Brown, 09/12/08

PRWeek: BlogHer launches national tour
by Rose Gordon, 09/08/08 Blogger Roundtable at the RNC
Interviewed by Melissa Long, 09/03/08

CNN Newsroom: Mom Bloggers on Sarah Palin
Interviewed by Soledad O'Brien, 09/03/08

Marketing Sherpa: Special Report: Marketing to Moms, Part I: Use Blogs, Events to Conquer the Mommy Market
08/28/08 The Art of (Brand Messaging) Storytelling in the Blogosphere
by Jory Des Jardins, 08/28/08 Erin Kotecki Vest from BlogHer on two very different Hillary Clinton events
interviewed by Reggie Aqui, 08/26/08

Redbook Magazine: The Best of the MommyBlogs, featuring the release of the first BlogHer Book: Sleep is For the Weak
by Marisa Cohen, September issue

The Guardian's deadlineUSA: Democratic convention: Hillary Clinton rallies the party for Barack Obama
by Kevin Anderson, 08/26/08

DM News: Average women an untapped group
by Lauren Bell, 08/25/08

Women's eNews: 'Bad Mommy' Bloggers Make Good Money At It
by Malena Amusa, 08/22/08

Silicon Alley Insider: Gannett Orders Its TV Stations To Promote Its Mommy Sites, Now
by Michael Learmonth, 08/18/08

Washington Post: Savvy Auntie - It's Not Your Mother's Web Site
by Sharon McLoone, 08/18/08

bdnews24: Mahathir urges women to blog on social, political issues

San Francisco Chronicle: It's a woman's World Wide Web
by Carolyne Zinko, 08/15/08

CMS Wire: Women Get Online and Advertisers Follow
by Marisa Peacock, 08/15/08

Wired: Female-Oriented Sites Become Hot Properties
by Chris Snyder, 08/14/08

MediaPost: Women's Sites Drawing Advertisers, Investors
by Ross Fadner, 08/14/08

Utne Reader: Sexuality and Spirituality Strain Father-Daughter Relationship
by Jake Mohan, 08/14/08

New York Times: Woman to Woman, Online
by Claire Cain Miller, 08/13/08

San Jose Mercury: Locative Media Project Aims to Collect Stories of Atlanta
by Mark Glaser, 08/13/08

MediaWeek: PBS Sprout Net Hoping That Mommy Knows Best
by Mike Shields, 08/11/08

Austin American-Statesman: At San Francisco conference, it's cool to admit you're a mom and a blogger
by Stefani Zellmer, 08/09/08

DM News: New media is only as good as its message: Ad:tech
by Cara Wood, 08/06/08

iMedia Connection: It's a blogger's world; learn to fit in
by Nanette Marcus, 08/06/08

PR Week: Blog pitches entail research, restraint [Reg. required]
by Margo Schneider, 04/08/08

Fox & Friends: Making Money from Blogging
by Alisyn Camerota, 08/03/08

BBC: The power of female blogging
by Maggie Shiels, 08/01/08

Variety: Women increase influence online
by Diane Clehane, 07/30/08 A blogosphere of their own
by Rebecca Traister, 07/30/08

The Kamla Bhatt Show: Interviews with Lisa Stone and Elisa Camahort Page at BlogHer '08
Interviewed by Kamla Bhatt, 07/29/08

The Wall Street Journal: Front Lines: Ladies Who Blog
by Francesca Donner, 07/28/08

The New York Times: Blogging's Glass Ceiling
by Kara Jesella, 07/27/08

KQED's The California Report: The California Report Magazine: BlogHer [MP3]
reported by Rachel Myrow, 07/25/08

Irish Times: Women who blog empowered at 'BlogHer'
by Danny O'Brien, 07/25/08

Fast Company: The Fast 50 Reader Favorites of 2008
BlogHer is #12, 07/24/08 The Lazy Marketer's Guide to Generating WOM: Search Engines
by Jory Des Jardins, 07/24/08

Redbook Magazine: 6 Inspiring Female Bloggers
August issue

Women's Media Center: Women Ahead of the (Blog) Curve
by Melissa Silverstein, 07/24/08 From online politics to online parenting
by Misty Harris, 07/23/08

San Francisco Chronicle: 'Mommybloggers' turn their hobby into profits
by Carrie Kirby, 07/22/08

