The Princess of Garbage Day

I am cleaning out my basement. I clutch my box of Hefty Unltra-flex Garbage Bags, inhale the musty aroma and repeat the mantra – it’s good to let go.

Feng Shui says, what we amass reveals something about our inner health; old letters and photographs prove that we are loved and befriended.  Heaps of things that might “come in handy” signal a lack faith in the future. 

Equally important is where we accumulate our clutter. If our basement is brimming, we may cling to the past and the subconscious mind weighs us down. An overcrowded attic restricts high aspirations. Jam-packed junk rooms represent the experiences we haul, and constrains choices for our future.

I unearthed achievements from old newspapers and unopened gifts that I kept out of guilt. I exhumed the exalted size four jeans, with a hole in one knee. I stumbled over my college textbooks; their bindings as pristine as the day I purchased them.

I came across a 1995 instruction manual for the telephone system, where I was an office temp in between acting jobs.  That reminds me, my agent hasn’t called in seven years.

One plastic vault revealed documents that may tie my family to Sicilian royalty. My grubby baseball hat is a feeble proxy for my tiara.

The home reflects the spirit.  The list of things that need repair, and the objects we cling to for security or status-- drain us of Prana. 

I am not so enlightened that I can let go of all my memorabilia but choices strengthen my connection to the things I decide to keep.

The day I entered my first yoga class I was under the impression that I had something to acquire; a fit body, a spiritual path, like-minded friends.  But I have not attained, I have let go; releasing beliefs that do not serve me.

Yoga creates space, which allows us to receive, process and offer energy-- unencumbered by fear. Inside this sacred space we can develop the faith that we will be provided for and cherished without the aid of material things.

Practice letting go; you may not discover a jewel-encrusted crown but you might find that you are a princess on garbage day

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