“May I show you to your state room Princess Adanna?”  A tall man with no hair asked her.

            “Princess!” Adanna dropped her bags, took a step back and looked towards her father.  He was gone.

            “I don’t know why you came upon the servants entrances.”  He looked her up and down.  “Can I show you to your room?”  He asked picking up her bags.   He had on a uniform and a badge and Adanna thought it was all right to follow him.

            “OK.”  Adanna said letting the man lead the way.

Adanna drew in the exquisiteness and luxury of the ship.  They walked through a huge dining room with gold doorknobs and crystal chandeliers hanging very high on the ceiling.

“Princess Evola.” The man said bowing down.  The two Princesses looked at each other and gave a slight giggle. The laughter told each other that they both could not believe that they were princesses.

            Through the twist and turns, ups and downs, Adanna couldn’t find her way to the bath room he had just point out. He opened the door and led her down a corridor of rooms.

            “OK.”  He said stopping at a door with the number 23 embossed on it.  He set the bags down, pushed opened the door and peered inside.

            “I’ll be back.”  He smiled, turned, and hurried down the hallway. 

Adanna stood in the hallway for five minutes waiting as she leaned on the wall.

A handsome young man walked by.  His skin was the color of brown sugar and his hair was in breaded twist like a rapper. He had a muscular build, cute eyes and a dazzling smile.

“Hello.”  He said bowing.  He continued on walking into the room next door. 

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