Preterm birth raises ADHD risk

A new study out of Sweden found a link between how early babies are born and their risk of ADHD (or more specifically, being prescribed medications for it later in life).

The researchers studied the data of more than 1 million kids between 6 and 19 and found that 7,506 of them had been prescribed an RX for ADHD.

Further analysis revealed that the kids with the highest risk of ADHD (or at least, being put on meds) were born between 23 and 28 weeks. In fact, they were 2.5X more likely to have been prescribed ADHD meds than babies born at full term. (6 in ever 1,000 babies born at full term went on ADHD meds. But 15 in every 1,000 early babies - 23 to 28 weeks - went on meds.)

And yes, they ruled out other variables like socioeconomic stuff, smoking, genetics, etc.

Here's a summary of the study: