Project 5774 Spiel

Simchat Torah seems an appropriate day to start this, although Rosh HaShanah would be better, I was too busy going to services and running around like a crazy person between Rosh HaShanah and today to get there though... :P

I am a big fan of Project Life by Becky Higgins. I love the simplicity and the idea of the weekly task of recording the big and small things. I am giving this my own spin, by making the weeks Sabbath to Sabbath, and starting with Rosh HaShanah -- I'm calling it Project 5774. I am attempting to use as many of my existing supplies as possible -- combined with designs downloaded and made on my Sillhouette die cutter and to make a layout for every week fo 5774, from Rosh HaShanah to the day before Erev Rosh HaShanah.

This blog will document my attempts to stick to this goal, pictures of my layouts and if I design anything worth sharing, SCAL and PDF and possibly SVG versions of my own project life related designs. I will show you pictures of what I design using work that isn't mine to share -- i.e. Fonts I didn't create -- and provide links to where you can get them if you so desire.

I also will use this blog to document successful cut settings on the Silhouette die cutter. I love the idea, but when I first started using it, I was so frustrated. I've learned some useful things about the Sil (Silhouette) and I will share with you as I learn so that I can hopefullysave you some pain too!

A few quick disclaimers -- I am a practicing Jew. I celebrate certain Christian holidays (mostly Christmas) in a secular fashion. I am a lesbian, and my wife and I are married (almost a year now). I do not keep kashrut and neither does my wife, and cooking and baking are a part of my life, so I may posts photos of or links to recipes which are not kashrut. I do not wish to offend anyone but I am also not going to censor myself in any of these regards. Consider yourself warned.

L'Shana Tova. Now let us begin...


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