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You may notice this recap is late in coming. You may notice it's not going to be the usual blow-by-blow, moment-by-moment, outfit-by-outfit recap that I usually try to write. You may notice I have trouble saying anything at all about this year's season finale.

Project Runway final 3: Gretchen, Mondo, Andy
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And all of that is because I still cannot wrap my head around the outcome. And I know I'm not alone.

Before we have this little discussion, you should probably check out the designs:

Andy's line starts here, inspired by "home", meaning Laos for him.

Gretchen's line starts here, entitled "Running Through Thunder", or something similarly Zoolander-worthy.

Mondo's line starts here, inspired by Mexican circuses and the Day of the Dead.

OK, back? Let's dig in:

Now, I'll confess: I didn't think Mondo brought it for the finale. It was indeed a young-feeling collection. The best pieces were the ones we'd seen before. He did perhaps go over the top with the head pieces. There really weren't as many pieces as I was expecting that made me say "Wow, he is crazy creative and I might not wear that, but someone way cooler than I am would!" But I understood who would wear that collection, and it would be a very fashion forward, hip person. It would be someone young, yes, but someone hip, vibrant, playful, and incredibly fashionable without taking fashion too seriously.

And Andy? Totally true that his pieces may not have been the most original ever. Even his most interesting pieces were somewhat evocative of other designers ... and not haute couture designers, either. In addition, when going through his collection online it was pretty glaringly obvious how monotone his collection was. I happen to love silver, so as every piece came down the runway, I was prone to like it. But I recognize it didn't show a range. Still, again, you could envision a woman who would wear this...someone elegant, who likes details, who might go for the shiny a bit more than me, but still in a classy way.

But Gretchen? Really? Gretchen? I'm not even a huge Gretchen hater, as a person. As time went on I felt way more empathy for her, and I totally believe the final four designers got close and were all good, decent people.

But her design aesthetic? Her collection?

Tell me...where do you wear this outfit? Or this one? Jesus, that second one is butt ugly, not least because of those shoes. Who? Where? What?

And what is flattering or invigorating about this color scheme? Or this one? Talk about no range. Talk about monotone. Talk about too much one color (and not even as nice a one color as Michael featured.)

This is cute, but, seriously, can't you get that off the rack every single year? I mean I can appreciate a good schmatte for those days when you're feeling bloated or something, but please don't insult me and call this something every woman would want to wear.

These leggings are awesome? Try, they make the model look like a diseased Jersey cow. (Color scheme, not a comment on fit or flatter, BTW.)

And don't even get me started on the granny panties with open leather robe. What. The. Finale?

And what people are really bent about is the inconsistency. Let's see: Emilio is too RTW (Ready to Wear) to be the winner...they're seeking someone more out there like Seth Aaron. Oh, but no they're not.

And Mondo's use of custom tees is juvenile, but Irini's use (despite her monotone black collection) is creative and cool?

And all season long Mondo delivered ... and Gretchen improves her styling, and MK and ninagarcia think that makes her the one to reward? I'm sorry, is this show called Project Accessory Wall?

Color me confused. Color me disappointed. Color me shocked that MK and ninagarcia were suddenly such avid Gretchen fans, but suddenly filled with ennui over Mondo.

So, I'll say it again: WTFinale?

What would you add? Bring it!

(Just don't call Gretchen names, because this is about the bizarre positive feedback on her fashion, not a commentary on her personality.)

Gracias, look forward to your bon mots...

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