San Jose Mercury: A columnist visits world of bloggers
by Patty Fisher, 07/21/08

c|net: Women's tech conference draws Macy's, not Google
by Stefanie Olsen, 07/19/08

San Francisco Chronicle: BlogHer conference starts today in S.F. with a global presence
by Anastasia Ustinova, 07/18/08

c|net: Blogging and Bringing Home the Bacon
by Stefanie Olsen, 07/18/08

San Francisco Examiner: BlogHer, iVillage get into bed
by George Shirk, 07/18/08

Variety: IVillage teams with BlogHer
by Diane Garrett, 07/17/08

Red Herring: BlogHer Scoops Up $5 Million
by Lalee Sadighi, 07/17/08

San Francisco Examiner: The BlogHers come to town
by George Shirk, 07/17/08

c|net Daily Debrief TV: The "her" behind BlogHer
by Kara Tsuboi and Stefanie Olsen, 07/17/08

c|net: For she-bloggers, does it take a village to profit?
by stefanie Olsen, 07/17/08

New York Times, Deal Book: NBC Universal Posts $5 Million on BlogHer
by Andrew Ross Sorkin, 07/17/08

Marketing Vox: iVillage Gets into Bed with BlogHer

MediaPost: NBC's iVillage Partners With BlogHer
by Gavin O'Malley, 07/17/08

AdWeek: NBCU's iVillage Partners With BlogHer
by Mike Shields, 07/16/08

Los Angeles Times Blog: Around the Web, 7/16/08
by Chris Gaither, 07/16/08

Podcasting News: BlogHer Inks Deal With NBC Universal
by Elisabeth Lewin, 07/16/08

Silicon Alley Insider: BlogHer Raises $5M From NBC, Links With iVillage
by Michael Learmonth, 07/16/08

TechCrunch: BlogHer Inks Deal With NBC Universal, Raises $5 Million
by Calley Nye, 07/16/08

TV Week: iVillage Finds Partner in BlogHer
by Vlada Gelman, 07/16/08

Digital Media Wire: Women's Blog Network BlogHer Lands $5 Million, NBCU Deal
by Mark Hefflinger, 07/16/08

c|net: BlogHer nabs iVillage deal, NBC investment
by Stefanie Olsen, 07/16/08`

Washington Post: BlogHer Gets $5 Million Second Round From Peacock Equity; Partnership With iVillage
by Joseph Weisenthal, 07/16/08

Advertising Age: NBCU Invests in BlogHer for iVillage; Sets Up Ad Network
by Brian Steinberg , 07/16/08

Paid Content: BlogHer Gets $5 Million Second Round From Peacock Equity; Partnership With iVillage
by Joseph Weisenthal, 07/16/08

Fausta's Blog Talk Radio: Heading to BlogHer!
Hosted by Fausta, 07/15/08

The New York Times: ‘Sesame’ Upgrading Its Address on the Web
by Elizabeth Jensen, 07/15/08

San Francisco Daily/Daily Post: Fall preview for fashionistas
by Carla Scheifly, July 14, 2008

Marketwire: Six Apart Partners With Silicon Valley Moms Group on Their Summer Road Trip '08

Omaha Action 3 News: Traveling Bloggers Make Pit Stop in Omaha
by Chriss Knight, 07/14/08

Fast Company: Crock-Pot meals rocket Millbrae woman to stardom
by Christine Morente, 07/11/08

NorthxEast: Fifty most influential female bloggers
by Leo Babauta, 07/10/08

Gainesville Sun/The Ledger: 'Mommy Blogs' Grow With Women Online
by Stacy Fournier, 07/10/08 Dealing with Age Difference
by Shawn Conner, 07/09/08

The Virginian Pilot: Another chore added to mom's list: the blog
by Elizabeth Simpson, 07/07/08

The Buffalo News: Thank you for sharing
by Andrew Z. Galarneau, 6/29/08

CNN iReport: Heading to BlogHer in Second Life?
by Lila King, 06/28/08

Mashable: Couric Does YouTube
by Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins, 06/25/08

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Nightly worries: bed-wetting challenges parents, children
by Kellie B. Gormly, 06/17/08

CNN: CNN Newsroom
06/14/08 Employing a Blog Strategy? You Get what You Pay For.
by Jory Des Jardins, 006/13/08

