Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, ya'll are gonna love this!!!!! If you don't already know about this razor you better text SCHICK TO 24444 to get your free sample. I got clued in about this freebie from  http://freebies4mom.com . Heather Hernandez runs this site and her site is AWESOME!!  When I request freebies from her site I always get them. I have requested several freebies from all over the internet and from several other freebies sites. I keep track and write them down and to date the ones from  http://freebies4mom.com always and never fail to show up.

So I received the Schick Hydro Silk Razor. I couldn't  believe that Schick was sending out a sample of such value. I got mine and i was so stoked. This sample also comes with two coupons, one is $4.00 off any SCHICK HYDRO SILK REFILL, and the other 55 cents off any SKINTIMATE SHAVE GET. As you can see this is a HUGE samples with savings.

I love my razor I with mine that very night. To my surprise I am in love with this product. When it hit my legs it immediately began to moisturize and soften my skin which everything irritates my skin. I never in my life have been able to use a razor without thick lathered soap or shaving gel which in-turn still burns at time and i get left with razor burn. Hydro Silk left me with hairless soft enjoyable legs for FOUR days. Yes, that's right, I did not have to shave again for FOUR days. With most razors i must shave every other day. I was so glad that i didnt have to shave my legs again for FOUR days. I am in love with this razor and it out last any other and is great value for your money. So visit  http://freebies4mom.com and get your samples or just text SCHICK TO 24444 and you get a special link back in the text click it go to the page and fill in the form. I got mine in about 3 weeks. YOU will be so glad you did!!!!!!!