Pro-Choice and Proud!

Planned Parenthood is once again under attack. Not just in Aurora Illinois, but probably your local Planned Parenthood also. There is an organization that is picketing PP called "40 days for Life". They stand outside and hold up signs that say ridiculous things like "Abortion causes Breast Cancer" (unbelievable) Luckily at my local PP the clients don't really care. They are coming in for Pap tests, STI work ups and yes of course abortions. I think PP needs to know that you care, so if interested you can find a great banner on my blog site that states "this blogger supports PP and you can have the link post to your own local PP. Or use this link to get the code from a myspace site and change the html to reflect your own local PP.

So all of you out there who are Pro-Choice and Proud-show your support around the blog.


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