So on Friday, August, 2nd, we were able to get the full scoop from Nicky's doctor.  She had an infection that was running rampant due to the large amount of sugar in her blood.  This was on top of the diabetes.  The doc said most likely the infection was causing septecemia, causing her blood sugar to rise and fall, and making her dizzy.  In otherwords, Nicky really was sick...(sometimes it is very difficult to convince her she needs to see a doctor when she is not feeling well!).

So, antibiotics for the infection and two types of diabetes meds for now.  Her sugars were only slightly elevated in December 2012 (her last doctor visit) and the doc believes with diet and meds she could reverse the diabetes (note:  her A1C went from 6 to 8.2 in 6 months)!  This is exciting news.  While I am a bit more reserved about the whole idea of reversing the diabetes, I recognize that it is time that we both start eating better.  We need to commit to better nutrition, exercise and better health overall.  And we need to make our health our number one priority - we seem to have both put it way on the back burner for the last several years.

I'm happy to report that we've both been doing a fairly decent job of watching our carb intake at meals.  We've been cooking A LOT and skipping the fast food, though we do still rely somewhat on frozen meals.  We even had baked salmon for dinner twice last week (I'm not a fish person...but I'll share the recipe if anyone is interested).  Nicky's efforts have brought her a weight loss of 2 pounds.  Mine have not yielded any weight loss results as of yet, but I am hopeful. 

I will continue to post updates on our status.  The good and the bad.


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