Project A Galore

 Last year I went though the shed/barn shelf once and got rid of broken crap. I've start to go though it and putting things in boxes to yard sale them.

Making faster headway this time around.I was planning to have a yard sale end of March. It spring break up here and roads have ruts and our soft and gooey. Best way of saying it “mud season” A project of our is replacing some of siding our home. As I was at work Monday morning Murphy pull of the siding.When I got home he and I pull down the siding from the rafter in the barn/shed. Organize and stack them neatly. Inside were the shelf our there was pile of mix type of stickers. Averaging about 3 feet in length. We organize and bundle them and stuck them up on rafters. Lease were not tripping over them. Cut down on cussing.One of things on my bucket list is learn the crochet stitching. I learn the double crochet stitch.Confession time...I'm a long ways from doing it absent mindless.Not long ago I got this red yarn and I'm doing a scarf in red. I'm start to think my brain that day was real back firing (Brain farts) I have plenty of red tops. I would be better with anther color. For what I'm painting in ceramic. I recently change the sets of colors I been using. Every so often I work with a different set of colors.I recent finish a Jesus now I'm doing anther one. I thought I would paint 3 ornaments when I'm painting figurine. I know the picture only shows two but believe me, there anther one I'm working on. A girl gnome ornament.

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