My to Do and to Don't list...

My post today are a few of my Do's and Oh No's to keep healthy hair.                         


Do  wash your hair with a good sulfate free or sodium laureth sulfate (which is not as hard on the hair) shampoo weekly or every two weeks. Ion Effective Care, Proclaim Olive Glossing Shampoo and ALTERNA Caviar Anti Aging Shampoo are some great ones.                                                            

Do condition after every wash.                                   

Do deep condition every other week or at least twice a month.                               

Don't over use protein treatments. Too much protein is just as bad as not enough.                                                       

Don't use too much heat on your hair.        

Do use a heat protector when using heat.                                                             

Do get your ends trimmed.                        

Do seek professional help if your hair does not improve after about 2 months.

Do read labels on all of the products you purchase.                                                      

Don't buy a product just because it works on someone else, every person have different needs.                                      

Do pay attention to how your hair reacts to each product.                                              

Don't continue to use a product that you see your hair not improving with.        

Do (only if you have to) take your products to the salon with you.

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