The Prodigal Son

My son has been in Texas for 2 days now and he has managed to meet nephews and nieces he has never met before. He has met his sister in laws and has reconnected with his 2 older brothers. He also has kept in contact with me and told me that everything seemed so fast there.

I have a fear that my son will place value over material things than on those things that matter. He seems to be getting along well with his dad and step mother. He loves his room and everyone is being supportive.

My ex-husband called me earlier and was a bit nerved up because he said Franklin had decided to go for a walk last night in the neighborhood and my ex husband lives in a nice community so there was no real danger but it was a bit late and he did not take his cell phone with him so my ex husband went out to look for him and he got a call from my son saying he was back home. Well, I told him that both boys enjoy running or walking in the evenings but he should make his position clear if he doesn't want him out after a certain time.

Things have been quiet around here, my youngest seems to be doing ok with his brother not around and that is a good thing. He is gearing up for school in the fall. Culinary Arts. I am working as usual and my fiance is building an application that will be a great tool in an arena where there isn't something like it.

Things seem to be settling down and that is a good thing. I hope things get better for my son and that he carves out his career with much success. Here's keeping you posted.

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