AOL Hot Seat on BlogTalkRadio: Morra Aarons of BlogHer asks..., referencing AOl Hot Seat Poll
by MediaLizzy, 06/05/08

Yahoo! Tech: Study: Women blog more, watch less TV
by Gina Hughes, 06/03/08

Huffington Post: Mediabistro Hosts A Circus in New York City
by Marcia G. Yerman, 06/03/08

The New York Times: Slumber Parties Go Digital
by David Carr, 06/02/08

The Washington Post: The Trail: McCain Aide Sees Sexism, a View That Fits a Pattern
by Garance Franke-Ruta, 06/02/08

Palm Beach Post: Underlying questions fester after boy's class dismissal
by Cara Fitzpatrick, 05/31/08

Advertising Age: 3 Minute AdAge: A new report on the demographics of female blogging
by David Azer, 05/30/08 Who Gives a Tweet? MommyBloggers Do
by Jory Des Jardins, 05/30/08

Information Week: Like It Or Not, You're An Internet Exhibitionist
by Mitch Wagner, 05/29/08

Orlando Sentinel: Health & Wellness on BlogHer
by the Healthy Living bloggers, 05/29/08

Advertising Age: Study Shows Blogging Now 'Mainstream' Among Women
by Beth Snyder Bulik, 05/28/08

Bust Magazine: Hot Dates
June/July issue

KPFK Radio: Feminist Magazine [MP3]
Interviewed by Lynn Harris Ballen, 05/21/08

Fast Blogging: Changing the Face of Publishing, Branding, and People’s Lives
by Saabira Chaudhuri, 05/20/08

Entrepreneur Magazine: 8 Female Techies
by Lena West, 05/19/08

Poynter Online: BlogHer Interviews Barack Obama
by Kim Pearson, 05/19/08

eMarketer: Do Blogs Influence Female Consumers?
05/19/08 Avoid "Real-Washing" When Addressing Body Image in the Blogosphere
by Jory Des Jardins, 05/16/08

The Washington Times: McCain widens dialogue on blogs
by Stephen Dinan, 05/16/08

Wired: McCain Campaign Pioneers A First: Courting Lefty Bloggers
by Sarah Lai Stirland, 05/16/08

Internet Retailer: 57% of women who read blogs say blogs influenced purchasing decisions

San Francisco Chronicle: In parenthood, sometimes a blog is born
by Ellen Lee, 05/11/08

Fitness Magazine: Body Confidence 2.0: How Technology Is Changing Women's Body Image
by Julia Savacool, May, 2008

MediaPost: Women Would Sacrifice Almost Anything But Chocolate For Blogging
by Jack Loechner, 05/09/08

BizReport: Take my PDA but leave me the chocolate
by Helen Leggatt, 05/09/08

Today: Moms! Check out these top blogs

Advertising Age: How to Market to Moms
by Marti Barletta, 05/07/08

The Modesto Bee: What happens when housework gets sexy? Choreplay
by Michele Hoos, 05/05/08

The Star Ledger: J&J sees potential in blogger power
by Jeff May, 05/04/08

San Antonio Express News: The shape of self-acceptance
by Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje, 05/01/08 Women Bloggers: Whom Do We Trust?
by Jory Des Jardins, 04/30/08

Small Business Computing: Driving Business from Bloghers
by Jennifer Shaheen, 04/30/08

North Jersey Record: Mommy blogs are gaining visibility
by Colleen Diskin, 04/30/08

The Stockton record: More S. J. women joining the blogosphere
by Jo Ann Kirby, 04/21/08

eMarketer: Women Take to Blogging

M2W Essential Resources: New BlogHer study finds women drawn to the blogosphere
by Patti Minglin, 04/18/08

Adotas: Want Her Business? Find Her On Blogs
by Yvonne DiVita, 04/18/08

American Public Media's Future Tense: A new social media study finds many women put a great deal of trust in blogs (MP3 file)
Interviewed by Jon Gordon, 04/16/08

San Francisco Chronicle: Women and their blogs
by Ellen Lee, 04/14/08

CBS News: Couric & Co: Meet The Parents (Who Blog)
by Katie Couric, 04/07/08

North Jersey Herald News: Women bloggers unite [Reg. Required]
by Staci Schillaci, 04/03/08

