The Problem With Mom Bloggers Is Mom Bloggers

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Kadi Prescott

I'm not gonna sugar coat this. Mom Bloggers are responsible for their own demise. It isn't a fact that I'm proud of, but a fact none the less. I have seen mom bloggers tear each other and themselves down since I started blogging back in '04.  The only way that we will ever see a change in the way we are viewed as mom bloggers (or Mother Bloggers as the NY Times now refers to us as....oh goody,)  is to be the change we want to see. We need to earn respect, act as professionals, build each other up and stop the perpetual cycle of petty behavior that the media LOVES to use as "mommy blogger" article fodder. 

My fellow business associates, Katja Presnal, Amy Bradley-Hole and Lisa Frame are with me on this. We discuss it, preach it and put it into play in our business and our own lives. Gone are the days of meaningless "Intregrity" buttons and swag whoring. Now is the start of a movement. Now is the time to blog with integrity, treat others with intergrity and live with integrity. No buttons necessary, just the call to walk the walk. If we want the respect that other niche's get, it is time to roll up our proverbial sleeves and get to work on earning it.