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I have no idea how much a decent sized pumpkin costs. We bought five pumpkins of various types and sizes from a pumpkin patch and we spent $20ish dollars on them. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less - I don't really remember (which is probably why I'm always more "broke" than I think I should be, right?)

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I was sending an email a minute ago about "money" and was at the same time thinking that I don't have a pumpkin post ready to blog today and suddenly the two topics just merged together and here I am - wondering about the cost of pumpkins.

The Schaake farm raised the price of pumpkins 35 cents to combat the cost of fuel this year. They still don't charge for hayrides or their corn maze. I'm impressed by that since I had to pay for the corn maze (and would have had to pay for a hayride if we'd taken one.)

I've never expected a visit to a pumpkin patch to include a free pumpkin but Where the Wild Things Are was surprised to find she had to pay for her pumpkin.

Maybe I got a good deal on my pumpkins? Amy is talking about $20 pumpkins in this post but the pictures she's showing on her blog look like normal sized pumpkins - maybe the $5 type??

TW just walked past me and I asked how how much pumpkins are - she says $7 a piece unless you get them at Fresh Market and they're $20 a piece and then she started to rant about our inability to find a decent pumpkin last year at any place EXCEPT Fresh Market and thank goodness, she's gone now... rant over.

Hmmm $7. I don't think they cost that much at the Great Lakes Navy Commissary but I'm not really sure. At Dominicks, our local supermarket - they have large pumpkins for $4.99 a piece (and there appears to be a $1 coupon in the weekly sale paper.) But, at Safeway (related to Dominicks) in Redwood City, CA they have a different pumpkin special in their sale paper - "Fairy Tale Pumpkins" are $6.99 (and yes, looking more closely at the ad indicates that "Fairy Tale" = "large" - size matters?)

How much are pumpkins in your area? Are they more expensive this year than last?

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