Project Dogway

It should come as no surprise that my dogs can be a bit of a pain in the cold weather. Quinn especially.

Once the temperature gets below about 50 degrees, E & Q will shiver, burrow into their cavebeds and refuse to go outside. This leaves me no choice but to be one of those people who sews clothes for their dogs. I’d be ashamed, but you should see my fabric stash. I need to use this fabric somehow!

I started out with a store-bought pattern and made some adjustments for a whippet’s weird body shape.

Of course I don’t have enough fleece, but I did have some felt. Since I knew I’d need to tweak the pattern some more, felt was the way to go. That way, I have felt pattern pieces instead of paper. The pros use muslin to make patterns, I use cheap felt. boom shaka-laka.

All cut out and ready to pin…on the dog. This should be fun…

I stand corrected. Quinn was actually very good. Now I just need to hit up my least favorite store and raid the $1 fabric bin for some fleece. So much for using my fabric stash, but I did use up some of that felt…

Who knows when I can hit up said store. My car battery bit the dust…for good this time. Harumph. Looks like this sewing adventure will be continued….



Stay tuned…


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