Product Review: Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes

Recently, I made a purchase with Younique. I purchased the 3D Fiber Lashes. This isn't your ordinary mascara. This mascara is a four-step process that promises fuller and longer lashes. 

 3D Fiber lashes includes two tubes: the transplanting gel and the natural fibers. 

 Step one: Put on your everyday mascara as normal. I use Revlon's 3D Volume mascara, which you can find at your local drugstore. 

 Step two: After your regular mascara dries, coat your lashes evenly with the transplanting gel. 

 Step three: Immediately after, coat your lashes with the natural fibers. (Tip: Do one eye at a time to prevent the transplanting gel from drying up.)

 Step four: Finish up by coating your lashes once again with the transplanting gel. You can repeat step three and four to get your desired result. 

 Pros: Yes, it works. As you can tell from the picture, my lashes are much fuller and longer in the "after" picture. I used about two or three coats of Younique's product to achieve this affect. I used only one coat of Revlon in my "before" picture. It's a great alternative to using false lashes. If you don't feel like dealing with glue or don't have any false lashes on hand, I would definitely recommend adding this to your beauty bag. 

 Cons: It's a lengthy process. It's also messy, clumpy and takes quite a bit of practice. At first, I had the fiber lashes all over my face. With practice, I've learned how to keep the stray fibers and clumping to a minimum. The above picture was taken after my first time using this product. Don't be discouraged the first time you use it!

 Price: $29

 To Purchase: click here

 Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants full lashes without the hassle of using fake lashes. Personally, I like the end result of fake lashes better than using this product. For a special event, I will still use my favorite falsies. For an everyday event when I don't feel like wearing false lashes all day, I definitely pull this out! I will most likely purchase this product again ... unless I find a better drugstore solution in the meantime!

 What do you think? What's your stance on false lashes? Will you give this product a try?


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