Project Runway All-Stars Finale!

Season Seven's winner is now a dual champion. Seth Aaron, is now the first dual winner in Project Runway's history! Tonight, Seth Aaron, won Project Runway All-Stars, along with the biggest prize in the history of the show as well. 

Amongst the designers, three were returning champs. Season three's winner, Jeffrey, Season six winner, Irina and of course, Seth Aaron. Although there were many incredible designers there, to try and stop that from happening. 

The final three were amazing! Korto from Season 5 and Elena from Season 10. Mom and I are so incredibly proud of both of the ladies, especially Elena. She has come such a long way from her respective season. She was able to be more comfortable and relaxed a little more. And we really got to see her point of view. We got to see who she is as a designer. And personally, I cannot wait to see more from her.

The final runway show was held at the United Nations! Can you believe it? Each designer talked to someone representing the designer's heritage. They were to gather inspiration from those locations to create their collections. They had four days to complete the challenge and some additional help. Returning was, Jeffrey, Christopher and Victor. They were there to help out the designers. Jeffrey with Seth, Christopher with Korto and Victor with Elena. And of course, there was a twist. They were to create a seventh look to add to their assigned six look collection. And they had to use scarfs, designed by a company that makes scarfs inspired by different locations around the world. Some incredible looks, were made form these scarfs. 

The guest judges were Designer Zac Posen and News Anchor  Gayle King. Along with the staple judges, everyone had a tough decision. Seth made a collection that was classic Seth. Edgy, unique, stylish and he knows how to put on a show. He's really good at that. Korto's collection was beautiful. It was filled with bright colors, flowing fabrics and a strong but soft, tribal inspired direction. Elena, stay true to herself. She made a collection that even if you didn't know her name, the collection would introduce her to you. It was edgy, hardcore, yet flattering. She had a strong show and I really liked what she did. 

It was a tight competition all year! Returning winners, designers seeking redemption and a new host, in Alyssa Milano! Everyone had their favorites and everyone hoped that their favorite would make all of the way. However, some people are now happy about the outcome. You know, how they have polls going on in the left bottom corner of the screen, going on during the show? Asking you questions and encouraging you to vote and get involved in the show? Well, they asked earlier in the show, "Who did they think would win?' Many choose Elena. But, after the show was going on off and Seth Aaron won, the question was asked. "Did the judges get it right?' 74% to 78% says No! Wow!

What do you think? Did you watch it? If you not, you can catch the rerun at another time or you could just log on to, Do you think that he should've won or did you have another choice? Do you think they made the right decisions, regarding whom they let go of? Please feel free to comment. Thanks!

Next up, Under the Gunn! Who's ready for that? 

(Me!!!!!) What about you?

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