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Is it me, or is this year just flying by?  Late last week, it dawned on me that Father's Day is this weekend.  THIS WEEKEND, people.  How did that happen so quickly?  And while I might be forgiven for not immediately tweeking on this fact, it took me several more days to realize that Father's Day this year is falling on the Summer Solstice.  Which, you know, ordinarily, isn't something one would necessarily notice, except I got married on the summer solstice.  That's right, my anniversary.  How am I so out of it?

Well, no matter.  For those of you who, like me, might  be trying to come up with a few ideas for this weekend's festivities, I've taken a quick glance around the internet for some inspiration.  For example:

I'd been toying with the idea earlier this year about throwing a summer solstice party -- you know, out in the (hopefully mosquito-free) garden, twinkle lights in the branches of the trees, candles on the outdoor picnic table, that sort of thing.  Seeing, however, as the temperature in Houston is squarely in the mid-nineties (not to mention that these days, the mosquitos are so big, they could take your head off), I'm likely going to put my party off until, say, October.  However, for those of you who are in more temperate climes, be sure to check out this beautiful table setting featured by Jordan Ferney of Oh happy day! -- how inspired are those beautiful vintage maps as party decor?  And I love the idea of using globes as centerpieces, particularly for the summer solstice: you know, referencing the Earth traveling around the sun?  Get it?

 For Father's Day, for those of you who might fall for buying Dad a 50" plasma television (as Geoff Williams pines for in this piece on CNN), you're going to need a stand to hold it -- and this very thrifty, full-of style DIY project by Ali on Hatch might just do the trick.  The end result is so slick and beautiful, it has me thinking of where I might be able to clear out some wall space in my own house.

And as for our anniversary ... well, this year, we're probably just going to take ourselves out for a quiet dinner at a small restaurant.  But while we're there, I'm probably going to print out this post from Desire to Inspire, with images of this amazing eco-resort in Bali, so we can fantasize where we might want to go on, say, our 15th anniversary (we'll be married 7 years on Sunday).  I love that all the amazing cottages are made from reclaimed wood, and the beautiful, rustic, simple lines of the furniture.  And that hammock?  Man, if I fell into that, I might never return home.


And on that dreamy note, Happy Father's Day, and Happy Beginning-of-Summer, everyone.  

Karen is a writer and photographer in Houston, Texas.  You can read and see more of her work at Chookooloonks


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