Pretty Pink Barbie Bridal Shower

In case you can’t tell yet, my little sister’s name is Barbie. She is named after my grandmother and has fully embraced the name. Some people say, “What were your parents thinking?!” but really, she loves her name and takes full advantage of the paraphernalia with her name. The closest things out there to Kat are cats themselves. I hate cats.

For her bridal shower I began an inspiration board a few months ago. From that inspiration board I focused in on a few key elements that I wanted to bring to her bridal shower. I settled on a pink candy buffet, pink donuts (I wanted to do cupcakes but since cupcakes would be a part of the wedding, I didn’t want to/couldn’t compete with them). My sister in law and I made pendant flags to decorate with. I spray painted a large tree branch and hung it with bagged cotton candy with custom labels and pink beaded necklaces. The idea was to use pink crystal rock candy but my shipment was delayed.

Thank goodness for all of the breast cancer research fundraising products out there;

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