Princess Discussion Questions

We believe the message of Princess Bubble is true.

But we also know that sometimes and/or some people have phases of frustration that "Happily Ever After" does not work out the traditional fairy tale way in everyone's life. How do you feel?

If you want to believe the old fairy tales...

Do you deep down know that true "Happily Ever After" must come from within or do you feel another person can give you complete happiness?

Do you have to be a victim to be a princess?

Every other fairy tale princess is a victim of some sort.

Do you feel like a victim?

Are you waiting to be rescued?

Do you have to be rescued to have the fairy tale?

What makes you truly happy?

Retail therapy makes everyone happy for an instant.

But what makes you happy long after?

What makes you smile with the memory?

Helping someone?

Time with family and friends?

Being yourself and feeling accepted?......