Huffington post: The New Media Environment: Paths to Understanding
by Mahmood N. Al-Yousif, 04/02/08

Los Angeles Times and San Jose Mercury: Yahoo hopes women take a Shine to site
by Jessica Guynn, 04/01/08

Highland Today: There's No Charity Lacking In Blogosphere
by Karl Erikson, 03/31/08

Cleveland Family: A Star is Born from Her Binary Form
by Jill Miller Zimon, 03/31/08

Austin-American Statesman: Author! Author! (And Publisher!)
by Omar L. Gallaga, 03/23/08

DM News: Recommendations rule both on and offline: SES panel
by Ellen Keohane, 03/19/08 How Can Help Bloggers
Interviewed by Susan Gunelius, 03/12/08

Chicago Tribune: Off with their heads! A cover art mystery stalks the book world
by Nara Schoenberg, 03/12/08

Marketing Matters with M7 podcast: How Green Blogging Can Benefit Your Brand
Interviewed by Lisa Orrell, 03/11/08

TechRepublic: TechRepublic Exclusive: Elisa Camahort, co-founder of BlogHer
interviewed by Sonja Thompson, 03/06/08

Good and Green Essentials Newsletter: Getting Your Green Out: The Blogosphere and Beyond
by Molly Logan Anderson, February 2008

M2Moms Essentials Newsletter: Building Connections For Moms: Everyone Wins
by Molly Logan Anderson, February 2008

The Lab with Leo LaPorte: Episode #153: How the web’s number one guide to blogging by women was grown from the ground up. Download the video here
Interviewed by Leo LaPorte, 02/25/08/em>

Women For Hire TV: Lisa Stone, CEO BlogHer
A video promotional spot, 02/25/08

PROMO Interactive: “Mommy Bloggers” and the Marketers Who Get Them—or Don’t
by Brian Quinton, 02/19//08

Adotas: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Web 2.0
by Yvonne DiVita, 02/19/08

Media Bullseye: Some Advice on Reaching Out to Mommy Bloggers
by Susan Getgood, 02/13/08

KRLD Talk Radio: Lisa Stone provided commentary on blogs, politics and Super Tuesday

The San Jose Mercury: Five friends who rallied around Edwards had to make tough second choice
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 02/05/08

ABC News Now: Women Go Blogging For Dollars and Blogger's Tips for Making Money
Hosted by Tory Johnson, 01/25/08

Milwuakee Journal Sentinel: Moms find new connections, outlets through blogs
by Kathy Flanigan, 01/21/08

San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area Biz

KDHX's Topic A: Topic A for Monday, January 14, 2008: Morra Aarons
hosted by Thomas Crone and Amanda Doyle, 01/14/08

SFGate's Bay Area Biz Blog: Movers and Shakers
by Karen Hata, 01/13/08

Huffington Post: Who Are the Women's Vote? Here Are Some Voices
by Morra Aarons-Mele, 01/10/08/em>

ClickZ: Execs & Accounts for January 9, 2008
by Matthew G. Nelson, 01/09/08

Future Now: The 2007 Marketing to Women Awards
by Holly Buchanan, 12/31/07

CNN: CNN Newsroom
Moderated by Drew Griffin, 12/30/07 Blogs for Women
by Lindsey Hodges, 12/24/07

Forbes: How To Market To The Modern Mom
by Lisa LaMotta, 12/18/07

The Barre Times/Montpelier Argus: Every woman's vote is fair game this election
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 12/14/07

Openers, the Cleveland Plain Dealer's olitical Blog: Blog roundup: Dec. 13
by cjindra, 12/13/07

Chickonomics Chat: Meet Elisa Camahort: Co-Founder of BlogHer, The Top Online Women's Network
by Lisa Orell, 12/11/07

The San Jose Mercury: Election 2008: Every woman's vote is fair game
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 12/10/07

Second Life Cable Network: Virtual Business Innovators - Automotive IQ
by Onder Skall, 12/06/07

San Jose Business Journal: Advertising buzz turns blogs into hot investment properties
by Adrienne Sanders, 11/30/07

Startup Princess: Featured Interview: Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder of BlogHer
by Kelly Anderson, 11/29/07

