Pretty Dress Repaired

A while ago I got a very pretty dress in the mail, all the way from Paris.

The dress was a gift from a good friend, who had enough faith in me to believe I could repair it.

It was in almost perfect condition, all the rhinestones in place and all the pretty flovers too.

It just needed a little repair in the front, where the over-skirt had been torn and lovingly, but perhaps not expertly repaired.

First I ripped out the existing repairs and trimmed the considerably frayed edges.


Then I ripped the top-stitching on the waistband a bit back and fastened the over skirt securely by hand with buttonhole stitch (the right part of the photo below).  

Then I replaced the top stitching by hand wit hback stitch (the left side of the photo).

To secure the flimsy fabric one extra time, I crocheted a length of lace from golden thread and fastened it by hand, directly below the waistband, sewing through all layers .

(The lace is visible above).

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