Princess Bubble and God

Princess Bubble's message is that true happily ever after comes from loving God, helping others and liking who you already are.

We, the authors, are Christians. But, we have had support for our message from many of other faiths. Like, Wendy Shalit of the Modesty Zone. (Great site if you are not familiar) But every now and then, we run in to someone that questions the marketability of a book that mentions God.

Has our country really become God-less? I believe the majority of Americans believe in some higher being. I am sure there is a small percentage of our country that are atheist. But the agnostic people Kim and I have encounter seem to be jealous of our faith. They wish they believed in something; but have just not felt their hearts pierced or touched by God as we have felt.

I would love to hear other people's views. Would you be offended by the mention of God?

We are not changing our message because it is far more important to us to change lives, encourage girls and women and share this message with the world than to be marketable.

God bless America and all Princesses!


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