The Daily Herald: The power of mommy bloggers
by Jamie Sotonoff, 11/27/07

The San Mateo Times/Inside Bay Area/The Argus/The Oakland Tribune: As more women flock online, BlogHer caters to what they want
by Janis Mara, 11/19/07

CNN: Reliable Sources
moderated by Howard Kurtz, 11/18/07

The Capital Times: Moms online
by Katie Dean, 11/14/07 Up Next For TMZ Creators: The Mommy Market
by Louis Hau, 11/13/07

Spokesman Review: When a blooming blog business vanishes into the ether
by Frank Sennett, 11/12/07

Contra Costa Times: BlogHer becomes online success
by Janis Mara, 11/09/07

Parenting Teens Online: It Takes a Virtual Village: The Blogging Mom Phenomenon
by Jennifer Williamson, 11/01/07

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: More women are entering the blogosphere -- satirizing, sharing and reaching a key demographic
by Mackenzie Carpenter, 10/31/07 Video Network: Better To Invest In Online
by Poppy Harlow, 10/25/07

The San Jose Mercury: She's Geeky conference takes aim at Silicon Valley's male-skewed culture
by Mike Swift, 10/22/07

CNN: Left vs. Right, featuring Blogher Political Director Morra Aarons

The San Francisco Chronicle: Yes, some blogs are profitable - very profitable
by Sam Zuckerman, 10/21/07

Telegraph (UK): Battle of the blogging sexes?
by Ceri Radford, 10/15/07

AdWeek: Art & Commerce: Death by YouTube
by Andrew Keen, 10/15/07 Racepoint Group launches social commerce division

The San Francisco Chronicle: Know the target market when promoting your business on social networking sites
by Ilana DeBare, 10/10/07

The Contra Costa Times: Group helps entrepreneurs launch
by Janis Mara, 10/10/07

The San Jose Mercury News: Mommy blog spreads the campaign news
by Sue Hutchison, 10/07/07

Typepad Featured Blogger: BlogHer Co-founder Lisa Stone's Surfette is chosen as a Typepad Featured Blogger

Forbes Magazine: Anonymity and the Net
by Victoria Murphy Barret, October Issue, cover story

The New York Times: Women, Politics and the Internet
by Katharine Q. Seelye, 10/01/07

Entrepreneur Magazine: Keep Them Posted
by Gwen Moran , October issue

O'Reilly Network: The Power Users of the Internet: Forging a New Women's Movement Online
by Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, 09/26/07

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: Social media network growing in significance
by Donna DeClemente, 09/16/07

The San Jose Mercury: Valley Web site draws postings from John Edwards' wife
by Julia Prodis Sulek, 09/14/07

The San Francisco Chronicle: Blogging tough way to make money - but here's how
by Ilana deBare, 09/12/07

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine: Bloggers Take Over Chicago (p. 5) and Women's Words (p.28)
by Shelly Brisbin, 09/10/07

The Washington Post: Baby questions? Check the Net for answers
by Kenneth Li, 09/06/07

BusinessWeek: Google's Newest Role: Venture Capitalist
by Aaron Ricadel, 09/04/07

CNN: CNN Newsroom, featuring Morra Aarons, on Larry Craig, John Edwards and Fred Thompson

The Huffington Post: Homemakers But Not Opinion Makers?
by Joanne Bamberger, 08/30/07

livebait.tvBlogHer Conference 2007, interview with Elisa Camahort

San Francisco Business Times: Blogging for dollars
by Adrienne Sanders, 08/24/07

CNN: Left vs. Right on Iowa Straw Poll and Logo Democratic Candidate Forum, featuring Morra Aarons

Washington Post: The Trail: Elizabeth Edwards On "Moms Blog"
by Rachel Dry, 08/03/07

Chicagoist: Women are blogtastic!
by Jocelyn Geboy, 08/02/07

ABC News: Amanda Goes to BlogHer 2007
by Amanda Congdon, 08/01/07

CNET: Women are blogging; why isn't the media listening?
by Amy Tiemann, 08/01/07

The Huffington post: Women Are Half of All Bloggers -- But Media Aren't Noticing
by Jennifer L. Pozner, 08/01/07 Female Fever
August 2007 Briefing

The American Prospect: The Original Theology of Elizabeth Edwards
by Adele M. Stan, 07/31/07

The Huffington Post: An Open Letter From the Candidates (as Imagined by PunditMom)
by Joanne Bamberger, 07/31/07

