Pretty, Pretty Dancing Panda and 7 Random Facts

Pretty, pretty dancing! Panda dancing, to be specific. Since I had such a nice day today, I thought I would make a quick, random blog post about one of my favorite commercials. For Snickers. I hate commercials, but this one is gold. It's quirky, like me.


If I had been named Amanda I would have insisted on being called "Amanda Panda."


Back story: This Snicker's commercial came out in 2000, when I was in high school. On a class trip to Europe, 50+ girls from my high school and I quoted and danced along with torn-out magazine pictures of panda bears (this was when you could get away with hanging out in the aisles of airplanes for short periods of time). We tried in vain to explain its awesomeness to Italian and French boys we met, and even though they acted interested, I don't think they quite understood the humor. Thanks for trying, Europeans.
I thought it was the funniest commercial I had ever seen as a teenager and it's nice to know that it has stood the test of time. Excuse the pixels, it's old school like Nintendo.

Here's for you to enjoy, please view it on YouTube at: (couldn't include the video, sorry)


Also, Lady J's blog ( won her first award! Thank you, Lady Unemployed for this honor. Yippie!

Nomination Rules:

1. Post the [above] award image to your blog. (Check)
2. Link the person who awarded you. (Check)
3. Post 7 random things about you. (Okay so here’s the fun part)

Random Facts:
1. I am left handed 2. I once ran from airport security in Dallas, Texas. I messed with Texas and lived to tell the tale. 3. I sang karoke all night, one night in a gay bar in Rome. It was an amazing good time. 4. When I was in kindergarten I told my teacher I thought the coolest job in the world was a waitress. 5. I graduated with high honors from college. 6. I'm sensitive to the fact that I have never been one of those people who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up; I have never been the kind of person who had a clear title in their head and have always envied people who knew what they wanted to be at a young age. I was more interested in being fictional characters like Nancy Drew or Murphy Brown. I just know I want to write and talk to people. And make money doing it.

7. I spent most of my childhood and adolescence doing theatre. I know where Stage Right is.

And 4., nominate 6 relatively new blogs:

Go eat a Snickers,

Lady J

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