Promises of Fall

Sometimes I get the Sunday Blues. I don't know if I've written about this before. 
I don't really know what causes it. 
I suppose it's knowing that my weekend is almost over. 
My time that  I feel the most like me is coming to a close. I often feel that I didn't squeeze every drop of potential out of my weekend. On Sunday evenings, 
I begin to feel blue that my time is almost up. 

I remember getting the Sunday blues even when I was in grade school. Almost like a let down after birthday presents have been opened at a birthday party. The feeling that the party is almost over and it's almost time to go home.

I'm writing this on a Sunday early evening...but the good news is right this very minute I do not have the blues. I'm sitting here sort of holding my breath and thinking "How about that. No blues." And I wonder why that is. Why no blues? Perhaps it is because I feel completely relaxed at this very moment. Completely at peace with the fact that I did everything I wanted to do and nothing I didn't want to do. {Emphasis on nothing I didn't want to do...maybe?} I did not do any chores...not that I really ever do chores...I have the best Hubby in the world that shoulders so many of the chores that I don't enjoy. 

Another wonderful thing about this day is the weather and the sounds of nature just outside my window. Yesterday was lovely too. A blue sky day. Breezy with the fresh feeling cooling weather. Delightful. I spent quite a lot of time out in the Sun Room with the windows open watching birds at our feeders while I played with my own birds

I can only guess that there are no blues today because I am completely and blissfully happy in THIS very moment. I content. I am loving the promise of Fall.


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