The Prodigal

March 22, The Prodigal, Luke 15:1-22

"We have vainly tried to work for truth and just, but we are not entirely with Christ so long as we do not take our stand alongside the outcasts." Emmanuel Mounier

In Golden Gate Park last night nineteen year old "Rush" was telling talking about how at 4:30 a.m. the park personel come into the park and run them out, and when he sleeps on the street, the same thing happens, but this time they spray water on them "cleaning the streets."

Later on Polk young people were partying and in the corners were the street people, shivling, and trying to stay warm. 

Yesterday afternoon a forty five year old man talked about being out of work for over a year and a half from his tech job, and now he is simply ready to give up looking for work.

These are the prodigals in our society--that no one wants--and we are called, each one of us to "stand alongside the outcasts", and bring them home.  If each one of the 7 per cent Christians in this City would take a stand--there would be no more outcasts. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

VegInspiration --Dr. Will Tuttle
When we come to this earth, we find ourselves in a culture that is at its very core organized around confining and killing animals for food. We are forced virtually from birth to look at beings as mere commodities and to treat them as such by eating them in the most powerful daily rituals we engage in: our meals.

All cultures naturally propagate themselves through their various institutions, and ours is no different. Our scientific, religious, governmental, educational, and economic institutions all reflect the same underlying mentality and reinforce it, which is why veganism is so strenuously resisted, and also why it is so urgently needed as well.

Fortunately, as we awaken and stop disconnecting from the suffering we cause others by our choices, we resensitize ourselves and begin to be a force for kindness and respect that can impact others, and we can work through our culture’s institutions to raise consciousness and spread the light of inclusiveness. The more clearly the inner light shines in us, the more clearly we can shine it into the world.

We must, if this process is actually happening in us, be drawn toward veganism, and it is in no way a limitation on us, but the harmonious fulfillment of our own inner seeing.

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