The WIP: Raise Yourself Above The Noise - BlogHer 2007 Makes "A World of Difference"
by Katharine Daniels, 07/31/07

The Huffington post:P Elizabeth Edwards Speaks Out Against Media Consolidation, for Net Neutrality, at BlogHer 2007
by Jennifer L. Pozner, 07/29/07

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny: Politics Online. Panelists mention BlogHer, albeit while getting their facts wrong!
Moderated by Michael Kransy, 07/27/07

The Chicago Tribune: Conference confronts definition of blogger
by Steve Johnson, 07/27/07

Time Out Chicago: Geek out
by Margaret Lyons, 07/26/07 Morra Aarons on the YouTube Debate
July 24, 2007

Huffington Post: Pearls Before Swine
by Julie Bergman Sender, 07/24/07

Chicago Sun-Times: Tech Matters
by Brad Spirrison, 07/23/07

New York Times: Debates to Connect Candidates and Voters Online
by Katharine Q. Seelye, 07/23/07

Current TV: Current Events: BlogHer
by Pam Torno and Lynnette Brawer, 07/21/07

Sydney Morning Herald: I am BlogHer, Hear Me Roar
by Felicity Kennedy, 07/17/07

Chicago Post-Tribune: New mothers share advice on mommy blogs
by Christin Nance Lazerus, 07/16/07

Business Lexington: Women bloggers stake their claim in online community
by David Wescott, 07/13/07

KQED: Forum with Michael Krasny: Political and Personal Civility
Panel moderated by Michael Krasny, 07/10/07

Wired Magazine: Dispatches from the Hyperlocal Future
by Bruce Sterling, 06/26/07

The New York Times: Women Build Businesses Their Way
by Marci Alboher, 06/25 online, 06/28 in print BlogHer to hold two-day conference in-world
by Cybergrrl Oh, 06/24/07

The Huffington Post: BlogHers Act: How 11,000 Women Bloggers are Organizing to Save the World
by Cooper Munroe, 06/14/07

The Washington Post: Blog to the White House
by Leslie Morgan Steiner, 06/11/07

Newsday: Finding and sorting through professional blogs
by Patricia Kitchens, 06/10/07

Newsday: Blogs at Work
by Patricia Kitchens, 06/10/07

Las Cruces Sun-News: What are you getting Dad this year?
by S. Derrickson Moore, 06/08/07

Globes Online: BlogHer co-founder at “Globes” conference
by Globes Correspondent, 06/05/07 Interview with Elisa Camahort-BlogHer
Interview by Michelle Lamar, 06/04/07

Social Computing Magazine: 'Women Are the Power Users of Web 2.0,' Says BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone
from the Social Computing Magazine News Desk, 06/01/07

In Women We Trust: INSIDE BlogHer with Lisa Stone, President, Operations and Evangelism
Interview by Mary Clare Hunt, 06/01/07 Featured Female Entrepreneur of the Week
Interview by Sian Liu, 05/29/07

The Scoble Show: BlogHer founders ready for Chicago ConFab
Interview by Robert & Maryam Scoble, 05/23/07

MSNBC.COM: Clicked: But Do We Have To See Her Thong?
by Will Femia, 05/17/07

The Sydney Morning Herald: Women bloggers blossom
by Dan Skeen, 05/08/07

Horizon Interactive Awards 2007: is a Gold Medal award winner.

The Washington Post: Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers
by Ellen Nakashima, 04/30/07

Minneapolis Star-tribune: Blog House: Tillman and Lynch: fog of war or fiction writing?
by Blog House, 04/28/07

CBS News Tech Talk: Bloggers: Manners, Please?
by Daniel Sieberg, 04/13/07

Information Week: Freedom Of Speech And Civil Discourse -- Are They Mutually Exclusive?
by Patricia Keefe, 04/13/07

USA Today: Airline website has come a long way, baby
by Laura Bly, 04/12/07

ComputerWorld: Q&A: Model for O'Reilly blogging code criticizes broad scope of plan
by Heather Havenstein, 04/11/07

ComputerWorld/MacWorld: Civility or censorship? O'Reilly proposes blogging code of conduct [reprinted at MacWorld]
by Heather Havenstein, 04/09/07

The New York Times: A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs
by Brad Stone, 04/09/07

