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BlogHer Food '09
September 26, 2009
St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco

The first annual BlogHer Food event was held at the St. Regis in fabulous San Francisco, California. 

We enjoyed 300 bloggers, 11 sponsors, and 26 speakers - a great way to start a new event!  We live-blogged all of our sessions with the help of our live-bloggers, took great photos and just had an over all wonderful time.

Here are the BlogHer Food 09 details:







BlogHer '09 - In Real Life
July 24 & 25, 2009
Sheraton Chicago

The 5th annual BlogHer conference was held at the fabulous Sheraton Chicago and to say we took over the hotel is an understatement. 

With nearly 1500 bloggers, 60 sessions, 160 speakers, 21 community keynoters, this was the largest BlogHer event to date!  BlogHer took greater steps this year to be green with the help of the green team and enjoyed more than 40 key sponsors.  We were LiveBlogging and taking video - it was everything you wanted and more under one roof.  In addition to all this fabulous '09 content we announced BlogHer '10 in New York City!

Here are the BlogHer '09 details:



Community Keynote

Green Initiatives


LiveBlogging sponsored by V-Tech

Live Video

BlogHer '10 - New York Hilton

Of course we would like to recognize the BlogHer's who participated in our various committees:

Tech Committee

International Activist Scholarship Selection Committee

Green Committee

Community Keynote Selection Committee


BlogHer Business '09
July 23, 2009

Sheraton Chicago

The BlogHer Business Conference is an annual "crash course" on best
practices for reaching the most influential and powerful consumers --
women online -- in the quickly evolving social media world.
Attendees find themselves on fertile ground for innovative
ideas, interacting with a mix of social media experts, business
bloggers, and brand marketers who have experience building campaigns
and working in social media environments.

This year was no exception!

With an agenda packed full of case studies, preeminant speakers and a closing conversation on best practices BlogHer Business delivered insight on the fastest evolving social media audience - women.

Here are the details:




Case Studies


BlogHer '08 Reach Out Tour
October 11 - Boston, MA

October 13 - Washington, DC

About BlogHer's First Reach Out Tour
This October, BlogHer hit the Northeast with two exciting conferences: BlogHer BOSTON on October 11 and BlogHer DC on October 13. These one-day conferences featured a broad range of topics and speakers, cocktail parties for networking and socializing, and a little bit of local flavor. We focused on topics that seem to resonate strongest in these cities, and looked to local bloggers to help lead the discussions.

Click here for the BlogHer Conferences Blog, which features all of our conference-related information.

Specifically, you can find live blogs of the conference sessions below:

Click here for the BlogHer Boston liveblogs.
Click here for the BlogHer DC liveblogs.

You can also see some real-time feedback from our Twitter feeds by clicking here for Boston or here for DC.

Or follow any of the quick links below to find out more about the BlogHer '08 Reach Out Tour:




Logistics- Boston

Logistics- DC


BlogHer '08
July 18-20, 2008

San Francisco, CA

About BlogHer '08
BlogHer's annual conference is like no other -- it is the thrilling diversity of the blogosphere come to life! Over 1000 bloggers came together in San Francisco to enjoy technical labs, educational workshops, intense discussion sessions, sponsored activities and events, speakers from every corner of the blogosphere (established and new), and plenty of opportunities to network and socialize.

Click here for the BlogHer '08 Blog, which features all of our conference-related information.

Specifically, you can find live blogs of the conference sessions here.

Session podcasts
Conference-related video, including some sessions

You can also see some real-time feedback from our Twitter feeds by clicking here.

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Second Life


BlogHer Business '08
April 3-4, 2008

New York, NY

Click here for the BlogHer Business '08 Blog.

About BlogHer Business

BlogHer Business puts you in a room with the world's leading social media practitioners, bloggers and other businesses in an intimate setting to strip away the hype and hyperbole and get to the heart of what will make social media work for your organization. We know you understand that your customers are where the action is, and our event is designed to help you Reach! them.

Check out live-blogging of the conference sessions here.

Click here for podcasts of the sessions, or you can click here to get the podcasts on iTunes (you must have iTunes installed on your computer for this link to work).

Session videos and interviews are also available here.

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BlogHer '07: A World Of Difference

A World of Difference

July 27-29, 2007

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Here's all the basic conference information at a glance.

Check out live-blogging of the conference sessions here.

Check out press coverage from the conference here.

Or follow any of the quick links below to find out more about...

Day One

Day Two


Venue, hotels




BlogHer '07 buttons

BlogHer store

BlogHer in Second Life!

Second Life Schedule


BlogHer Business '07: BlogHer's First Annual Business Event

March 22-23, 2007

Affinia Manhattan Hotel, New York, NY

Check out BlogHer Business' live-blogs

Or get all the event details here.


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You are always welcome to participate! Here are some way in which you can join us:

-Open calls for speakers, session ideas and recommendations on same. (In other words, even if you don't want to speak, please forward us the people you would love to hear speak.)

-Room of Your Own sessions:
It's inevitable that the official BlogHer schedule will not include every topic of interest to BlogHer attendees. If you want to fill a hole, then propose a Room of Your Own session. These are sessions proposed and planned by BlogHer attendees. We provide the room, the A/V, the coffee...and the promotion. You provide the content. In 2006 we had so many Room of Your Own session proposals we put it to a community vote. The top 6 were added to the schedule. More on the Room of Your Own concept is here.

-Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions: We set aside open time and blank clipboards and let people self-organize into groups. This post describes how we did it at BlogHer '06. Previous popular topics have ranged from "Mommies who use profanity in their blogs" to "Single bloggers" to "The Ethnorati" to "Flickr users" to "Food and Drink bloggers." Anything literally can form a group of 2 or 22 around your topic. It's a great way to break the ice and find like-minded individuals in the crowd.

-BlogHerships and volunteerism: For each conference we provide blogherships (free conference registrations) in exchange for being an official conference live-blogger. This is a great option for bloggers who could not otherwise afford to attend. Other volunteer opportunities have included graphic design, IT consulting, audio production, sponsor, speaker or volunteer "wrangling" and so on. Some people were able to add their efforts to their CV; some people were able to learn or improve their skills; some people were able to meet a posse of people they would not have connected to on their own. Everyone was able to feel like they were a part of making BlogHer happen.

-Feedback, feedback, feedback:
Here at BlogHer we throw a lot of ideas out there and see what sticks. We typically publish posts describing every single session or activity and ask what would entice you to attend it. You have the chance to share your thoughts on everything from what you would like to learn about digital photography to whether or not you're interested in a Conference Swap Meet.

If you have an opinion, we want to hear it.