Pretty Clever {No. 11}

Pretty Clever {No. 11}

turn your handwriting into a font *DIY* !!!
there is a wonderful free and easy handwriting font creator called myscriptfont
all you have to do is print out the template
add your handwritten alphabet and numbers into the coordinating squares
be sure to stay inside the inner lines or it will be cut off.
it's very tiny so you may need to practice once or twice.
you can also make fun drawings in the accents section.
they recommend using a black felt tip pen
first i used a regular pen
then i used a sharpie
big difference on how clear it can through.
a thinner sharpie would be good for more detailed writing.
scan your template. then name it and upload it.
then download your font and install it to your fonts or font book:
krystina's fancy handwriting
now go make some fun things:
the cool thing about fonts is you can make them any color you want :)
type a quote:
change it to your font:
change the colors :)
you can also use your font to address envelopes!

saves you time and your hand if you are sending out lots of letters!
you can make dozens of fonts the possibilities are endless!

i can't wait to see your DIY's today :)

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