Product Review Worksheet - Free Download!

I never blog about blogging, mostly because I'm a total newb and don't really know what I'm doing. But I actually have something, albeit small, to contribute to the blogging community, so today, I'm blogging about blogging.

I don't do product reviews all the time, but some times throughout the year are busier for reviews than others, and the months and weeks leading up to Christmas are the busiest for me. It can get pretty overwhelming when my dining room table is full of items to review and my Product Reviews email folder is full of things to do. Because of this, I needed something I could print out to help me keep track of my thoughts when reviewing multiple products. I searched but couldn't find anything that fit my needs so naturally, I solved the problem by creating something on my own!

The download is a PDF file you can use to organize your product reviews.

Get it at!

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