Prize-Winner Sized Star Gazer Lily

A few years ago I noticed that my neighbor's lilies were growing six feet tall. I really am not kidding. Her's were all planted out back, and they were beautiful paper white. I have all my lilies planted out front and they get oh... maybe 2 feet tall, if that. They are crowded in there, and it's pretty sunny in the front garden. Outback, it is pretty shady. That's where all the mature trees hula dance in the wind.

So I decided to plant some stargazers in the "veggie" garden in the back yard garden that will not grow vegies for me. Oh, it's working fine growing veggies for hubby... his tomato plants are as tall as me! Anyway, yesterday Nik and I met at Trader Joes and I usually buy a boquet of flowers for myself as well as for her, because for 5.99, you get a lot of smile-age out of a bunch of flowers.

But I've been sorely disappointed with the lillies that come in the bunches from the grocery store lately. And although my tigers are mostly done, the stargazers are just starting to open. I really wanted to go out an photograph them today, but I was fearful that my camera and lens might suffer from condensation. Instead, I took the clippers outside, cut off three tops and brought them inside.

I hate cutting flowers that are just starting to bloom. Really, I hate bringing outside flowers in the house because they usually come with bugs. I hate bugs. But these stargazers are just starting to open. And I haven't seen a bug. Oh and they smell so spicy sweet. And they are huge at least a teacup saucer plate wide. I might not be able to grow food, but I sure can grow stargazers!

Would you like to see? I didn't use the D800, because I was pooped from the whole photography gig today trying to get 36 megapixel photos to upload to Flickr. No, I don't know how to resize in iPhoto. Yes, I did try to look it up on Help. No, I didn't google. Yes, I am putting the camera back to 18 megapixels. (do enjoy the photos, please! They are Glacier Bay. Click here: 

iPhone 5 

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