Press Your Discipline Button on these Life-Instances

A Chinese proverb says “Women hold up half the sky”. Now, how true is that? Well, one cannot deny the fact that women have the power to make or break mankind. Age and time have shown that she is no less than a man. So isn’t it important for every woman to be at her gentle best as a mother, as a home maker and the many roles she plays to make a better living or a happy family?

Not impossible. Here are few instances or common women practices that can to be checked upon every time they happen.

Being too much social

It is a proven theory that often women get into trouble when they try to over-socialize. There are parties, social meetings and other occasions where they get to mingle with one another. This is where most of the problems begin. This is where many habits like drinking, smoking, partying, developing relationships, spending and all the dangerous practices begin in life. Late night parties and not sleeping enough are slow and silent killers. Being insecure about your body also starts as result of socializing. You must be happy as long as you are comfortable with what you are and how you are.

Not knowing what your age calls for

While it is quite common for teens to enjoy lives and be care-free, you will do a world of good for yourself if you can seek guidance from your parents or guardians. However, this attitude has to change as you start aging. An elderly woman with kids needs to show the way for the next generation and therefore has to get rid of her teenage practices.

Drinking or smoking while you are pregnant or even doing the same in front of kids will do no good for your little ones. Similarly you may reduce your partying time or look for kid-friendly parties and occasions. Never try to match men drink for drink.

Messing up with makeup and outfits     

The ill effects of makeup are explained time and again. There are number of things woman does to show herself off. Unfortunately, many of these practices are unhealthy. Some of them include wearing high heels, wearing tight bras and underwear, carrying heavy handbags, sleeping with makeup, avoiding breast feeding and the list goes on and on. It is always better to fit into clothes that best suit you rather than choose the ones that are most fashionable today. Don’t go for outfits that are too tight or too loose. Practice being natural or the way things are meant to be rather than forcing the issue.

And finally, the age-old habits   

Though not particularly dangerous, women are known for their age-old habits like gossiping, inability to keep secrets, attitude problems, problems with relationships, their liking towards foreseeing the future and love for expensive jewels and outfits.

Though all these are common among men, women are somehow found to be the better culprits when it comes to problems associated with gossiping, attitude and inability to keep personal and family matters within. It is obvious that women who love party have more room to spend than men. Women get better attentions at parties and therefore the need to look good and rich are understandable. Women at home or depressed women are more likely to seek help from psychic readers than men. And with many online psychic reading services available today, it has become easier. It goes without saying that women spend more on jewels outfit and other fashionable items than men.   

 So, shifting to your discipline mode on these four occasions can make you a better woman. Because you deserve it!   

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