so i recently ordered some prints from prinstagram along with this fabulous little book that you get 2 of! one for you and one for a friend :) in my case i decided to pick all the surrogacy related pictures from my instagram feed and you can flip through and watch my belly grow. it worked out great getting 2 of them for just $12.99 cause i was able to send one to Amy and Eric (parents of the twins). its wild to think they are going to be 6 months old next week. it feels like much more time has gone by since then. im excited to say i will be posting some updated pictures of the twins soon! i am super happy with the booklets along with the prints. i had some mini and mighty pictures printed and i am going to use in my project life album...thats right i am getting on the project life bandwagon! i am super excited and taking the advice of a seasoned project lifer elise blaha by scrapping at the end of every month. i am going to tackle 2014 alongside 2013 :) 2009 was the last year i scrapbooked so i have some catching up to do :/PRINTSTAGRAM DELIVERSPRINTSTAGRAM DELIVERSPRINTSTAGRAM DELIVERSPRINTSTAGRAM DELIVERSPRINTSTAGRAM DELIVERS