Print Books or Ebooks? It doesn't matter!

Book lovers are usually the smartest people you will meet.  But this constant bickering about how superior print books are to ebooks can only be described as STUPID.  I wouldn't even use the term ignorant, because that implies they just really don't know the difference.  How can someone who reads so much not know that the story is the same no matter what way it is delivered to them?

I love the smell of old books as much as the next girl, but what I truly love is the story.  What any TRUE book lover or book nerd loves is the story.  Reading a book is like escaping into a new world fueled by the imaginations of you and the author working together.  

It's the words that matter.  The way they are put together to form sentences that form stories that move you and sweep you away.  It doesn't matter if those words are printed on a piece of paper, on a computer screen, being read to you buy someone else via audio book, scratched in sand on a beach or painted on the side of a building.

By saying ebooks are not worthy of your time or consideration, you are also saying that authors who choose to epublish are not worth your consideration.  I will admit that e-publishing has made it easier for unedited poorly written books to get into the market.  However, I can't tell you how many "New York" published books I've picked up lately that were complete crap or full of errors.  You can't judge every book by one bad one you picked up. 

Many of the "big" New York publishers are creating e-publishing only divisions and imprints.  So, if an author is published by one of these imprints and only has his or her book in ebook format, does that make his or her hard work or accomplishments any less than the author with the same publisher that has a print book.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  

 I don't care who you are or what form you put it in...if you give me a good story, I will buy it and I will read it!

I always thought people who read on a regular basis were more open minded and more tolerant of others because of the many worlds they have visited and lived in during their reading travels.  I will start believing it again when I stop seeing people tearing down ebooks and their authors and stop ridiculing people for buying ebook devices.  There is enough hate and intolerance in the real world.  Stop adding to it... and read a book.

DJ Westerfield blogs about life, books, writing, empowerment, and other randomness at The CurvyWriter Blog


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