Project Runway Recap: The Top 10 FINALLY get it going on!

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Well Hallelujah!

From the most unlikely of sources (car parts) the Project Runway designers finally derived real inspiration and went for actual innovation. Last night's episode was the most interesting...and featured the best runway designs...since the season started. who's with me?

After dismissing 2 models (whatever) the designers were sent to the rooftop of a nearby parking garage where they met Tim and a designer from Saturn. (GM is clearly all about the Saturn brand lately, since it's specifically that brand that's sponsoring the Carpool program for BlogHer's Reach Out Tour.)

The designers are given a second chance to display ingenuity and innovation (since they failed so miserably with the groceries in week one) by using car parts to make a design. The winner will have immunity. They scavenge from a bunch of SUVs filled with various car parts for abut four minutes, and then it's back to Parson's. Having a Harvey's Seatbelt Purse, I immediately thought that a) lots of designers would be messing with seatbelts and that b) they ran the risk of looking uncreative if they relied on them too much.

What did we learn about the ten who remain?

Joe is from "Motor City", and calling that is really code for saying "I'm straight damnit!"

Suede is so first person now, which is soooo last year. Yes, he has abandoned the third person references pretty much altogether, and instead seems to want to establish personality by using phrases like "whackadoodle." Not a good trade-off honey. Elisa thinks you missed your shot at famous!

Stella is a little confused. Really? Huh.

Kenley believes she can do wonders with a Sharpie, but lets a little thing like a model substitution send her straight down into a shame spiral. Come on Kenley, a girl with lips that bright and a flower so perky in her hair should be saying "Tomorrow is another day", not saying she wants to give up!

Jerell clearly sees Terri as a big big threat. I was starting to like Jerell, but I'm not sure exclaiming "Don't trust the bitch" is really the way to get on Elisa's good side, you know?

Keith is pretty much sealing his own doom by pulling back from his vision, constantly questioning himself (or really, the judges) while still being unbearably arrogant.

Let's move on to the runway show, because that's where the episode really shone. Nina Garcia was not there (replaced by Laura Bennett from Season 3) and there was some stylist lady as the guest judge.

If you want to see pictures of all the designs, go here: Episode 7 Photo Gallery

1. Jerell kicks off with his best effort yet. it features a tan suede bustier, but uses brushed metal moldings and black vinyl to create these geometric inset shapes around the bodice. Paired with a black vinyl skirt with different-textured panels, the overall effect was futuristic (which was drummed into our head, and I simply must obey my Bravo TV overlords) and very cool. She looked like a futuristic Pebbles.

2. Keith was next, also using the tan suede to create a panelled high-waisted skirt, matched with a wide black belt, and a beige panelled cami top with some kind of ruffling at the neckline. Two big problems: the first being that the back of the outfit looked like a hot mess of didn't fit and didn't finish, and the second being that it was just boring.

3. Terri went for a "street" look, including tan and black skin-tight pants (very Christian Siriano) and a black bustier top with netting at the neck. It was cool, but not terribly surprising.

4. Kenley overcame her missing model to send down a beige column skirt with a black sleeveless top and a weird ruffly apron-from-the-50s-looking thing over the skirt...made from air filters and liberally Sharpied into animal print-ness. Reminded me of Kelli's episode 1 coffee filter effort.

5. Leanne, for the first time, actually made me say "wow." She presented a black leather skirt with unexpectedly attractive hip panels and a bustier top with frayed and ruched seatbelts around the chest seam. It was very well-made and quite a different, yet still somehow flattering silhouette.

6. Suede presented a quilted fitted top with drop waist, and used netting over it to give a great textured effect. This was paired with a fringed skirt made of those reflective sun visors. The styling was really pretty plain, too plain. But it was a reasonable effort.

7. Korto made a high-collared, kimono-sleeved swing coat completely from woven seatbelts (very much like a big life-size Harvey seatbelt purse.) Frankly, while I loved the shape of the one item, it did seem a bit one-note.

8.Blayne created a long gown out of seatbelts, with the seatbelts forming a kind of car wash effect (as MK put it) somewhere around the knees. He used broken rear view mirrors to create embellishment on the bodice. The problem was entirely in the fit: It's didn't. it looked very gappy and floppy around the bust. not what we ladies want, you know?

9. Joe created a quite simple vinyl-looking racer mini-dress, with a fit that was also questionable.

10. Stella tried to go "pretty" and only half-succeeded (which meant she half-failed.) The black and tan vest top with a lace-up front was actually very chic. The seatbelt pencil skirt? Falling apart, ill-fitting in back and the shiny sheen of the seatbelts didn't match the look of the chic vest.

The judges loves them some:

And loathes them some:

Leanne ends up taking the prize. (And her version of being totally excited is, um, shallwe say: Low-key.

Keith is put out of our misery and auf'ed.

As I requested last week, so thank you Bravo TV overlords.

I thught this was the best episode yet. But what did you think?


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