Professional Relationships - Difference Between Passive and Gentle

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Relationships are complex, let's admit it. Professional relationships can be a special kind of challenge because often we are forced into relationship (co-workers, boss, etc.) with people we might not choose to be otherwise. Add in a touch of diversity, a ton of different styles, work pressures, and you get the picture. Learn about the difference between passivity and gentleness and how you can create better relationships in all areas of your life.

We have mixed up two very different ways of being: Passivity and Gentleness. I believe that so many of our struggles in our inner world are because our highest good knows what we are destined to be. However, our little minds have sabotaged us so we no longer know how. What this can look like is: forced kindness or “compassion” because we know we ought to be these things. This mentality is fixed in the dichotomy of right v. wrong and is another source of suffering

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