Progressing toward health through food

I  started making changes to the foods we ate as well as what I cooked. I  completely changed what we ate. My husband was very resistant to the  changes until he started to see the health effects on me and on him.  While I still have the disorders, my pain levels have greatly reduced.  The fibromyalgia pain that I seemed to have constantly with high-level  flares has been greatly reduced. I don't feel sluggish all the time. I  move better. I have lost 50 pounds since I started the nutritional  changes. The process has started toward better health. As my husband sees the changes in me, he becomes more proactive in his own health.

Several  of my doctors are very into good nutrition, against eating GMO/GE  foods, against chemicals in foods and the need for supplements. They  have been extremely happy with my changes, but also that I influence  other people. I have made in-depth research into GMO/GE foods, the  chemicals used in processing foods -- even "natural" foods, into food  coming from foreign countries like China, gluten-free foods, and on and  on.

I challenge people with the safety of  the food they eat. I tell people how most chicken and cattle are raised  for the market places. I educate people about artificial sweeteners,   propylene glycol, sodium phosphate, "natural flavorings" and other  chemicals in foods.  Often people get upset enough at me to the point  they don't believe what I am saying, and then they start researching  everything on their own. Every time someone does that, they end up as  committed as I am (or more) about true food safety.

A  lot of what the FDA has been telling us about the food pyramids or food  plates, and the safety of the food we put into our mouths is wrong.  A  lot of the FDA advice has contributed to the obesity and health problems  we now have. The FDA has been heavily influenced by the food industry,  and primarily the major chemical companies who are involved in the food  cycle. Prepared foods have been influenced by the science of food  addiction, where they can engineer prepared foods to be addictive.

It  is important that each of us who are into "clean eating" become  proactive in sharing the information about our food. We could be saving  the lives of our families and friends, not to mention the next  generation.

Blessings to you and your family,

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