Pressing Flowers

We should have been picking the flowers for this craft, but I couldn't post this one without pictures. I just learned how to do that.

Pick flower stems. Place them face down in the pages of a phone book. See? All those phone books that come to your home DO have a purpose!

Pick thin flowers...queen anne's lace is perfect...petals of roses, because you can't dry a whole, thick flower like a rose...pieces of lavender, statice, morning glories, hydrangea, impatience, lilacs, honeysuckle,...etc.  Dry small flowers. Dry the small purple flowers that bloom on a redbud tree in the spring. Look at plants, bushes and trees for ideas.

Let them stay in the phone book for a couple of weeks, or more. When they are dry, they will feel like tissue paper. All of your flowers will not dry right. For some reason I have a hard time with white flowers, so dry a lot of them so you have enough. Carry a phone book and pair of scissors in the trunk of your car, because wild flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers you can dry.

Dry leaves to go with your projects. Rose leaves, coleus...any leaf that is pretty. Dry leaves from trees or bushes. Dry vines and use the "curly Q" effect.

When you have a book, or two, full...plan your project.

Purchase a frame, mat if you want and cardstock for the background. Lay the mat on your cardstock and LIGHTLY draw a pencil mark so you know how far you can go with your flowers. Now, draw a shape...heart, circle or square. You can also add flowers free hand.

If you are going to print something in the middle of your picture, do it now. A name, a quote or a Bible verse.

Lay your larger leaves first, following your shape. Add the larger flowers on top of the leaves. Tuck in small leaves and flowers. When you get the effect you want, gently pick up pieces, use a toothpick with a drop of Elmer's glue and secure the flowers and leaves.

Let dry overnight, so the wet glue will not mildew.

Carefully frame the picture.

We had a class on this at work and every picture was beautiful and different. It was for Mother's Day and the reports that came back to me that no matter how big or expensive the other gifts were, Mom's flower picture was the one most loved. The picture that says Forever Friends was made by my friend Cindy. I taught her how to make these pictures and she made me one for a gift. One of my treasures.


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