Princess Bubble Mourns the loss of Another Princess!

Princess Bubble Mourns the loss of Another Princess!

We are so sad to report the loss of another one of our favorite princesses! (This summer we lost a young artist, Shelby Fulton of Monroe,LA) This week Caroline Kirk lost her battle with Niemann-Pick's Disease.

Caroline was beautiful and a true princess. She attended our Princess Bubble party in Nashville and add such a sparkle to that event.

Caroline's sister Kate also is battling Niemann-Pick's Disease. If you would like to help Kate as well as purchase a great album- a record benefiting Kate is available at Amazon. Here is the link:

If you have never heard of this disease (I had not) here is a little bit about the disease:

Niemann-Pick Type A and Type B (N-P A&B) are the two variants of a very rare genetic disease. Niemann-Pick Type B probably occurs once in a million people. This estimate is based on reported cases, and many go unreported and undiagnosed because of its obscurity. Everyone has two sets of genes, and as long as one of each set is healthy, the existence of a faulty partner gene will not result in illness. In this type of disorder, the father and mother each carry a defective gene which is recessive. Once parents who each have a bad gene conceive a child, that child has a 25% chance of getting two bad genes and having the disorder.

Please take a moment to pray for Doug, Allison and Kate Kirk as they learn to live without their sweet princess and please pray for Kate to be healed of this disease.

This tragedy is another reminder that happiness is not a destination but the journey. Everyday is a gift, even though many may be filled with tears and grief! We wish happier days and send our love to the sweet Kirk family.