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Happy Wednesday! It's time for me to share another one of my Pinterest Projects. The project that I am talking about this week is not actually completed yet, but I've been working on it for two weeks and since I didn't share anything with you last week I thought I'd better fill you in. I wouldn't want you to think that I'm slacking or anything.

This weeks project comes from my "Baby" board on Pinterest and may look familiar to you if you follow my blog at all. I was searching for ideas on what to do in the boys room as we are expecting our second child at the end of August. My jaw dropped when I saw this room, well at least the wall in this room. I knew immediately this was something I wanted to do and asked Gabe right away if it was possible. He said sure, and I started digging deeper.

This pin led me to Katie's BowerPower Blog where she lays out exactly how this wall is created. Here is "The Wall"...



I was shocked when I discovered that this wall was built with old wooden pallets and that there is such a thing called "pallet craft". Who knew! This is where my journey begins. I mostly have followed Katie's instructions to a "T", but have had change a couple minor things here and there.


First: Getting Pallets

I started searching for old, untreated pallets. When I say untreated I mean that I didn't want wood that has been sprayed with ANY chemicals. After all, this wood is being hung in my children's bedroom. The things I learned while searching for pallets is this:

  • Not all pallets are made the same. As in, there all sorts of different styles made with different sizes of wood. This may be obvious to you, I had no idea.
  • When searching for pallets be VERY specific on what you are looking for.
  • Be willing to take what you can get from whomever you can get it from (as long it's what you're looking for). I think I ended up getting pallets from four different sources. Not all the wood looks the same, but it's similar enough that it will work and add more character to the wall.

Second: Disassembling Pallets


Katie recommended using a sawzall to take these pallets apart, and I can imagine that it would be easy to do so. But I have absolutely no patience whatsoever and decided at 7mo pregnant that I was going start this project while hubs is away for some military training. So I did some research, by research I mean I "Googled" it, on other ways to get this job done because I was not about to cut my fingers off in the process. I came to this good 'ol fashioned conclusion: a pry bar and a 2lb medal mallet. I can't imagine what hubs thought when I sent him a text that read "where would I find a 2lb mallet"...anyway, it did indeed get the job done. Let me just tell you however, that not all pallets come apart easily. It is hard work and just because I did this while pregnant does not mean that I am in any way encouraging you to do so. It took me a week to get enough pallets apart so that I would have all the wood I need. I could only do a little at time. Like I said, I want this bedroom done and hubs was out of town and you really can't stop a pregnant women when she puts her mind to something.

Third: Preparing your disassembled wood: Sanding and washing


Once I had all my pallets apart I had to make sure I got all the nails out. I just used a regular hammer for this. It wasn't hard, just time consuming. I made sure I wore these stylish safety goggles and a pair of hubs work gloves. And when that was finished it was time for the final two steps: sanding and washing the wood. I borrowed my dad's electric sander and I went through about 5 or 6 sheets sandpaper. I think I used 80 grade paper. I also sported the stylish pink gas mask with my goggles and gloves while I did this. I'm sure I looked very cute, but I was more worried about inhaling the dust and dirt particles off these old pallets that had been carrying who-knows-what. I sanded both sides of each piece of wood. This not only made the wood smooth, but it loosened up so much dirt. It was actually pretty gross to see how much dirt came off these.

And after taking the nails out and sanding all the wood, I washed it. I used a power-washer and some bleach water. 

Now I am left with this:


I ended up with about 100 pieces of wood, which should be more than enough if my calculations for the wall are correct.

And all I have left to complete on this project is actually getting the wood up on the wall. Right now the plans are to do this on Thursday. I'm hoping it goes smoothly and that I will be able to show you the finished product next week.

I've learned a lot doing this project and although it has been really hard work, I have actually enjoyed it. I love creating things and as I was working on this I kept thinking of all the things that you could make with this wood. And it's FREE! What a great way to recycle.

If you have any questions on how I did anything, please don't hesitate to ask.


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