Pretty Little Liars is a pretty good teen drama

Although Pretty Little Liars series had started only recently, it has been pretty successful in acquiring great heights. The series is quite breezy and instantly enjoyable. The Pretty Little Liars episodes are so amazing that in five years it has become one of the biggest hits with approximately one million viewers watching it every week.


The show is based on high school goers who are affected by the mysterious death of their best friend. The show has been quite successful in its attempt of mindless entertainment. The tremendous response received by the show took even the network by surprise. The third episode of the series drew 2.7 million viewers which broke the records of season finale of Gossip Girl, which drew approximately 1.9 million viewers. People even sought to watch Pretty Little Liars online after ABC Family ordered an additional 12 episodes to the series which raised the number of episodes from 10 to 22.


Despite the fact that it is being aired on ABC Family, it is not family friendly at all as it is a story of teenage girls who uncover a mystery. They have to search for someone whose name starts with the initial “A” who is sending them quite nasty messages.


The plot of the show makes it different from other teen shows like Gossip Girl and 90210. The show is quite slow paced as compared to other such shows which move at quite an amazing pace. Other shows don’t give much attention to the consistency of the storyline. Sometimes these shows portray a teen character doing something quite outrageous which is inappropriate for his age. They may also often portray extremely crazy outfits. On the contrary, if you watch Pretty Little Liars, the story takes its own time to unfold and does not lose its credibility at all.


Another aspect of teenage shows that Pretty Little Liars has avoided is the too much involvement of adult characters. There are adult characters and they have their own problems too. But these characters do not take the centre stage. Every issue of these adult characters is visualized through the eyes of teen characters and is dealt only with relation to how it will affect the teenagers.


As the Pretty Little Liars episodes are progressing, the show is getting creepier than before as the girls try to unearth the secret behind the identity of A. But along with the mysterious adventures of the girls, there is an element of humor also involved in the show. Even when matters take a worse turn, the girls don’t take it too seriously.



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