The private lives of Pippa Lee

I watched the movie "The private lives of pippa lee" and thought it was so refreshing how a grown women finally finds freedom. She feels trapped in a marriage and in many ways she buried who she really was. She lost her young rebellious side her free loving spirit side. She lived to please her husband and ended up losing all of her being. I'm not saying you shouldn't try to make your spouse happy or other people. But, we can't do it to the point where we lose who we are and lose the joy that is in life. I can relate to that very well. Trying to please other people and just being a shadow on the wall instead of being the person that I am. The person that God made me to be. God doesn't want us to do wrong things but God also wants us to be happy. So as long as we are not doing anything wrong then we need to embrace who we are and have some fun and put the joy of life back into our life's.

I was listening to a radio program yesterday and was enjoying it so much. It was about how laughter and joy can heal us. I find when I'm sad and I genuinely laugh it makes me feel so much better. Now making fun of others or being sarcastic that is not being funny or genuine laughing. When we genuinely laugh it is not at the expense of other people. I've been on the other end of that so I know that to be true.

Today find something that brings you joy and makes you laugh. Celebrate it and embrace it. Have some fun and embrace the person you truly are.

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