Project Blog, Pregnacy sucks: Who's with me?!

Okay so here I am Day one. New blog, new beginnings right?

Well I hope so. What am I doing here? I have no idea, so you and I are about to find out. Maybe I just need an outlet to what I want to say; maybe I need someone to listen to me babble on. Either way I'm here and your reading, mission accomplished so far.

I'll start with the basic background of my family and then I'll go from there. My name is Leanna, I live in a small suburb of Western New York called Cheektowaga (which I hate, but I’ll go into that some other time). I live with my boyfriend Steven our beautiful 5 month old daughter Addison, our cat Murphy and out two trouble maker dogs, Serenity and Justice. I'm a Stay-at-home mom, while my BF works full-time at a local Ambulance company as a Paramedic Crew Chief/ Supervisor.  I personally think he works way too much, but he sees it as doing the company a favor, since he is salary and doesn't get paid for more than half the extra hours he puts in... Which is a lot. Honestly in the past week I had one day off with him and that’s only because he took vacation for my birthday.

So now that you know a tiny bit about me, here is my take on what it is like to be a new mother.

Since I don’t have a relationship with my own mother, I had no one to prepare me for what pregnancy or parenting was like. I HATED (did I make that big and bold enough?) being pregnant!! I hated everything from the morning sickness to the hormones to the lovely Braxton Hicks I was so graciously blessed with. People would say, “Isn’t pregnancy beautiful”, “Don’t you just love being pregnant?”… No its not beautiful, not in the least bit, how is gaining 65 pounds and throwing up at the sight of a dirty dish beautiful? How can I love something that at a drop of a hat made me either become a whimpering baby or a screaming banshee? What are these women on? Because I would love some happy pregnant lady pills please!

Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter, she is my everything and if I had to, I would do it all over again just to have her in my life. I don’t hate her or blame her for what I went through… I blame her father =P.

I vowed to make it my mission to show women out there that not every pregnancy is all roses and foot rubs like they say. In my world, its more like take out and throwing dishes.

If I had a chance to do my pregnancy all over again, would I change some things, ABSOLUTLY! For one, I would have given in to Steven and taken some damn pictures of my belly. Yes at the time I only thought I was fat and hideous and why on earth would anyone want to take a picture or even look back on their pregnancy? But now I realize that its bigger than just my giant stomach. It was a chronicle of my baby boo. (Yes I have a nick name for my daughter and as cliché as it seems, it was the same nick name my father called me as a child, and sometimes still does)

As much as I would love to continue on my pregnancy hatred rant, duty calls. Baby boo is up from her nap and dinner needs to be started (yay me!)

I’m not here to bash those women that loved being pregnant. Hey if it was good for you, kudos! But I’m here to shed some light on those less fortunate women like myself, that even though you think you’re crazy, and you can’t believe you’re going through all this while Miss Suzy homemaker is 8 months pregnant, raising 1300 children and volunteering while her perfect hair is never out of place and her smile never fades, don’t worry. We can get through this, and I’m going to be the one to stand up and say, “No, pregnancy is not beautiful or magical and no, I didn’t love it, it sucks and this is why!”


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