San Jose Mercury: Fight back against the cyberbullies and trolls (an annotated Mercury News editorial)
by Vindu Goel, 04/01/07

KGO-TV 11PM Evening News: Threats in the blogosphere
by Lilian Kim, 03/28/07

BBC World Radio's World, Have Your Say: The Trolls of the Blogosphere. You can listen until 04/05/07 by going here.
Round-table discussion moderated by Peter Van Dyck, 03/29/07

Business Week: Dispatches from the Blog Battle Zone
by Catherine Holahan, 03/28/07

The Podcast Network's The Tech Conference Show: [March 07] BlogHer Business: Elisa Camahort and Lena West
Interview of Elisa Camahort by Ewan Spence, 03/26/07

PodTech Network: BlogHer: Women Power in Social Media
Interview of Lisa Stone by Jennifer Jones, 03/18/07

The Podcast Network's The Tech Conference Show: [March 07] SXSW: The Dorkbot, Make, Austin Robot Group Party
Interview of Elisa Camahort by Ewan Spence, 03/12/07

Inside My Yahoo!: BlogHer is top Inside My Yahoo suggestion, in honor of Women's History Month
March, 2007

Deseret News: A few food blogs
by Valerie Phillips, 03/07/07

c|net: Blogging your baby
by Margaret Kane, 03/05/07 BlogHer Invites Women Entrepreneurs to Attend BlogHer Business Conference
by Kelly Anderson, 03/03/07

Austin Chronicle: Where the Wild Things Blog
by Marrit Ingman, 03/01/07

BizTech Magazine: Cyber Connections: To blog or not to blog? That is the question.
by Dan Skeen, March issue Blogging Moms Spread the Word
by Kristin Edelhauser, 03/01/07

Business 2.0 Magazine: What's Cool/Gear
January/February issue

Washington Post: The Private Mommy War
by Leslie Morgan Steiner, 02/28/07

Advertising Age: MommyBlogs: A Marketer's Dream
by Stephanie Thompson, 02/26/07

BlogTalkRadio: Blog Business Success
by Wayne Hulbert, 02/22/07

Book Publishing Report: February 2007 edition

Spokesman Review: It's no longer a man's, man's, man's world
by Frank Sennett, 02/05/07

Marketing Profs Daily Fix: How Do You Build A Social Media Community? Q&A with BlogHer's Elisa Camahort
by Toby Bloomberg, 01/26/07

OMMA Magazine: Marketing to the maturing woman's heart, mind, and spirit
by Susan Kuchinskas, January 2007 issue

Scripps News: Latinas must make a choice
by Marisa Trevino, 01/24/07 Ashley: What the bloggers say

Starring Amanda Congdon: People of the Year
by Amanda Congdon, 12/22/06

CBS's Blogophile: Blogger Tom DeLay Drops Hammer On Liberals
By Melissa McNamara, 12/20/06

San Francisco Chronicle: Sometimes diamonds can cut up a country. They have fueled civil wars, but industry says situation has changed
by Ilana Debare, 12/10/06 Women Bloggers: Changing Their Worlds, Changing the World
Manifesto contributed by Elisa Camahort, 12/04/06

ZDNet: Random Thoughts from the Web 2.0 Summit
by Marc Orchant, 11/09/06

Amanda Across America: BlogHer founders video interview with Amanda Congdon, Part 1 and Part 2
Interview by Amanda Congdon, 11/07/06

San Francisco Chronicle: The people who populate Web 2.0
by Dan Fost, 11/05/06

The Star Learn to avoid "fund-raiser fatigue"
by Oseye T. Boyd, 10/30/06

WebProNews: Social Media Club - Getting On First Base
by Robert Scoble, 10/12/06

Inside Bay Area: Beginners discover blogs easy as 1, 2, 3
by Janis Mara, 10/09/06

Small Business Computing: Pocasting, Wikis and Blogs, Oh My!
by Lena West, 10/04/06

The Online Family: How to Start a Mom Blog
by Michelle Hainer, 09/06

San Francisco Chronicle: Real fear in virtual world
by David Lazarus, 09/15/06 Friday Link Harvest
by Maura Welch, 09/15/06

Moms of Reinvention by Interview: Lisa Stone, Co-founder of BlogHer
by Role Mommy, 09/14/06

Metro Silicon Valley: The Hand that Blogs the Cradle
by Vrinda Normand and Deena Bustillo, 09/13/06

Management Craft: Fireside Chat with Jory Des Jardins
Interviewed by Lisa Haneberg, 09/11/06

Wall Street Journal: Viacom Discovers Kids Don't Want Their MTV Online [Subscription required.] References a Kim Pearson post on BlogHer.
by Matthew Karnitschnig, 08/29/06

San Jose Mercury: Do Not Fear the Blogosphere
by Elise Ackerman, 08/21/06

Red Herring: She-Blogs
by Priya Ganapati, 08/14/06

Global Voices Online: Mommy Bloggers Achieve Community and Empowerment in the Lusosphere
by Jose Murilo Jr., 08/11/06

Austin Chronicle: Amid Yahootinis and freebies, a focus on the future
by Marrit Ingman, 08/03/06

The Show on 10: BlogHer '06
Video hosted by Laura Foy, 08/03/06

San Jose Mercury: Blog world finally gets it: sisterhood is powerful
by Sue Hutchison, 08/02/06

Philadelphia Inquirer: Awakening to the powerful potential of blogs
by Annette John-Hall, 08/02/06

Wired News: Huffington Peers Beyond Politics
by Kathleen Craig, 08/02/06

San Jose Mercury: In the Blogosphere
by Elise Ackerman, 07/31/06

KRON TV: KRON 4's Brian Shields reports on Blogher 2006 in San Jose
by Brian Shields, 07/30/06

San Francisco Chronicle: Advertisers circle realm of blogging
by Justin Berton, 07/30/06

San Jose Mercury: How Are Blogs Changing Your World (Page 1C Business section)

c|net: Blogging, her way
by Daniel Terdiman, 07/28/06

Information Week: Women Bloggers Gather in Silicon Valley
by Antone Gonsalves, 07/28/06

San Jose Mercury News: Female Bloggers Revving Up
by Michelle Quinn, 07/28/06

SF Gate: BlogHer blows up
by Justin Berton, 07/27/06

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Women make themselves heard through blogs

Inside Bay Area/Oroville Mercury Register: Women get their blog on
by Ryan Sholin, 07/26/06

Guidewire Connections - Inside Innovators: Inside Innovators talks with BlogHer's Elisa Camahort
Podcast Interview by Cathy Brooks, 07/24/06

The San Francisco Chronicle: Study Challenges Myths About Bloggers
by Joe Garofoli, 07/19/06

The Boston Globe: Women tap the power of the blog. Site's a key connection.
by Maura Welch, 07/17/06

Bay Area BusinessWoman: Women's Voices Boom in the Blogosphere.
by Rose Aguilar, July, 2006

The Austin American-Statesman: Finding her voice on the web: Pluck adds women-only stream to its blog feed.
by Lori Hawkins, 06/26/06

The Huffington Post: Women and Blogging: My Conversation with BlogHer's Jory Des Jardins
by Russell Shaw, 05/30/06

KCBS Radio: Bay Area Women Track Female Bloggers
Recap of radio segment by Patti Reising, 05/28/06

Contra Costa Times: Call them equal opportunity bloggers
Audio Interview and Blog Excerpts
Join an
Online Q&A with BlogHer Founders Tuesday May 23rd from 10AM-12PM
by Jessica Guynn, 05/21/06

San Jose Mercury News: Discussions about M-word -- money -- gain currency
by Sue Hutchison, 05/17/06

Silicon Beat: Friday fish wrap
by Michael Bazeley, 05/12/06

MediaPost: BlogHer Hatches Vertical Blog Network
by Gavin O'Malley, 05/12/06 BlogHer Launching Ad Network For Blogs By Women; First Category, Parenting
by Staci Kramer, 05/11/06

Online Journalism Review: Can newspapers do blogs right?
by Robert Niles, 04/23/2006

Washington Post: Blogging's Boundaries
by Vickie Elmer, 03/15/2006

The Austin Chronicle: The Consequences of Getting Personal
by Marritt Ingman, 03/03/2006

The San Francisco Chronicle: The Feminine Blogstique
by Carrie Kirby, 07/30/2005

New West Front Page: Women's Wisdom: An Interview with BlogHer's Lisa Stone
by Courtney Lowery, 04/14/2006

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